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Videoüberwachung von Demonstrationen und die Definitionsmacht der Polizei. Zwischen Objektivitätsfiktion und selektiver Sanktionierung

Ullrich, Peter (2018)

Untersucht wird Videoüberwachung im Protest Policing auf Basis von Gruppendiskussionen und Expert/inneninterviews mit Polizist/innen sowie ethnografischen Beobachtungen. Die Polizei legitimiert Videoüberwachung mit dem Versprechen von Objektivität und strikter Rechtsdetermination. Im Aufsatz wird sie stattdessen als kontingenter Prozess der aktiven Konstruktion von Evidenz analysiert. Er besteh...

Unschätzbare Meisterwerke : der Preis der Kunst im Musée Napoléon

Savoy, Bénédicte (2013)


A new collection by French silversmith Olivier Gaube du Gers

Stefanski, Karolina (2014)


Ornament on French Empire silver

Stefanski, Karolina (2012)


A silver toiletry set by Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot in Havana, Cuba

Stefanski, Karolina (2014)


Influence of Poroelasticity on the 3D Seismic Response of Complex Geological Media

Wuttke, Frank ; Dineva, Petia ; Fontara, Ioanna-Kleoniki (2017)

Elastic wave propagation in 3D poroelastic geological media with localized heterogeneities, such as an elastic inclusion and a canyon is investigated to visualize the modification of local site responses under consideration of water saturated geomaterial. The extended computational environment herein developed is a direct Boundary Integral Equation Method (BIEM), based on the frequency-dependen...

Price anchoring in Online Markets: an Empirical Assessment

Bogliacino, Francesco ; Cuntz, Alexander (2013)

There is a large literature in behavioral economics contradicting the empirical prediction of rational choice theory once applied to auctions. The issue is of particular relevance due to the large use of auctions in mechanism design. One of the heuristics that may induce biased behavior is anchoring, namely the possibility that uninformative information influences choices. In this article we as...

Copper precipitation as consequence of steel corrosion in a flow-through experiment mimicking a geothermal production well

Regenspurg, Simona ; Geigenmüller, Ives ; Milsch, Harald ; Kühn, Michael (2017)

Decreasing production rates and massive precipitation of native copper (Cu(0)) were observed in the production well at the geothermal research facility Groß Schönebeck (Germany). The Cu precipitates filling up the well are a product of an electrochemical corrosion reaction between dissolved copper (Cu2+, Cu+) in the brine and iron (Fe(0)) of the carbon steel liner. It was hypothesized that this...

Draft Genome Sequence of a Potential Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II)-Oxidizing Bacterium, Aquabacterium parvum B6

Zhang, Xiaoxin ; Ma, Fang ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2016)

Aquabacterium parvum B6 is a potential nitrate-dependent Fe(II)-oxidizing bacterium. The genes related to its denitrifying mechanism and iron metabolisms were unknown. We present the draft genome of Aquabacterium parvum B6, which could provide further insight into the nitrate-dependent Fe(II)-oxidizing mechanism of strain B6.

Complete Genome Sequence of “Candidatus Viadribacter manganicus” Isolated from a German Floodplain Area

Braun, Burga ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2016)

Iron- and manganese-depositing bacteria occur in many soils and all water systems, and their biogenic depositions of ochre in technical systems may cause severe clogging problems and monetary losses. “Candidatus Viadribacter manganicus” is a small coccoid, iron- and manganese-depositing bacterium isolated from the Lower Oder Valley National Park, Germany.

Draft Genome Sequence of Rheinheimera sp. Strain SA_1 Isolated from Iron Backwash Sludge in Germany

Schröder, Josephin ; Braun, Burga ; Liere, Karsten ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2016)

Rheinheimera sp. strain SA_1 is an iron-depositing bacterium for which we report a draft genome sequence. Strain SA_1 was isolated from iron backwash sludge of a waterworks in Germany. The Illumina MiSeq technique was used to sequence the genome of the strain.

Draft Genome Sequence of Ideonella sp. Strain A 288, Isolated from an Iron-Precipitating Biofilm

Braun, Burga ; Künzel, Sven ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2017)

Here, we report the draft genome sequence of the betaproteobacterium Ideonella sp. strain A_228. This isolate, obtained from a bog iron ore-containing floodplain area in Germany, provides valuable information about the genetic diversity of neutrophilic iron-depositing bacteria. The Illumina NextSeq technique was used to sequence the draft genome sequence of the strain.

Draft Genome Sequence of the Gram-Positive Neutrophilic Iron-Precipitating Kineosporia sp. Strain A_224

Braun, Burga ; Künzel, Sven ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2017)

We report here the draft genome sequence of the neutrophilic iron-precipitating Kineosporia sp. strain A_224. Analysis of the predicted genes may improve our knowledge of its role in ochrous formations in natural and technical water systems. This is the first public genome sequence of a Kineosporia aurantiaca strain.

Draft Genome Sequence of Rheinheimera sp. F8, a Biofilm-Forming Strain Which Produces Large Amounts of Extracellular DNA

Schuster, Anna-Kathrin ; Szewzyk, Ulrich (2016)

Rheinheimera sp. strain F8 is a biofilm-forming gammaproteobacterium that has been found to produce large amounts of filamentous extracellular DNA. Here, we announce the de novo assembly of its genome. It is estimated to be 4,464,511 bp in length, with 3,970 protein-coding sequences and 92 RNA-coding sequences.

Machine learning of accurate energy-conserving molecular force fields

Chmiela, Stefan ; Tkatchenko, Alexandre ; Sauceda, Huziel E. ; Poltavsky, Igor ; Schütt, Kristof T. ; Müller, Klaus-Robert (2017)

Using conservation of energy - a fundamental property of closed classical and quantum mechanical systems - we develop an efficient gradient-domain machine learning (GDML) approach to construct accurate molecular force fields using a restricted number of samples from ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) trajectories. The GDML implementation is able to reproduce global potential energy surfaces of...

The impact of high-end climate change on agricultural welfare

Stevanović, Miodrag ; Popp, A. ; Lotze-Campen, H. ; Dietrich, J. P. ; Müller, C. ; Bonsch, Markus ; Schmitz, C. ; Bodirsky, B. L. ; Humpenöder, Florian ; Weindl, I. (2016)

Climate change threatens agricultural productivity worldwide, resulting in higher food prices. Associated economic gains and losses differ not only by region but also between producers and consumers and are affected by market dynamics. On the basis of an impact modeling chain, starting with 19 different climate projections that drive plant biophysical process simulations and ending with agro-ec...

Transient lattice contraction in the solid-to-plasma transition

Ferguson, K. R. ; Bucher, M. ; Gorkhover, Tais ; Boutet, S. ; Fukuzawa, H. ; Koglin, J. E. ; Kumagai, Y. ; Lutman, A. ; Marinelli, A. ; Messerschmidt, M. ; Nagaya, K. ; Turner, J. ; Ueda, K. ; Williams, G. J. ; Bucksbaum, P. H. ; Bostedt, C. (2016)

In condensed matter systems, strong optical excitations can induce phonon-driven processes that alter their mechanical properties. We report on a new phenomenon where a massive electronic excitation induces a collective change in the bond character that leads to transient lattice contraction. Single large van der Waals clusters were isochorically heated to a nanoplasma state with an intense 10-...

Unified Information Access in Product Creation with an Integrated Control Desk

Wrasse, Kevin ; Diener, Holger ; Hayka, Haygazun ; Stark, Rainer (2017)

Customers demand for individualized products leads to a large variety of different products in small series and single-unit production. A high flexibility pressure in product creation is one result of this trend. In order to counteract the pressure, the information steadily increasing by Industry 4.0 must be made available at the workplace. Additionally, a better exchange of information between...

Jitter-correction for IR/UV-XUV pump-probe experiments at the FLASH free-electron laser

Savelyev, Evgeny ; Boll, Rebecca ; Bomme, Cédric ; Schirmel, Nora ; Redlin, Harald ; Erk, Benjamin ; Düsterer, Stefan ; Müller, Erland ; Höppner, Hauke ; Toleikis, Sven ; Müller, Jost ; Kristin Czwalinna, Marie ; Treusch, Rolf ; Kierspel, Thomas ; Mullins, Terence ; Trippel, Sebastian ; Wiese, Joss ; Küpper, Jochen ; Brauβe, Felix ; Krecinic, Faruk ; Rouzée, Arnaud ; Rudawski, Piotr ; Johnsson, Per ; Amini, Kasra ; Lauer, Alexandra ; Burt, Michael ; Brouard, Mark ; Christensen, Lauge ; Thøgersen, Jan ; Stapelfeldt, Henrik ; Berrah, Nora ; Müller, Maria ; Ulmer, Anatoli ; Techert, Simone ; Rudenko, Artem ; Rolles, Daniel (2017)

In pump-probe experiments employing a free-electron laser (FEL) in combination with a synchronized optical femtosecond laser, the arrival-time jitter between the FEL pulse and the optical laser pulse often severely limits the temporal resolution that can be achieved. Here, we present a pump-probe experiment on the UV-induced dissociation of 2,6-difluoroiodobenzene (C6H3F2I) molecules performed ...

Multimode optical feedback dynamics of InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers emitting on different lasing states

Huang, H. ; Arsenijević, D. ; Schires, K. ; Sadeev, T. ; Bimberg, D. ; Grillot, F. (2016)

Quantum dot lasers are envisioned to be the next generation of optical transmitters used for short-reach communication links, owing to their low threshold current and high temperature operation. However, in a context of steady increase in both speed and reach, quantum dot lasers emitting on their upper energy levels have been recently of greater interest as they are touted for their faster modu...