Towards coherent O-band data center interconnects

Seiler, Pascal M.; Georgieva, Galina; Winzer, Georg; Peczek, Anna; Voigt, Karsten; Lischke, Stefan; Fatemi, Adel; Zimmermann, Lars

Inst. Optik und Atomare Physik

Upcoming generations of coherent intra/inter data center interconnects currently lack a clear path toward a reduction of cost and power consumption, which are the driving factors for these data links. In this work, the tradeoffs associated with a transition from coherent C-band to O-band silicon photonics are addressed and evaluated. The discussion includes the fundamental components of coherent data links, namely the optical components, fiber link and transceivers. As a major component of these links, a monolithic silicon photonic BiCMOS O-band coherent receiver is evaluated for its potential performance and compared to an analogous C-band device.