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Optimized geometric and electronic wavefront shaping with line source arrays for large-scale sound reinforcement

Straube, Florian (2019)

Line Source Arrays (LSAs) are used for large-scale sound reinforcement aiming at the synthesis of homogeneous wavefronts for the whole audio bandwidth. The deployed loudspeaker cabinets are rigged with different tilt angles and/or are electronically controlled in order to provide the intended coverage of the audience zones and to avoid radiation towards reflective ceilings, sidewalls or residen...

An Anechoic Recording of Cicero’s 3rd Cataline Oration: Italian, Latin and German

Böhm, Christoph ; Fiedler, Felicitas ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Holter, Erika ; Muth, Susanne ; Schaefer, Una ; Schwesinger, Sebastian (2019-06)

This data set contains three anechoic recordings of an excerpt of Cicero's 3rd Cataline Oration in Italian, Latin and German language.

An Anechoic Recording of Demosthenes’ 1st Olynthic Oration in German

Böhm, Christoph ; Fiedler, Felicitas ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Holter, Erika ; Muth, Susanne ; Schaefer, Una ; Schwesinger, Sebastian (2019-06)

This data set contains two anechoic recordings of an excerpt of Demosthenes’ 1st Olynthic Oration in expressive and loud speech in German language.

The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base

Brinkmann, Fabian ; Lindau, Alexander ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Geissler, Gunnar ; van de Par, Steven ; Müller-Trapet, Markus ; Opdam, Rob ; Vorländer, Michael (2017-02-09)

This data base includes head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), headphone transfer functions (HpTFs), and 3D-meshes of the FABIAN head and torso simulator. More detailed information is provided in the documentation within the data base.

Keine Zeit für den C-Test?

Zimmermann, Kerstin (2019)

Der C-Test gilt als ein objektives, reliables und valides Instrument zum Erheben allgemeiner Sprachkompetenz. Zahlreiche Studien belegen den Zusammenhang des C-Tests mit verschiedenen sprachlichen Teilfertigkeiten: Leseverstehen, Hörverstehen, Sprechen, Schreiben, Wortschatz, Grammatik. Im Gegensatz dazu ist der S-C-Test – eine stark beschleunigte Variante des Testformats – noch kaum erforscht....

BRAS - Benchmark for Room Acoustical Simulation

Aspöck, Lukas ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Ackermann, David ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Vorländer, Michael (2019-05-15)

The Benchmark for Room Acoustical Simulation (BRAS) contains eleven acoustical scenes that are intended for the evaluation of room acoustical simulation software. This comprises simple scenes that isolate certain acoustic phenomena, as well as complex environments of different shape and size. Each scene consists of a scene description giving the room geometry, and the positions of the acoustic ...

Theoretical Models and Specific Communication Situations in Projects

Pelikan, Kristina ; Roelcke, Thorsten (2017)

In recent years, numerous proposals have been made with the aim of establishing a systematic hierarchy of relationships for languages for special purposes (LSP), and different approaches have been classified in terms of vertical and horizontal models. Recently, however LSP research has moved more and more towards Applied Linguistics and a segregation has emerged between studies focusing on syst...

Projektsprachengliederung – systematische Analyse eines fachkommunikativen Einzelfalles

Pelikan, Kristina (2016)

Due to the increased consideration of concrete case studies, LSP research moved more and more towards Applied Linguistics during the last years. Although necessity and relevance of these studies are beyond dispute, this development of LSP research does not implicate only advantages. Systematic approaches are neglected more and more or even replaced by studies done intuitively without a groundin...

The HUTUBS head-related transfer function (HRTF) database

Fabian, Brinkmann ; Manoj, Dinakaran ; Robert, Pelzer ; Jan Joschka, Wohlgemuth ; Fabian, Seipel ; Daniel, Voss ; Peter, Grosche ; Stefan, Weinzierl (2019)

The database contains head-related transfer functions, 3D head meshes, anthropometric features, and headphone transfer functions of 96 subjects.

Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responses

Kokabi, Omid ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-03-14)

This document is supplement to "Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responses", a master thesis realized at the audio communication group at Technische Universität Berlin. In this thesis, the prediction accuracy with a binaural intelligibility model with an extension to model the influence of reverberation was tested for four different virtual rooms. Therefore, speech...

Visualizing Music Psychology: A Bibliometric Analysis of Psychology of Music, Music Perception, and Musicae Scientiae from 1973 to 2017

Anglada-Tort, Manuel ; Sanfilippo, Katie Rose M. (2019-01-25)

Music psychology has grown drastically since being established in the middle of the 19th century. However, until now, no large-scale computational bibliometric analysis of the scientific literature in music psychology has been carried out. This study aims to analyze all published literature from the journals Psychology of Music, Music Perception, and Musicae Scientiae. The retrieved literature ...

Commentary on Canonne (2018): Listening to Improvisation

Anglada-Tort, Manuel (2018)

The target study explores whether evaluations of the same piece of music differ under two distinct listening conditions: listening to a piece described either as an improvisation or as a preexisting composition. Participants (N = 16) in the two conditions listened to the same musical piece and provided verbal evaluative judgements. The author used a grounded theory approach to analyze listeners...

ABC_DJ Implementation in Territories Outside Europe

Reguera, Lucía ; Muñoz, Bruno ; Pozo, Nerea (2019-01-02)

This report lays the foundation for a possible transfer of novel audio branding and in-store music concepts, monetising schemes to Asia and the Americas. A first survey of procedural, legal, technical and cultural requirements for the export of audio branding services is produced. Being the final analysis of our research, we have dedicated this document to the legal backdrop and regulations of...

Agreement on a New Single License Model for In-Store Audio Systems for European Collecting Societies

Reguera, Lucía ; Muñoz, Bruno ; Pozo, Nerea ; Roozendaal, Dave (2019-01-02)

The goal of this document is to propose a novel, convenient and adequate in-store license model for both users and CMOs. To this end we have carried out a case study integrating three different users, from a CMO perspective: A Music Provider, and two end users (a 100 sq m clothing store and bar). The goal is to demonstrate, in a practical way, the procedures these users would need to follow, i...

Final Research Report for Sound Design and Audio Player

Schwarz, Diemo ; Fourer, Dominique (2018-12-31)

This deliverable describes the work on Task 4.3 Algorithms for sound design and feature developments for audio player. The audio player runs on the in-store player (ISP) and takes care of rendering the music playlists via beat-synchronous automatic DJ mixing, taking advantage of the rich musical content description extracted in T4.2 (beat markers, structural segmentation into intro and outro, m...

Final Research Report on Auto-Tagging of Music

Schwarz, Diemo ; Peeters, Geoffroy ; Cohen-Hadria, Alice ; Fourer, Dominique ; Marchand, Ugo ; Mignot, Rémi ; Cornu, Frédéric ; Laffitte, Pierre ; Schindler, Daniel ; Hofmann, Robin ; Spadaveccia, Rino (2018-12-12)

The deliverable D4.7 concerns the work achieved by IRCAM until M36 for the “auto-tagging of music”. The deliverable is a research report. The software libraries resulting from the research have been integrated into Fincons/HearDis! Music Library Manager or are used by TU Berlin. The final software libraries are described in D4.5. The research work on auto-tagging has concentrated on four aspe...

Music Providers Landscape Europe

Torres, Borja ; Roozendaal, Dave ; Reguera, Lucía (2016-06-30)

This text gives a comprehensive overview of the landscape of European music creators and their respective multipliers in an audio branding and in-store music context. This includes an investigation of music management procedures as well as audio file formats and qualities in use.

Analysis of European IP Laws for Audio Branding Context

Reguera, Lucía ; Planas, Noemí ; Muñoz, Bruno (2016-12-31)

This document is the first of two dealing with the legal regulations and the management of the Intellectual Property (IP) rights involved in audio branding processes and is complemented with document D7.1. After conducting a thorough search of bibliography both online and in specialised libraries, and holding informal meetings with the Commission’s department in charge of copyright policy and l...

Survey Report: Audio Branding Support Systems

Schindler, Daniel Artur ; Miccoli, Stefano ; Torres, Borja (2016-04-29)

Existing tools for use in audio branding are surveyed and typical core work steps are defined. Particular attention is paid to professional metaphors in use and intuitive usability which support audio branding communication, workflows, automation, monitoring and maintenance. Furthermore design of UIs which give representation support are examined in detail. Results are arranged into concrete re...

Common Definitions in Audio Branding Processes

Haaksman, Felix ; Schönrock, Andreas ; Borgstedt, Silke ; Peeters, Geoffroy ; Muñoz, Bruno ; Lepa, Steffen ; Canepa, Alessandro ; Cardinale, Paolo ; Schindler, Daniel (2017-04-06)

To minimise internal and external misconceptions on any level, an internal terminology standard concerning music, business and advertising semantics for the ABC_DJ project was created in March 2016. According to their respective expertise all members of the consortium defined project relevant terms from their respective field of expertise resulting in this dictionary, built upon professional us...