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Main Title: Jumping on the Bandwagon of Responsibility—Or Not? Consumers’ Perceived Role in the Meat Sector
Author(s): Klink-Lehmann, Jeanette
Langen, Nina
Simons, Johannes
Hartmann, Monika
Type: Article
Abstract: It is evident that sustainable meat consumption and production require shared responsibility for actions and consequences by consumers and producers. Therefore, this study aimed to identify the relevant focus areas within the meat food value chain that consumers attach relevance to. Furthermore, the study provides an understanding of potential actions of consumer social responsibility (CNSR) and reasons for not taking responsibility. The study is based on an online consumer survey (n = 1003) including standardized and open-ended questions. Data were analyzed via content analysis using a combination of inductive and deductive analyses in an iterative process. Results reveal that consumers consider animal husbandry as the core area where there is a need to take responsibility. This is followed by food safety, slaughtering, and transport, while environment and social issues related to the working conditions of employees are judged to have lower relevance. In most focus areas, the large majority of respondents attribute responsibility to one or several of the other stakeholder groups but not to consumers of meat products. Recommendations for the meat sector as well as for policymakers are derived in this paper to further encourage meat consumers to take their part of the overall responsibility.
Subject(s): responsibility
meat sector
consumer social responsibility
content analysis
Issue Date: 21-May-2022
Date Available: 9-Jun-2022
Language Code: en
DDC Class: 330 Wirtschaft
Journal Title: Sustainability
Publisher: MDPI
Volume: 14
Issue: 10
Article Number: 6295
Publisher DOI: 10.3390/su14106295
EISSN: 2071-1050
TU Affiliation(s): Fak. 1 Geistes- und Bildungswissenschaften » Inst. Berufliche Bildung und Arbeitslehre » FG Bildung für nachhaltige Ernährung und Lebensmittelwissenschaft
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