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Main Title: Room Acoustical Measurements and Simulations of Italian Renaissance Theatres
Author(s): Büttner, Clemens
Schultz, Frank
Weinzierl, Stefan
Type: Generic Research Data
Language Code: en
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2014
Date Available: 15-Apr-2014
DDC Class: 534 Schall und verwandte Schwingungen
Notes: This dataset contains CAD-Models (DXF, SKP) of three Italian Renaissance Theaters: The Teatro Olimpico Vicenza, the Teatro Farnese Parma and the Teatro Olimpico Sabbioneta. Moreover, it contains an anechoic recording of the beginning of Sophokles, "Edipo tiranno", the monoaural measured impulse responses at various listening positions in the theaters, one AB-Stereo impulse response for each theater and simulated impulse responses for the same listening positions for the occupied condition.
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