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Reflexively engaging with technologies of participation: constructive assessment for public participation methods

Voß, Jan-Peter (2015-11)

The chapter provides a view of the ongoing innovation of ‘citizen panels’ as a method public participation. It shows how recourse to technoscientific modes of political ordering is met by reflexive...

Innovating public participation methods: technoscientization and reflexive engagement

Voß, Jan-Peter; Amelung, Nina (2016)

We reconstruct the innovation journey of ‘citizen panels’, as a family of participation methods, over four decades and across different sites of development and application. A process of aggregatio...

Performative policy studies: realizing "transition management"

Voß, Jan-Peter (2014)

The paper analyses the relations between policy studies and public policy. It traces how they are constitutively entangled. Conceptually, this builds on a notion of performativity that has been dev...

Realizing instruments: performativity in emissions trading and citizen panels

Voß, Jan-Peter (2016)

Instruments of governance are widely discussed in the policy and governance literature (see reviews in Lascoumes/Le Galès 2007; Howlett 2011). This research distinguishes between the various types ...

Experimental Human-Robot-Interaction: A Handover-Interaction with BROMMI:TAK at a public science event.

Graf, Philipp; Marquardt, Manuela; Compagna, Diego (2017-06-16)

We conducted a Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) study during a science event, using a mixed method exper- imental approach with quantitative and qualitative data (adapted version of Godspeed Questionn...

Offering “more”? How store owners and their businesses build neighborhood social life

Steigemann, Anna Marie (2017)

Global and local economic development, increased mobility and individualization, and demographic changes have fundamentally altered the basis for everyday social interaction in urban areas, which i...

Documented authority

Simons, Arno (2016)

Diese Dissertationsschrift untersucht, wie der Emissionshandel zu Beginn des Jahrtausends einen Status als ‘funktionierendes’ Politikinstrument erlangt hat. Auf Grundlage von Reiner Kellers wissens...

The politics of governance experiments

Schroth, Fabian (2016)

The doctoral thesis asks how a new political order emerges in climate governance, taking the “Clean Development Mechanism” (CDM) as an example. Centrally, this thesis argues that such a new politic...

Qualitätskriterien transdisziplinärer Forschung

Bergmann, Matthias; Brohmann, Bettina; Hoffmann, Esther; Loibl, M. Céline; Rehaag, Regine; Schramm, Engelbert; Voß, Jan-Peter (2005)

Transdisziplinäre Forschung befasst sich mit lebensweltlichen Problemstellungen. Bei der Forschungsarbeit müssen Experten/innen aus verschiedenen Fächern bzw. Disziplinen und aus der Praxis zusamme...

Technikwissenschaftliches Wettrüsten für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung?

Voß, Jan-Peter (2013)

Verschiedene gesellschaftliche Gruppen haben unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten, ihr jeweiliges Verständnis von Nachhaltigkeit wissenschaftlich zu etablieren. Die Definition von Nachhaltigkeit hängt d...

Innovating in public

Schulte-Römer, Nona (2015)

This dissertation discusses the introduction of LED lighting in urban spaces as an example of innovative public activities. The author conducts a microanalytical investigation into how this globall...

Sustainability Foresight as a method to shape socio-technical transformation in utility systems

Voß, Jan-Peter; Truffer, Bernhard; Konrad, Kornelia (2005)

Utility systems for the provision of electricity, gas, water or telecommunication are at the interface of society and nature. They are of central importance for sustainable development but particul...

Innovation of governance

Voß, Jan-Peter (2010)

Sustainability Foresight für Versorgungssysteme

Voß, Jan-Peter; Truffer, Bernhard; Konrad, Kornelia (2005)

Sustainability foresight

Voß, Jan-Peter (2005)

Utility systems for the provision of electricity, gas, water or telecommunication are at the interface of society and nature. They interconnect broader production and consumption patterns and are t...

Institutionelle Innovationen

Voß, Jan-Peter; Barth, Regine; Ebinger, Frank (2003)

Der Einfluss von Technik auf Governance-Innovationen

Voß, Jan-Peter; Rauknecht, Dierk (2007)

Reflexive governance

Voß, Jan-Peter; Kemp, René; Bauknecht, Dierk (2006)

Sustainability and reflexive governance

Voß, Jan-Peter; Kemp, René (2006)

Sustainability foresight

Voß, Jan-Peter; Truffer, Bernhard; Konrad, Kornelia (2006)