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Real-Time Vision System for License Plate Detection and Recognition on FPGA

Rosli, Faird ; Elhossini, Ahmed ; Juurlink, Ben (2015)

Rapid development of the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) offers an alternative way to provide acceleration for computationally intensive tasks such as digital signal and image processing. Its ability to perform parallel processing shows the potential in implementing a high speed vision system. Out of numerous applications of computer vision, this paper focuses on the hardware implementatio...

Bioinspired designs, molecular premise and tools for evaluating the ecological importance of antimicrobial peptides

Ongey, Elvis Legala ; Pflugmacher, Stephan ; Neubauer, Peter (2018-07-10)

This review article provides an overview of recent developments in antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), summarizing structural diversity, potential new applications, activity targets and microbial killing responses in general. The use of artificial and natural AMPs as templates for rational design of peptidomimetics are also discussed and some strategies are put forward to curtail cytotoxic effects a...

High performance CCSDS image data compression using GPGPUs for space applications

Ramanarayanan, Sunil Chokkanathapuram ; Manthey, Kristian ; Juurlink, Ben (2015)

The usage of graphics processing units (GPUs) as computing architectures for inherently data parallel signal processing applications in this computing era is very popular. In principle, GPUs in comparison with central processing units (CPUs) could achieve significant speed-up over the latter, especially considering data parallel applications which expect high throughput. The paper investigates ...

Lernen von Sensormesswerten zur Verbesserung von Fahrerassistenzsystemen am Beispiel eines adaptiven Kurvenwarners

Heinrichs, Robert (2018)

Today, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are a central part of vehicles and improve safety and comfort. Especially in the safety area, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems have a significant positive impact, which is visible in accident statistics. With sensors and actuators Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can capture the vehicles state and its surroundings, and can intervene if necessary, s...

Real-time monitoring of the budding index in Saccharomyces cerevisiae batch cultivations with in situ microscopy

Marbà-Ardébol, Anna-Maria ; Emmerich, Jörn ; Muthig, Michael ; Neubauer, Peter ; Junne, Stefan (2018-05-15)

Background The morphology of yeast cells changes during budding, depending on the growth rate and cultivation conditions. A photo-optical microscope was adapted and used to observe such morphological changes of individual cells directly in the cell suspension. In order to obtain statistically representative samples of the population without the influence of sampling, in situ microscopy (ISM) w...

Proximity Scheme for Instruction Caches in Tiled CMP Architectures

Alawneh, Tareq ; Chi, Chi Ching ; Elhossini, Ahmed ; Juurlink, Ben (2015)

Recent research results show that there is a high degree of code sharing between cores in multi-core architectures. In this paper we propose a proximity scheme for the instruction caches, a scheme in which the shared code blocks among the neighbouring L2 caches in tiled multi-core architectures are exploited to reduce the average cache miss penalty and the on-chip network traffic. We evaluate t...

On the frequency-dependence of electrical soil properties and their influence on ground-penetrating radar

Loewer, Markus (2018)

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) is sensitive to changes of electrical soil properties. These properties can become strongly frequency-dependent, even so they are considered constant in many applications. Analysis of radargrams provided evidence that radar waves propagating in moist loamy and clayey soils underlie strong absorption and dispersion effects. The energy absorption together with the w...

Detektion der Reaktionsbereitschaft beim hochautomatisierten Fahren

Schmidt, Jürgen (2018)

Während des hochautomatisierten Fahrens ändert sich die Aufgabe des Fahrers. Dieser muss lediglich reaktionsbereit sein und die Fahraufgabe nach einer Aufforderung durch das System innerhalb einer Übergabezeit sicher übernehmen können. Zur Untersuchung der erforderlichen Reaktionsbereitschaft für diese Übernahme in langen, monotonen und hochautomatisierten Fahrten wurde das Verhalten der...

Distributed enterprise search using software agents

Gunadi, Erwin ; Meder, Michael ; Plumbaum, Till ; Scheel, Christian ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Albayrak, Sahin (2014)

In this paper we introduce a distributed information retrieval system using agent-based technology. In this multi-agent system, each agent has its own specific task and can be used to handle a specific document repository. The system is designed to automatically comply with access restriction rules that are normally enforced in companies. It is used in the administration offices of the German c...

Raus aus der prekären Mobilität

Ullrich, Peter ; Reitz, Tilman (2018)


A Benchmark Suite for Evaluating Parallel Programming Models

Andersch, Michael ; Juurlink, Ben ; Chi, Chi Ching (2011)

The transition to multi-core processors enforces software developers to explicitly exploit thread-level parallelism to increase performance. The associated programmability problem has led to the introduction of a plethora of parallel programming models that aim at simplifying software development by raising the abstraction level. Since industry has not settled for a single model, however, multi...

Report on the SIGIR 2013 workshop on benchmarking adaptive retrieval and recommender systems

Castells, Pablo ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Said, Alan ; Lalmas, Mounia (2013)

In recent years, immense progress has been made in the development of recommendation, retrieval, and personalisation techniques. The evaluation of these systems is still based on traditional information retrieval and statistics metrics, e.g., precision, recall and/or RMSE, often not taking the use-case and situation of the actual system into consideration. However, the rapid evolution of recomm...

A Visualization Tool for Violent Scenes Detection

Maniry, Dominique ; Acar, Esra ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Albayrak, Sahin (2014)

We present a browser-based visualization tool that allows users to explore movies and online videos based on the violence level of these videos. The system offers visualizations of annotations and results of the MediaEval 2012 Affect Task and can interactively download and analyze content from video hosting sites like YouTube.

Users' reading habits in online news portals

Esiyok, Cagdas ; Kille, Benjamin ; Jain, Brijnesh-Johannes ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; Albayrak, Sahin (2014)

The aim of this study is to survey reading habits of users of an online news portal. The assumption motivating this study is that insight into the reading habits of users can be helpful to design better news recommendation systems. We estimated the transition probabilities that users who read an article of one news category will move to read an article of another (not necessarily distinct) news...

Shedding light on a living lab: the CLEF NEWSREEL open recommendation platform

Brodt, Torben ; Hopfgartner, Frank (2014)

In the CLEF NEWSREEL lab, participants are invited to evaluate news recommendation techniques in real-time by providing news recommendations to actual users that visit commercial news portals to satisfy their information needs. A central role within this lab is the communication between participants and the users. This is enabled by The Open Recommendation Platform (ORP), a web-based platform w...

The Video Browser Showdown: a live evaluation of interactive video search tools

Schöffmann, Klaus ; Ahlström, David ; Bailer, Werner ; Cobârzan, Claudiu ; Hopfgartner, Frank ; McGuinness, Kevin ; Gurrin, Cathal ; Frisson, Christian ; Le, Duy-Dinh ; Del Fabro, Manfred ; Bai, Hongliang ; Weiss, Wolfgang (2014)

The Video Browser Showdown evaluates the performance of exploratory video search tools on a common data set in a common environment and in presence of the audience. The main goal of this competition is to enable researchers in the field of interactive video search to directly compare their tools at work. In this paper, we present results from the second Video Browser Showdown (VBS2013) and desc...

Frustrated Lewis pairs embedded into microporous polymer networks

Trunk, Matthias Georg (2018)

Aufgrund ihrer vielseitigen potentiellen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in Gasspeicherung und –trennung, Sensorik und Katalyse haben mikroporöse organische Materialien innerhalb der letzten 20 Jahre eine rasante Entwicklung erfahren. Neben geordneten Materialien wie metall-organischen Gerüstmaterialien (MOFs) und kovalent organischen Gerüstmaterialien (COFs) haben sich mikroporöse Polymernetzwerke (MP...

Semantic decomposition and marker passing in an artificial representation of meaning

Fähndrich, Johannes (2018)

The research area of Distributed Artificial Intelligence aims at building intelligent agent systems. Multi-Agent Systems have been applied successfully in many domains, from an intermodal planning domain to cascading security thread simulations. But still, agents struggle with the meaning of concepts used in language. Intelligence needs language to form thoughts. Thus, the challenge addressed i...

Doppler coherence imaging of ion dynamics in the plasma experiments VINETA.II and ASDEX upgrade

Gradic, Dorothea (2018)

In magnetically confining plasma experiments, measurement of ion dynamics is of great importance to study the plasma behaviour in magnetic fields such as the exhaust particle flows in the divertor areas. The plasma exhaust heat flux in a future nuclear power plant is estimated to be too high for the proposed wall materials. This is due to the relatively small areas, where the exhaust plasma int...

Ectoine protects DNA from damage by ionizing radiation

Schröter, Maria-Astrid ; Meyer, Susann ; Hahn, Marc Benjamin ; Solomun, Tihomir ; Sturm, Heinz ; Kunte, Hans Jörg (2017-11-10)

Ectoine plays an important role in protecting biomolecules and entire cells against environmental stressors such as salinity, freezing, drying and high temperatures. Recent studies revealed that ectoine also provides effective protection for human skin cells from damage caused by UV-A radiation. These protective properties make ectoine a valuable compound and it is applied as an active ingredie...