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Main Title: High-performance polylactic acid compressed strawboard using pre-treated and functionalised wheat straw
Author(s): Chougan, Mehdi
Ghaffar, Seyed Hamidreza
Mijowska, Ewa
Kukułka, Wojciech
Sikora, Pawel
Type: Article
Abstract: An eco-friendly pre-treatment coupled with surface functionalisation were developed to enhance the quality of wheat straw particles to be used for development of high-performance polylactic acid (PLA) compressed strawboard. Eco-friendly hybrid pre-treatment (i.e., hot water followed by steam, H+S) and surface functionalisation processes employing attapulgite nanoclay (AT) and graphene nanoplatelets (G) were used to obtain an appropriate wheat straw surface quality while increasing its compatibility with the PLA matrix. The successful pre-treatment and surface functionalisation of wheat straw particles was verified through characterisation techniques, including SEM, FTIR, XRD, Raman spectroscopy, and TGA. Tensile strength and water absorption properties of compressed strawboards were examined to investigate the influence of pre-treatment and surface functionalisation of wheat straws. The maximum tensile strengths of 28 MPa and 27 MPa were recorded for 10 H+S-AT and 10 H+S-G samples, respectively, which are considerably higher than the value (i.e., 9.7 MPa) registered for the sample without pre-treatment and surface functionalisation (i.e., 10UN). The lowest water absorption after 24 h of immersion was registered for 10UN-G (i.e., 1.6%), which is 11% and 31% lower than the 10UN and 10 H+S samples, respectively. The effect is attributed to an improved interfacial bond between wheat straw and PLA matrix due to the graphene surface functionalisation, as evidenced by the SEM.
Subject(s): polylactic acid compressed strawboards
wheat straw
attapulgite nanoclay
graphene nanoplatelets
surface functionalization
Issue Date: 18-May-2022
Date Available: 18-Jul-2022
Language Code: en
DDC Class: 540 Chemie und zugeordnete Wissenschaften
Journal Title: Industrial Crops and Products
Publisher: Elsevier
Volume: 184
Article Number: 114996
Publisher DOI: 10.1016/j.indcrop.2022.114996
EISSN: 1872-633X
ISSN: 0926-6690
TU Affiliation(s): Fak. 6 Planen Bauen Umwelt » Inst. Bauingenieurwesen » FG Baustoffe und Bauchemie
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