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Main Title: Exterior Electromagnetic Shaping using Wavelet BEM
Author(s): Eppler, Karsten
Harbrecht, Helmut
Type: Research Paper
Abstract: The present paper is concerned with exterior electromagnetic shaping in two dimensions. We model the conductors by regular densities which leads to a finite value for the objective and makes a line-search realizable. In order to compute the pressure on the surface we optimize an Augmented Lagrangian by a Newton method using a second order approach for the Lagrange multiplier. Since the underlying state function satisfies an exterior boundary value problem, we compute its first and second order derivatives by boundary integral equations which are solved numerically by a fast wavelet Galerkin scheme. Numerical results demonstrate that we arrive at a fast and robust algorithm for the solution of the considered class of problems.
Subject(s): exterior electromagnetic shaping
boundary element method
multiscale methods
augmented Lagrangian approach
Newton method
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2003
Date Available: 17-Dec-2021
Language Code: en
DDC Class: 510 Mathematik
MSC 2000: 49Q10 Optimization of shapes other than minimal surfaces
65N38 Boundary element methods
Series: Preprint-Reihe des Instituts für Mathematik, Technische Universität Berlin
Series Number: 2003, 13
ISSN: 2197-8085
TU Affiliation(s): Fak. 2 Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften » Inst. Mathematik
Appears in Collections:Technische Universität Berlin » Publications

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