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Reports about 8 selected benchmark cases of model hierarchies

Auer, Naomi ; Barral, Patricia ; Benamou, Jean-David ; Comesaña, Daniel Fernández ; Girfoglio, Michele ; Hauberg-Lotte, Lena ; Hintermüller, Michael ; Ijzerman, Wilbert ; Knall, Karl ; Maass, Peter ; Marconi, Gianfranco ; Martinolli, Marco ; Monticone, Pier Paolo ; Morelli, Umberto ; Nayak, Ashwin ; Polverelli, Luc ; Prieto, Andrés ; Quintela, Peregrina ; Ramlau, Ronny ; Riccardo, Conte ; Rozza, Gianluigi ; Rukhaia, Giorgi ; Shah, Nirav ; Stadler, Bernadett ; Vergara, Christian (2018-09-30)

Based on the multitude of industrial applications, benchmarks for model hierarchies will be created that will form a basis for the interdisciplinary research and for the training programme. These will be equipped with publically available data and will be used for training in modelling, model testing, reduced order modelling, error estimation, efficiency optimization in algorithmic approaches, ...

ESR Recruitment Final Summary Report

Mehrmann, Volker ; Scholz, Lena (2018-08-29)

In this deliverable we report on the recruitment process and the recruitment results within the ROMSOC project. We also comment on the application timeline, strategies for advertisements and on the selection process. In summary, after approximately one year all ESR positions could be filled with very promising candidates. The deviation of the original work plan due to delays in the recruitment...

Endophytes as source of polypeptide and polyketide antibiotics fengycin and bacillaene

Glazyrina, Julia (2018)

Endophytic bacteria, which populate plant tissues, can influence physiological processes in plants. They also have antagonistic effects against many phytopathogens. Utilization of these bacteria as a biological agent for protection of plants is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical methods. Moreover, since plants belong to the eukaryotic organisms, antibiotics produced by endophyt...

Wissenschaftskulturen im Dialog – Wissenschaftsrezeption und Wissenschaftsmoderation im Zeitalter global verfügbarer Online-Publikationen

Otto, Gabriele E. (2018)

Diese Arbeit wendet sich Fragen nach den Bedingungen für eine pluri-kulturelle Nutzung wissenschaftlichen Wissens im Internet zu. Ausgehend von kulturellen Prägungen der Wissenschafts- und akademischen Kulturen in Indonesien und in Deutschland aus der Sicht der DaF-Didaktik und der Anthropologie werden anhand von exemplarischen Untersuchungen an Bachelor-Arbeiten zur Literaturwissenschaft aus I...

Graphical visualization of sustainable manufacturing aspects for knowledge transfer to public audience

Wang, Wei Min ; Wolter, Lars ; Lindow, Kai ; Stark, Rainer (2015)

Sustainability is characterized by complex interplay between economic, environmental and social aspects and a temporal dimension. The public perception is often mistakenly limited to single aspects due to deliberated influence by marketing or misuse. Reliable scientific articles usually address expert audience only. To create a broad public understanding knowledge has to be available and compre...

Apples and oranges : a methodological framework for basic research into audiovisual perception

Maempel, Hans-Joachim (2017)

In recent years, increased efforts have been made to investigate the various aspects of audiovisual perception. In general, highly-specific variables are considered, and specific paradigms and methods are applied. Thus, connecting results of various experiments is not always possible in a systematic manner, and several related research fields still lack comprehensive theories and corresponding ...

The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base

Brinkmann, Fabian ; Lindau, Alexander ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Geissler, Gunnar ; van de Par, Steven ; Müller-Trapet, Markus ; Opdam, Rob ; Vorländer, Michael (2017-02-09)

This data base includes head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), headphone transfer functions (HpTFs), and 3D-meshes of the FABIAN head and torso simulator. More detailed information is provided in the documentation within the data base.

A Database of Anechoic Microphone Array Measurements of Musical Instruments

Weinzierl, Stefan ; Vorländer, Michael ; Behler, Gottfried ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Coler, Henrik von ; Detzner, Erik ; Krämer, Johannes ; Lindau, Alexander ; Pollow, Martin ; Schulz, Frank ; Shabtai, Noam R. (2017-04-10)

A collection of 3305 single notes of 41 musical instruments of different historical periods was recorded and analyzed. The database includes the instrument recordings, radiation patterns (directivities), and audio features such as the sound power or spectral centroid along with information about the identity and the making of the instrument and its player. The database can be used in virtual r...

Controlled ligand distortion and its consequences for structure, symmetry, conformation and spin-state preferences of iron(II) complexes

Kroll, Nicole ; Theilacker, Kolja ; Schoknecht, Marc ; Baabe, Dirk ; Wiedemann, Dennis ; Kaupp, Martin ; Grohmann, Andreas ; Hörner, Gerald (2015)

The ligand-field strength in metal complexes of polydentate ligands depends critically on how the ligand backbone places the donor atoms in three-dimensional space. Distortions from regular coordination geometries are often observed. In this work, we study the isolated effect of ligand-sphere distortion by means of two structurally related pentadentate ligands of identical donor set, in the sol...

Film265: Report on Achieved Quality Improvements

Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio ; Sanz-Rodríguez, Sergio (2016-06-30)

This document presents the results of the informal video quality subjective tests performed in the context of the Film265 project. In this project a new implementation of the HEVC/H.265 video coding standard has been developed, which obtains higher quality and higher compression efficiency than previous codecs such as the H.264/AVC, and other implementations of the HEVC/H.265 encoder (such as t...

Film265: Report on Achieved Quality Improvements: Public Version. Research Data

Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio ; Sanz-Rodríguez, Sergio (2016-06-30)

This data set contains the results of the informal video quality subjective tests performed in the context of the Film265 project. In this project a new implementation of the HEVC/H.265 video coding standard has been developed that obtains higher quality and higher compression efficiency than previous codecs such as the H.264/AVC, and other implementations of the HEVC/H.265 encoder (such as the...

Palladium-catalysed hydroxylation and alkoxylation

Enthaler, Stephan ; Company, Anna (2011)

The formation of oxygen–carbon bonds is one of the fundamental transformations in organic synthesis. In this regard the application of palladium-based catalysts has been extensively studied during recent years. Nowadays it is an established methodology and the success has been proven in manifold synthetic procedures. This tutorial review summarizes the advances on palladium-catalysed C–O bond f...

A straightforward zinc-catalysed reduction of sulfoxides to sulfides

Enthaler, Stephan (2011)

In the present study, the zinc-catalysed reduction of a variety of sulfoxides with silanes as reductant to the corresponding sulfide has been examined in detail. With the straightforward and commercially available zinc(II) triflate as pre-catalyst, excellent yields and chemoselectivities were feasible. After studying the reaction conditions and the scope and limitations several attempts were un...

Iron-based pre-catalyst supported on polyformamidine for C-C bond formation

Enthaler, Stephan ; Krackl, Sebastian ; Epping, Jan Dirk ; Eckhardt, Björn ; Weidner, Steffen M. ; Fischer, Anna (2012)

In the present study the incorporation of iron into an organic polymer, composed of formamidine subunits [R–N[double bond, length as m-dash]C(H)–NH–R], has been examined. The catalytic ability of the recyclable material was investigated in the iron-catalyzed formation of C–C bonds. After optimization of the reaction conditions, excellent yields and chemoselectivities were feasible.

Dual functionality of formamidine polymers, as ligands and as bases, in ruthenium-catalysed hydrogen evolution from formic acid

Enthaler, Stephan ; Junge, Henrik ; Fischer, Anna ; Kammer, Anja ; Krackl, Sebastian ; Epping, Jan Dirk (2013)

In the present study, the ruthenium-catalysed decomposition of formic acid to yield hydrogen has been examined. A ruthenium complex modified polyformamidine network was used as a solid catalyst. As a dual support the polyformamidine acts both as a ligand and as a base for the activation of formic acid.

Enhanced catalytic performance of MnxOy-Na2WO4/SiO2 for the oxidative coupling of methane using an ordered mesoporous silica support

Yildiz, M. ; Aksu, Y. ; Simon, U. ; Kailasam, K. ; Görke, O. ; Rosowski, F. ; Schomäcker, R. ; Thomas, A. ; Arndt, S. (2014)

The oxidative coupling of methane is a highly promising reaction for its direct conversion. Silica supported MnxOy–Na2WO4 is a suitable catalyst for this reaction. In this study, a variety of different SiO2 materials have been tested as supports. Surprisingly, the application of ordered mesoporous silicas, here exemplarily shown for SBA-15 as support materials, greatly enhances the catalytic pe...

Pitch distributions for individual instruments in the symphonies No. 1-9 of L.v. Beethoven

Quiring, Roman ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)

This dataset contains pitch distributions for the symphonies No. 1-9 of Ludwig van Beethoven. Data is available for all symphonies, all movements, and every musical instrument separately. Pitch distributions are represented as histograms in the MIDI pitch range. For transposing instruments, the pitch distributions refer to the sounding, not the written pitch. See the file header for information...

Single-channel and binaural room impulse responses of a 64-channel loudspeaker array for different room configurations

Erbes, Vera ; Geier, Matthias ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Spors, Sascha (2015-04-21)

The database contains measured single-channel and binaural room impulse responses (RIRs and BRIRs) of a 64-channel loudspeaker array of square shape under varying room acoustical conditions. The measurements have been performed at the Audio Lab of the Institute of Communications Engineering, University of Rostock. The RIRs have been measured at three receiver positions for four different absorb...

Data-driven interpolation of dynamical systems with delay

Schulze, Philipp ; Unger, Benjamin (2015)

We present a data-driven realization for systems with delay, which generalizes the Loewner framework. The realization is obtained with low computational cost directly from measured data of the transfer function. The internal delay is estimated by solving a least-square optimization over some sample data. Our approach is validated by several examples, which indicate the need for preserving the d...

A Matlab toolbox for the regularization of descriptor systems arising from generalized realization procedures

Binder, Amelie ; Mehrmann, Volker ; Miedlar, Agnieszka ; Schulze, Philipp (2015)

In this report we introduce a Matlab toolbox for the regularization of descriptor systems. We apply it, in particular, for systems resulting from the generalized realization procedure of [16], which generates, via rational interpolation techniques, a linear descriptor system from interpolation data. The resulting system needs to be regularized to make it feasible for the use in simulation, opti...