Consumer’s perceptions toward longer product use and their influence on product lifespan

Yamamoto, Haruhisa; Murakami, Shinsuke

FG Transdisziplinäre Nachhaltigkeitsforschung in der Elektronik

Product lifespan extension is effective for reducing material throughput and thus turning our resource use to a more sustainable style. It is crucial not only to design a more durable product but to encourage consumers to actually use their products longer. Therefore, the understanding of the influences of consumer's psychological attributes upon product lifespan is required. This paper attempted to quantitatively assess the influences of consumer's perceptions toward longer product use to the actual and expected lifespan through a questionnaire survey. It was shown that intention and attitude toward longer product use both had significant influences of extending both the actual and intended lifespan. However, the intended lifespan was influenced also by several other perceptions, while the actual lifespan was influenced by none of the others. In addition, consumers who had a stronger intention or attitude were more likely to experience a larger gap between the intended and actual lifespan. The paper concludes with an implication to researchers and policymakers that work on product lifespan.