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straube_florian.pdf.jpg2019Optimized geometric and electronic wavefront shaping with line source arrays for large-scale sound reinforcementStraube, Florian-
Anglada-Tort_2019.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2019Visualizing Music Psychology: A Bibliometric Analysis of Psychology of Music, Music Perception, and Musicae Scientiae from 1973 to 2017Anglada-Tort, Manuel; Sanfilippo, Katie Rose M.-
D7.6_ABC_DJ_Implementation_in_Territories_Outside_Europe.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2019ABC_DJ Implementation in Territories Outside EuropeReguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Pozo, Nerea-
D7.5_ABC_DJ_Agreement_Single_License_Model_In-Store_Audio.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2019Agreement on a New Single License Model for In-Store Audio Systems for European Collecting SocietiesReguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Pozo, Nerea; Roozendaal, Dave-
Documentation.pdf.jpg15-May-2019BRAS - Benchmark for Room Acoustical SimulationAspöck, Lukas; Brinkmann, Fabian; Ackermann, David; Weinzierl, Stefan; Vorländer, Michael-
lemke_etal_2019.pdf.jpg2019Optimized Sound Field Generation in the Time Domain – Validation for Source Arrays in 2DLemke, Mathias; Straube, Florian; Stein, Lewin; Weinzierl, Stefan-
kokabi_etal_2019.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2019Prediction of speech intelligibility using pseudo-binaural room impulse responsesKokabi, Omid; Brinkmann, Fabian; Weinzierl, Stefan-
1.5096178.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2019A round robin on room acoustical simulation and auralizationBrinkmann, Fabian; Aspöck, Lukas; Ackermann, David; Lepa, Steffen; Vorländer, Michael, et al-
Documentation.pdf.jpg2019The HUTUBS head-related transfer function (HRTF) databaseFabian, Brinkmann; Manoj, Dinakaran; Robert, Pelzer; Jan Joschka, Wohlgemuth; Fabian, Seipel, et al-
Documentation.pdf.jpgJun-2019An Anechoic Recording of Cicero’s 3rd Cataline Oration: Italian, Latin and GermanBöhm, Christoph; Fiedler, Felicitas; Weinzierl, Stefan; Holter, Erika; Muth, Susanne, et al-