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Main Title: Numerical investigation of detonation initiation by a focusing shock wave
Author(s): Bengoechea Lozano, Sergio
Reiss, Julius
Lemke, Mathias
Sesterhenn, Jörn
Type: Article
Abstract: This work presents a numerical study of detonation initiation by means of a focusing shock wave. The investigated geometry is a part of a pulsed detonation combustion chamber, consisting of a circular pipe in which the flow is obstructed by a single convergent–divergent axisymmetric nozzle. This obstacle acts as a focusing device for an incoming shock wave, serving as a low-energy detonation initiator. The chamber is filled with stoichiometric premixed hydrogen-enriched air. The simulation uses a one-step chemical model with variable parameters optimized by the adjoint approach in terms of the induction time τ c . The model reproduces τ c of a complex kinetics model in the range of pressures and temperatures appearing at the focusing point. The results give a comprehensive description of the shock-induced detonation initiation, which is the mechanism for the deflagration-to-detonation transition in this type of configurations. Potential geometry design improvements for technical applications are discussed. The first attempt to parameterize the transition process is also undertaken.
Subject(s): adjoint method
detonation initiation
shock focusing
shock-to-detonation transition
shock waves
Issue Date: 6-Oct-2020
Date Available: 8-Apr-2021
Language Code: en
DDC Class: 620 Ingenieurwissenschaften und zugeordnete Tätigkeiten
Sponsor/Funder: TU Berlin, Open-Access-Mittel – 2020
DFG, 200291049, SFB 1029: TurbIn - Signifikante Wirkungsgradsteigerung durch gezielte, interagierende Verbrennungs- und Strömungsinstationaritäten in Gasturbinen
Journal Title: Shock Waves
Publisher: SpringerNature
Publisher DOI: 10.1007/s00193-020-00962-z
EISSN: 1432-2153
ISSN: 0938-1287
TU Affiliation(s): Fak. 5 Verkehrs- und Maschinensysteme » Inst. Strömungsmechanik und Technische Akustik (ISTA) » FG Numerische Fluiddynamik
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