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Anglada-Tort_2019.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2019Visualizing Music Psychology: A Bibliometric Analysis of Psychology of Music, Music Perception, and Musicae Scientiae from 1973 to 2017Anglada-Tort, Manuel; Sanfilippo, Katie Rose M.-
anglada-tort_2018.pdf.jpg2018Commentary on Canonne (2018): Listening to ImprovisationAnglada-Tort, Manuel-
D7.6_ABC_DJ_Implementation_in_Territories_Outside_Europe.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2019ABC_DJ Implementation in Territories Outside EuropeReguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Pozo, Nerea-
D7.5_ABC_DJ_Agreement_Single_License_Model_In-Store_Audio.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2019Agreement on a New Single License Model for In-Store Audio Systems for European Collecting SocietiesReguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Pozo, Nerea; Roozendaal, Dave-
D4.8_ABC_DJ_Final_Research_Report_for_Sound_Design_and_Audio_Player.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2018Final Research Report for Sound Design and Audio PlayerSchwarz, Diemo; Fourer, Dominique-
D4.7_ABC_DJ_Final_Research_Report_on_Auto-Tagging_of_Music.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2018Final Research Report on Auto-Tagging of MusicSchwarz, Diemo; Peeters, Geoffroy; Cohen-Hadria, Alice; Fourer, Dominique; Marchand, Ugo; Mignot, Rémi; Cornu, Frédéric; Laffitte, Pierre; Schindler, Daniel; Hofmann, Robin; Spadaveccia, Rino-
D2.3_ABC_DJ_Music_Providers_Landscape_Europe.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2016Music Providers Landscape EuropeTorres, Borja; Roozendaal, Dave; Reguera, Lucía-
D7.2_ABC_DJ_Intellectual_Property_Laws.v1.3.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2016Analysis of European IP Laws for Audio Branding ContextReguera, Lucía; Planas, Noemí; Muñoz, Bruno-
D2.2_ABC_DJ_audio-branding-support-systems.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2016Survey Report: Audio Branding Support SystemsSchindler, Daniel Artur; Miccoli, Stefano; Torres, Borja-
D2.1_ABC_DJ_v2.0_common_definitions_audio_branding.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2017Common Definitions in Audio Branding ProcessesHaaksman, Felix; Schönrock, Andreas; Borgstedt, Silke; Peeters, Geoffroy; Muñoz, Bruno; Lepa, Steffen; Canepa, Alessandro; Cardinale, Paolo; Schindler, Daniel-
D7.1_Report_On_Collecting_Schemes_Europe_v2.1.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2016Report on Collecting Schemes EuropeReguera, Lucía; Muñoz, Bruno; Planas, Noemí; Pozo, Nerea-
14-Nov-2018False memories in music listening: exploring the misinformation effect and individual difference factors in auditory memoryAnglada-Tort, Manuel; Baker, Thomas; Müllensiefen, Daniel-
greb_etal_2018.pdf.jpg2018Understanding music-selection behavior via statistical learning: Using the percentile-Lasso to identify the most important factorsGreb, Fabian; Steffens, Jochen; Schlotz, Wolff-
fowler_2011.pdf.jpg2011Becoming the Synthi-Fou: Stockhausen and the new keyboardismFowler, Michael-
anglada-tort_etal_2018.pdf.jpgApr-2018Names and titles matter: The impact of linguistic fluency and the affect heuristic on aesthetic and value judgements of musicAnglada-Tort, Manuel; Steffens, Jochen; Müllensiefen, Daniel-
2018Perzeptiv motivierte, parametrische Synthese binauraler RaumimpulsantwortenStade, Philipp-
Greb_Fabian.pdf.jpg2018Determinants of music-selection behavior: development of a modelGreb, Fabian-
LAC2018_proceedings.pdf.jpg2018Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference 2018Popov, Artem; Westerfeld, Stefan; Subia Valdez, José Rafael; Herzke, Tobias; Kayser, Hendrik; Seifert, Christopher; Maanen, Paul; Obbard, Christopher; Payá-Vayá, Guillermo; Blume, Holger; Hohmann, Volker; McCurry, Mark; Guillot, Pierre; Goltz, Florian; Kuhr, Christoph; Carôt, Alexander; Adriaensen, Fons; Weaver, Paul; Honour, Davidvon Coler, Henrik; Neumann, Frank; Runge, David
2017On the epistemic potential of virtual realities for the historical sciences. A methodological frameworkWeinzierl, Stefan; Lepa, Steffen-
sem-2013-0083.pdf.jpg2013Hearing a shakkei: The semiotics of the audible in a Japanese stroll gardenFowler, Michael-
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