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Urbanisation modulates plant-pollinator interactions in invasive vs. native plant species

Buchholz, Sascha ; Kowarik, Ingo (2019-04-23)

Pollination is a key ecological process, and invasive alien plant species have been shown to significantly affect plant-pollinator interactions. Yet, the role of the environmental context in modulating such processes is understudied. As urbanisation is a major component of global change, being associated with a range of stressors (e.g. heat, pollution, habitat isolation), we tested whether the ...

Evaluating the Impact of Wastewater Effluent on Microbial Communities in the Panke, an Urban River

Nega, Marcella ; Braun, Burga ; Künzel, Sven ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2019-04-28)

Pharmaceuticals are consumed in high amounts and can enter as emerging organic compounds in surface waters as they are only partially retained in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Receiving pharmaceuticals may burden the aquatic environment, as they are designed to be bioactive even at low concentrations. Sediment biofilm populations were analyzed in river sediments due to the exposure of an...

Data to Articel: Dissolved organic matter characteristics of deciduous and coniferous forests with variable management: different at the source, aligned in the soil

Thieme, Lisa ; Graeber, Daniel ; Hofmann, Diana ; Bischoff, Sebastian ; Schwarz, Martin T. ; Steffen, Bernhard ; Meyer, Ulf-Niklas ; Kaupenjohann, Martin ; Wilke, Wolfgang ; Michalzik, Beate ; Siemens, Jan (2019-03-21)

This dataset contains the data to the article: "Dissolved organic matter characteristics of deciduous and coniferous forests with variable management: different at the source, aligned in the soil" published in Biogeosciences

Perspectives and ambitions of interdisciplinary connectivity researchers

Paton, Eva Nora ; Smetanová, Anna ; Krueger, Tobias ; Parsons, Anthony (2019-01-29)

The article reviews research perspectives and ambitions of connectivity scientists in order to facilitate and improve joint connectivity research efforts across disciplinary boundaries. The assessment of four very different viewpoints (pragmatic, conceptual, epistemological and ontological) on connectivity signifies the diversity of thought and practice in the connectivity community and calls f...

Estimating Pore Water Electrical Conductivity of Sandy Soil from Time Domain Reflectometry Records Using a Time-Varying Dynamic Linear Model

Aljoumani, Basem ; Sanchez-Espigares, Jose A. ; Wessolek, Gerd (2018-12-13)

Despite the importance of computing soil pore water electrical conductivity (σp) from soil bulk electrical conductivity (σb) in ecological and hydrological applications, a good method of doing so remains elusive. The Hilhorst concept offers a theoretical model describing a linear relationship between σb, and relative dielectric permittivity (εb) in moist soil. The reciprocal of pore water elect...

Initial Effects of Differently Treated Biogas Residues from Municipal and Industrial Wastes on Spring Barley Yield Formation

Prays, Nadia ; Kaupenjohann, Martin (2016)

Soil application of biogas residues (BGRs) is important for closing nutrient cycles. This study examined the efficiency and impact on yields and yield formation of solid-liquid separated residues from biodegradable municipal and industrial wastes (bio-waste) in comparison to complete BGRs, nitrification inhibitor, agricultural BGRs, mineral fertilizer and unfertilized plots as control. The expe...

[Book Review:] Fritz Reiheis, Die Kreativität der Langsamkeit. Neuer Wohlstand durch Entschleunigung, Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1996

Hofmeister, Sabine (1998)


[Book Review:] M. Held and K. Geissler (Eds.): Ökologie der Zeit – Vom Finden der rechten Zeitmasse, Stuttgart, 1993

Hofmeister, Sabine (1994)


Cultural and environmental drivers of plant diversity in Bengaluru city, India

Gopal, Divya (2018)

Social and cultural processes play key roles in shaping urban green spaces, enabling urban residents from diverse backgrounds to interact with and experience nature. A better understanding of biocultural diversity and cultural ecosystem services (ES) is, therefore, important to maintain the urban green infrastructure in rapidly growing megacities, particularly in developing countries where econ...

New Products of Defense Secretion in South East Asian Whip Scorpions (Arachnida: Uropygi: Thelyphonida)

Haupt, Joachim ; Müller, Frank (2004)

Secretion products from the opisthosomal defense gland of south east Asian whip scorpions were identified for the first time by gas-chromatography and mass-spectrometry. Specimens of the genera Hypoctonus, Typopeltis and Ginosigma were tested. While some ingredients are present in large concentrations, others are possibly only side products and may be synthesized more incidentally. For this rea...

Purpose-designed technogenic materials for sustainable urban greening

Flores Ramírez, Eleonora (2018)

Background: Urban green areas provide a number of desirable ecosystem services for the environment and city dwellers. However, the substrate preparation for the greenery installation mostly implies the mining and erosion of valuable natural soils. Therefore, the objective of this work is to design a Technosol based on a mixture of mainly recycled materials, to sustain vegetation and to lower t...

Physical influence of microbial communities on the structure and occlusion of particulate organic matter in a sandy agricultural soil

Büks, Frederick (2018)

Soil aggregate stability is an integral marker of soil fertility. Well aggregated soil contributes to high rootability, a proper water and aeration regime, resistance against compaction and erosion as well as storage capability of organic carbon. The aggregation of soil primary particles and microaggregates is promoted not only by a large variety of physico-chemical but also biological interact...

Quality control for crowdsourced data from CWS

Grassmann, Tom ; Napoly, Adrien ; Meier, Fred ; Fenner, Daniel (2018)

This package performs a quality control (QC) and filters suspicious data from citizen weather stations (CWS). It was designed for hourly air temperature data from Netatmo stations but should work with any normally-distributed data.

Urban foraging in Berlin: people, plants and practices within the metropolitan green infrastructure

Landor-Yamagata, Jonah L. ; Kowarik, Ingo ; Fischer, Leonie Katharina (2018-06-04)

Gathering wild plants in cities (urban foraging) is likely an important, but understudied human-nature interaction globally. As large European cities are critically understudied in this regard, we performed in-depth ethnography-based interviews in Berlin, Germany, to shed light on the cultural background of foragers, their motivations and which plants and fungi are gathered for which purposes. ...

Effects of biogas residues on yield formation and soil organic carbon stocks

Prays, Nadia (2018)

Während der Klimarahmenkonvention der Vereinten Nationen einigte man sich auf die Bekämpfung des Klimawandels und die Einhaltung des globalen Temperaturanstiegs in diesem Jahrhundert auf unter 2°C des vorindustriellen Niveaus. Eine der Maßnahmen, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, ist die Erhöhung des Anteils der erneuerbaren Energien, z.B. den Anteil des Biogases, das durch anaerobe Vergärung der Bi...

Massive carbon addition to an organic-rich Andosol increased the subsoil but not the topsoil carbon stock

Zieger, Antonia ; Klaus, Kaiser ; Ríos Guayasamín, Pedro ; Kaupenjohann, Martin (2018-05-07)

Andosols are among the most carbon-rich soils, with an average of 254 Mg ha−1 organic carbon (OC) in the upper 100 cm. A current theory proposes an upper limit for OC stocks independent of increasing carbon input, because of finite binding capacities of the soil mineral phase. We tested the possible limits in OC stocks for Andosols with already large OC concentrations and stocks (212 g kg−1 in ...

Dissolved organic matter in differently managed forest ecosystems

Thieme, Lisa (2018)

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) represents one of the most dynamic fractions of organic matter. It plays an important role in the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients, which in turn is strongly affected by its chemical quality. This thesis aims to improve the understanding of DOM quality and its changes along the water flow path through forested Mid-European ecosystems, as they are infl...

Plant invasions in China: an emerging hot topic in invasion science

Liu, Jian ; Chen, Hua ; Kowarik, Ingo ; Zhang, Yiran ; Wang, Renqing (2012)

China has shown a rapid economic development in recent decades, and several drivers of this change are known to enhance biological invasions, a major cause of biodiversity loss. Here we review the current state of research on plant invasions in China by analyzing papers referenced in the ISI Web of Knowledge. Since 2001, the number of papers has increased exponentially, indicating that plant in...

Rote Liste und Gesamtartenliste der Schwebfliegen (Diptera: Syrphidae) von Berlin

Saure, Christoph (2018)

Die vorliegende Liste ist die erste Fassung einer Roten Liste der Schwebfliegen für Berlin. Gegenwärtig sind 252 Schwebfliegenarten aus Berlin bekannt, von denen 17 Arten als Neufunde und weitere 17 Arten als Wiederfunde eingestuft werden. Die Rote Liste enthält 118 Arten (46,8 %), darunter 31 Arten der Kategorie 0 (ausgestorben oder verschollen). Die Hauptgefährdungsursachen sind der Verlust v...

Rote Liste und Gesamtartenliste der Wanzen (Heteroptera) von Berlin

Deckert, Jürgen ; Burghardt, Gerhard (2018)

Es wird eine Checkliste und Rote Liste der Wanzen (Insecta: Heteroptera) Berlins vorgelegt. Die Liste umfasst 502 Wanzenarten, die gegenwärtig in Berlin vorkommen oder die seit Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts wenigstens einmal hier gefunden wurden. 88 Arten (18 %) werden als (regional) verschollen oder ausgestorben betrachtet und 271 Arten (54 %) als nicht bedroht. Sieben Arten sind Neobiota und 11 ...