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alvin_luciers.pdf.jpg2014Alvin Lucier's Music for Solo Performer: Experimental music beyond sonificationStraebel, Volker; Thoben, Wilm-
kokabi_etal_2018.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2018Segmentation of binaural room impulse responses for speech intelligibility predictionKokabi, Omid; Brinkmann, Fabian; Weinzierl, Stefan-
8971206.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2018Cognitive Load Assessment from EEG and Peripheral Biosignals for the Design of Visually Impaired Mobility AidsSaitis, Charalampos; Parvez, Mohammad Zavid; Kalimeri, Kyriaki-
anglada-tort_etal_2019.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2019Popular music lyrics and musicians’ gender over time: A computational approachAnglada-Tort, Manuel; Krause, Amanda E.; North, Adrian C.-
19357.pdf.jpgOct-2017A High Resolution and Full-Spherical Head-Related Transfer Function Database for Different Head-Above-Torso OrientationsBrinkmann, Fabian; Lindau, Alexander; Weinzierl, Stefan; van de Par, Steven; Müller-Trapet, Markus, et al-
anglada-tort_etal_2019.pdf.jpgMar-2019The busking experiment: A field study measuring behavioral responses to street music performancesAnglada-Tort, Manuel; Thueringer, Heather; Omigie, Diana-
fpsyg-10-00390.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2019Modeling Music-Selection Behavior in Everyday Life: A Multilevel Statistical Learning Approach and Mediation Analysis of Experience Sampling DataGreb, Fabian; Steffens, Jochen; Schlotz, Wolff-
weinzierl_vorlaender_2015.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2015Room Acoustical Parameters as Predictors of Room Acoustical Impression: What Do We Know and What Would We Like to Know?Weinzierl, Stefan; Vorländer, Michael-
shabtai_etal_2017.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2017Generation and analysis of an acoustic radiation pattern database for forty-one musical instrumentsShabtai, Noam R.; Behler, Gottfried; Vorländer, Michael; Weinzierl, Stefan-
10.1177_0305735618779443.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2018The influence of film music on moral judgments of movie scenes and felt emotionsSteffens, Jochen-