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Good Governance: A Framework for Implementing Sustainable Land Management, Applied to an Agricultural Case in Northeast-Brazil

Rodorff, Verena ; Siegmund-Schultze, Marianna ; Guschal, Maike ; Hölzl, Sonja ; Köppel, Johann (2019-08-09)

Land management needs to cope with persistent environmental and societal changes. This requires functional governance systems. The purpose of this research is to develop a good governance framework for the implementation of sustainable land management. Good governance theory is extensive, although its operationalization remains difficult. We derived a set of good governance attributes from the ...

On the economics of real-time pricing in low-carbon electricity markets

Gambardella, Christian (2020)

Price responsive demand is increasingly considered as an integral part of lowcarbon electricity markets, where accommodating the large share of variable renewable electricity generation from wind and solar power will be pivotal for efficiency and supply reliability. Exposing consumers to the variation in the marginal costs of electricity supply through real-time retail prices is to many economi...

Biodiversity Offset Program Design and Implementation

Grimm, Marie ; Köppel, Johann (2019-12-04)

Biodiversity offsets are applied in many countries to compensate for impacts on the environment, but research on regulatory frameworks and implementation enabling effective offsets is lacking. This paper reviews research on biodiversity offsets, providing a framework for the analysis of program design (no net loss goal, uncertainty and ratios, equivalence and accounting, site selection, landsca...

Stakeholder engagement at the science-policy interface

Garard, Jennifer (2019)

The engagement of diverse stakeholders is an increasingly prominent process at the interface between scientific expertise, environmental policy and society. However, despite its importance for sustainability governance, there is still little systematic evaluation of stakeholder engagement activities. This thesis aims to partially fill this research gap, employing a combination of empirical and...

Landscape architecture and the time factor

Colwill, Simon, Christopher (2019-09)

The central aim of this research project was to develop monitoring methods to assist landscape architects, clients and contractors in identifying and diagnosing (diagnosis) weak points and vulnerabilities in built landscape works, thus avoiding them in new projects (prognosis). The research also focused on developing optimisation, prevention and protection strategies for the weaknesses identifi...

Wie strategisch ist die strategische Umweltprüfung in Deutschland?

Rehhausen, Anke (2019)

Die Strategische Umweltprüfung (SUP) ist eine Umweltprüfung für Pläne, Programme und Policiesund entstand als Ergänzung zur Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung (UVP) auf Projektebene. In der Europäischen Union ist die SUP jedoch nur für Pläne und Programme eingeführt worden. Mit der Einführung der Strategischen Umweltprüfung in der Europäischen Union und in Deutschland war und ist die Hoffnung verbun...

Eventisierungsdruck. Nachhaltige Nutzung öffentlicher Freiräume als Veranstaltungsorte – am Beispiel Berlin

Jung, Birte (2019)

Öffentliche Freiflächen, unter anderem Plätze, Straßen oder Grünflächen, werden zunehmend als Veranstaltungsorte genutzt. Dies hat teilweise negative ökologische, sozio-kulturelle und ökonomische Auswirkungen auf den Freiraum und die Umgebung. Städtische Freiräume werden infolge eines zunehmenden Eventisierungsdrucks häufig fehlgenutzt oder übernutzt und in ihrer Qualität beeinträchtigt. Der Ge...

Digital Communication of Knowledge for Academic Design-Build Initiatives

Colwill, Simon (2016)

Academic Design-Build Studios engage in diverse projects throughout the world. They are often highly complex and involve numerous stakeholders of different disciplines and cultures. They therefore rely on effective communication between all parties throughout all phases of the project cycle. Digital technology offered by the worldwide web allows new means of communication and for immense amount...

Use and Abuse: Reading the Patina of User Actions in Public Space

Colwill, Simon (2018)

One of the most aggressive agents influencing change to built landscapes is the user. This usage is influenced by many factors such as the activities and functions available, climatic factors, the time of day, the day of the week and seasonal variations. In structural terms, usage is a form of mechanical loading which can be static or dynamic and exerts force upon the structure. Repeated cycles...

Climate and Decay: The impact of the urban climate on built landscape

Colwill, Simon (2017)


Time, Patination and Decay: The Agents of Landscape Transformation

Colwill, Simon (2017)


Time, Design and Construction: Learning from Change to Built Landscapes Over Time

Colwill, Simon (2016)

This paper discusses landscape construction teaching methods and a research project at the TU-Berlin focusing on change to built landscapes through time. The research is based on the hypothesis that it is possible to optimise design, detailing, construction and maintenance techniques by monitoring and evaluating projects at regular intervals after completion. The processes of change highlight d...

The Root of the Problem: Addressing the Conflicts between Spontaneous Vegetation and Built Landscape

Colwill, Simon (2018)

Built landscapes are under relentless attack from both spontaneous urban vegetation (plants that colonise naturally without cultivation) and the gradual encroachment (spreading) of existing plantings onto adjacent surfaces. The location, spread and rate of this growth is highly influenced by microclimatic factors, the availability of soil and propagules, and the frequency of disturbance. Sponta...

On-site learning

Colwill, Simon (2019-03-04)

This chapter discusses landscape construction teaching methods that focus on learning through on-site learning activities. These student assignments use built landscape works as the source of enquiry and learning.

Kommunales Grünflächenmanagement in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Wilms, Tobias (2019)

Die heutigen inhaltlichen Aufgaben des kommunalen Grünflächenmanagements sind vielfältig und erfordern daher einen differenzierten Blick auf die anzuwendenden organisatorischen Rahmenbedingungen. Die Grünflächenpflege wird oft als freiwillige Leistung der Daseinsvorsorge eingestuft und finanziell nicht ausreichend berücksichtigt. Die Orientierung an betriebswirtschaftlichen Benchmarks schwächt ...

Productivity and Oil Content in Relation to Jatropha Fruit Ripening under Tropical Dry-Forest Conditions

Cañadas-López, Álvaro ; Rade-Loor, Diana Yasbhet ; Siegmund-Schultze, Marianna ; Iriarte-Vera, Marys ; Domínguez-Andrade, Juan Manuel ; Vargas-Hernández, Jesús ; Wehenkel, Christian (2018-10-04)

Jatropha is promoted as a pro-poor bioenergy plant, while basic information about its productivity, age of maximum production, and oil content are missing. This study aims to determine the seed yield (dry weight) for three INIAP elite jatropha accessions, and to evaluate the changes in physical and chemical seed traits at the different fruit ripening stage in a split-plot design. Maximum seed p...

Scaling Effects in Spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Aggregation in Integrated River Basin Management

Taha, Rania ; Dietrich, Jörg ; Dehnhardt, Alexandra ; Hirschfeld, Jesko (2019-02-20)

For river basin management plans (RBMPs), measures are aggregated from smaller spatial units (e.g., water bodies) to the catchment or basin scale. River basin management plans measures in integrated management are evaluated using multiple criteria, e.g., ecological and socio-economiccriteria, etc. Therefore, aggregation often combines spatial analysis and multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)...

Evaluation of Remote-Sensing-Based Landslide Inventories for Hazard Assessment in Southern Kyrgyzstan

Golovko, Darya ; Roessner, Sigrid ; Behling, Robert ; Wetzel, Hans-Ulrich ; Kleinschmit, Birgit (2017-09-15)

Large areas in southern Kyrgyzstan are subjected to high and ongoing landslide activity; however, an objective and systematic assessment of landslide susceptibility at a regional level has not yet been conducted. In this paper, we investigate the contribution that remote sensing can provide to facilitate a quantitative landslide hazard assessment at a regional scale under the condition of data ...

Willingness to Pay for Nature Conservation Policies in State-Owned Forests: An Austrian Case Study

Getzner, Michael ; Meyerhoff, Jürgen ; Schläpfer, Felix (2018-09-01)

The Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf), the Republic of Austria’s state-owned company, manages 15% of the Austrian forests; about 50% of the land is devoted to nature conservation. This paper presents the results of a representative survey of Austrian households ascertaining the acceptance of, preferences regarding, and willingness to pay for three different management scenarios. One program would ...

Reading Patina: Learning from the contextual change of built landscape architecture elements over time in Berlin

Colwill, Simon Christopher (2019)

This practice orientated cumulative PhD thesis is based on the hypothesis that it is possible to optimise design, detailing, construction and maintenance techniques by monitoring and evaluating the development of landscape architecture projects at regular intervals after completion. The aim is to enhance the performance of future projects by analysing the weak points and vulnerabilities of exis...