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grid_template.tif.jpg2022Berlin Evapotranspiration and Cooling ServicesDuarte Rocha, Alby-
5-Jul-2021Cognitive Model for a Mental Rotation TaskPreuss, Kai-
19-Jul-2019Spatial Module for ACT-RPreuss, Kai-
28-Apr-2022BIM-Speed training dataset for HVAC detection using Deep LearningLlamas, José-
28-Apr-2022Vorlagen zum Buch "Videoproduktion in der Bibliothek"Glöckner, Sabrina; Hickmann, Johanna; Neuberger, Nele-
v0_0_35_mps_delta_x1_015mm_velocities_2021-09-07-Positioning_probes.png.jpg2-May-2022Experimental data to the article: "Experimental investigation of the contaminated volume around a person in a clean room." (Clima 2022 conference, REHVA 14th HVAC World Congress)Julia, Lange-
Poster.pdf.jpg2022Symphonic Concert Venues in Tokyo, Architectural DataAlexander, Bradley; Büttner, Clemens; Weinzierl, Stefan-
2022Using Microbenchmark Suites to Detect Application Performance Changes - Replication PackageGrambow, Martin; Kovalev, Denis; Laaber, Christoph; Leitner, Philipp; Bermbach, David-
Spektrale_Reflexions-_und_Transmissionsgrade_diverser_Materialproben.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2021Spectral reflectance and transmittance of various materials / Spektrale Reflexions- und Transmissionsgrade diverser MaterialprobenRudawski, Frederic; Aydınlı, Sırrı; Broszio, Kai-
8-Dec-2020High-resolution integral modelling approach for flow and transport in groundwater-surface water interaction space - research dataBroecker, Katrin Tabea Christina-
21-Feb-2022Pretrained models: "Inverse design of 3d molecular structures with conditional generative neural networks"Gebauer, Niklas W. A.-
21-Feb-2022Generated molecules: "Inverse design of 3d molecular structures with conditional generative neural networks"Gebauer, Niklas W. A.-
Feb-2020Begleitvideo für den Urban Design Thinking SchnelldurchlaufFlade, Kilian-
Feb-2022Impressionen des Testings der bei "Migrants4Cities" entwickelten IdeenPahl-Weber, Elke; Jeutner, Marcus; Flade, Kilian; Gabsch, Greta-
2022_Korf_et_al_-_SI_to_RoundRobinTestsForSecondaryRawMaterials.pdf.jpg2022Supporting information for Round robin test of secondary raw materials: a systematic review of performance parametersKorf, Nathalie; Mählitz, Paul Martin; Rotter, Vera Susanne-
14-Feb-2022Research data for a conference paper: Sensitivity analysis of building energy models due to the shading effect of surrounding buildings to support building renovationDaneshfar, Maryam; Hartmann, Timo; Rabe, Jochen-
2021Synthetic activity chains for agent-based epidemiological simulations of BerlinBalmer, Michael; Ewert, Ricardo; Müller, Sebastian Alexander; Nagel, Kai; Neumann, Andreas; Rakow, Christian-
31-Jan-2022A wall-climbing robot for indoor inspectionsMa, Leyuan-
13-Jan-2022MATLAB/Simulink model for predicting voltage and impedance during discharge of a lithium-ion battery cellKim, Jonghyeon-
14-Dec-2021A Proposed Ontology for Knowledge Representation in Designing Building Inspection Robot SystemsMa, Leyuan; Hartmann, Timo-
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