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Berufsbezogene Deutschkenntnisse und inter- bzw. transkulturelle Kompetenzen in der ambulanten Pflege

Hartung, Nicole (2018)

In dieser Dissertation beschreibe ich sprachlich-kommunikative Anforderungen an Pflegefachkräfte im beruflichen Alltag in der ambulanten Pflege. Die Erkenntnisse richten sich an Bildungsinstitutionen und Lehrkräfte, die diejenigen (zukünftigen) Fachkräfte, die Deutsch als Fremd- oder Zweitsprache sprechen, unterrichten (werden). Dafür erhob ich authentische berufliche Situationen in der ambula...

The grammatical items bin, fɔ, and mɔs in Sierra Leone Krio

Jones, Frederick C. V. (1990)

These items, presumably derived from English 'been', 'for' and 'must', respectively, function differently in Krio from their etyma, while, in the case of fo and mos, sharing similar uses. This paper tries to appraise descriptions of the functions of bin, fo, and mos in the literature with regard to their applicability to Krio and discusses uses that do not seem to have hitherto appeared ...

‛Him, and ourselves, and it’: On the meaning of the ‛evidence poem’ in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Maroldt, Karl (1998)

Pronouns have an indexical or deictic function. Their reference is variable, in the case of personal pronouns depending on pragmatic factors such as who is speaking to whom and who is being talked about, and it can be adjusted quite flexibly to textual and contextual, or conversational needs. So, while their anaphoric qualities make them an important instrument for creating textual cohesion, wh...

La pragmatique implicite dans l’oeuvre de Luis J. Prieto

Blanke, Börries ; Posner, Roland (1998)

Se poser la question du rapport entre semiotique structuraliste et pragmatique peut sembler á première vue une entreprise peu prometteuse. N'est-ce pas que Saussure exclut explicitement la 'parole', domaine de la pragmatique, de la linguistique et de la semiologie? N'est-ce pas d'autre part que les pragmaticiens, qui sont d'habitude des linguistes et des philosophies du langage verbal, ne s'int...

The case of the “impersonal” construction in Old English

Pishwa, Hanna (1999)

This paper investigates the "impersonal" construction of type him (dative) scamede 'He was ashamed' in Old English (hence OE), in which the preverbal argument appears in the dative or accusative case, and the verb in the third person singular. This structure has been a frequent object of research because of the syntactically unclear Status of the preverbal argument. While the focus has most...

The Reagan Effect: Self-presentation in humans and computers

Posner, Roland (2000)

I will examine in the first part of this paper the types of selves; in the second part, the kinds of presentation; and in the third part, the processes of self-presentation. In doing so, and in accordance with a successful strategy of artificial intelligence research, I will talk about people: people like you and me. I will generalize the results, however, so that they can be applied to all int...

Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responses

Kokabi, Omid ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-03-14)

This document is supplement to "Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responses", a master thesis realized at the audio communication group at Technische Universität Berlin. In this thesis, the prediction accuracy with a binaural intelligibility model with an extension to model the influence of reverberation was tested for four different virtual rooms. Therefore, speech...

A Database on Musicians’ Movements During Musical Performances

Ackermann, David ; Böhm, Christoph ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-10)

The movements of 20 musicians playing 11 different musical instruments, including all standard orchestral instruments, were captured during solo performances by means of a motion capturing system under concert-like conditions.

Nonverbal interaction between hitchhikers and drivers

Schmauks, Dagmar (2003)

This essay reconstructs the implicit knowledge of a competent hitchhikerfrom the viewpoint of semiotics. The initial phase of hitchhiking is purelynonverbal. The hitchhiker starts the interaction by signaling that s/he wants a lift. In the standard case, the sign chosen is a culture-specific gesture.The driver produces one of the following four actions: (i) in the successfulcase, s/he stops and...

Semiotics as a Theoretical Basis of the Human Sciences

Posner, Roland (2009)

In all cultures of the world, the members of the younger generation must prepare themselves for life within the environment into which they were born. They do this by learning to adjust themselves to the social institutions, to handle the tools in use, and to master the valid sign systems. That is, they acquire the social, civilizational, and mental competences of their culture. In the schools ...

Book Review [zu: Kuhfuß, Walter: Eine Kulturgeschichte des Französischunterrichts in der frühen Neuzeit. Französischlernen am Fürstenhof, auf dem Marktplatz und in der Schule in Deutschland. Göttingen: V & R unipress, 2014. ISBN 978-...

Roelcke, Thorsten (2015)

Buchrezension zu Kuhfuß, Walter: Eine Kulturgeschichte des Französischunterrichts in der frühen Neuzeit. Französischlernen am Fürstenhof, auf dem Marktplatz und in der Schule in Deutschland. Göttingen: V & R unipress, 2014.

Morphological complexity of the word

Altmann, Gabriel ; Roelcke, Thorsten (2015)

Although there is much linguistic work concerning morphological complexity of words no study tries to scale their physical form. In this paper firstly we present a scaling of word's morphological complexity considering reduplication, compounding, derivation, inflection and suppletivism. Secondly we show some quantitative analyses of morphological complexity with respect to arc, motif, and dista...

Becoming the Synthi-Fou: Stockhausen and the new keyboardism

Fowler, Michael (2011)

Karlheinz Stockhausen embraced the potential of electronic music to generate new timbres and acoustic typologies early in his career. After first experimenting with magnetic tape in works such as Gesang der Jünglinge (1955) and Kontakte (1958–60), he later embraced other synthesis technologies for the production of large-scale spatial electro-acoustic works such as Sirius (1970) and Oktophonie ...

Names and titles matter: The impact of linguistic fluency and the affect heuristic on aesthetic and value judgements of music

Anglada-Tort, Manuel ; Steffens, Jochen ; Müllensiefen, Daniel (2018-04)

It has been shown that titles influence peoples’ evaluation of visual art. However, the question of whether titles and artist names affect listeners when evaluating music has not yet been investigated. By using two well-known cognitive heuristics, the authors investigated whether names presented with music pieces influenced aesthetic and value judgments of music. Experiment 1 (N = 48) focused o...

Perzeptiv motivierte, parametrische Synthese binauraler Raumimpulsantworten

Stade, Philipp (2018)

Diese Dissertation beschäftigt sich mit der Entwicklung und Untersuchung von Methoden zur Synthese binauraler Signale für eine dynamische Hörbarmachung von akustischen Gegebenheiten über Kopfhörer. Es werden verschiedene Modelle gebildet, die diffuse und gerichtete Schallfeldkomponenten separat analysieren und mittels Parametern charakterisieren. Anschließend werden diese raumabhängigen Merkmal...

Acoustics of Kabuki Theaters - Input Data for Room Acoustics Simulation

Büttner, Clemens ; Yabushita, Mitsuru ; Sanchez-Parejo, Antonio ; Morishita, Yu ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-07-04)

This data set contains CAD-Models (.skp) of the eight following Kabuki theaters: Hoo-za, Kanamaru-za, Murakuni-za, Hakuun-za, Meiji-za, Yachiyo-za, Uchiko-za, Kaho Gekijo.

Determinants of music-selection behavior: development of a model

Greb, Fabian (2018)

Für viele Menschen ist Musikhören heutzutage ein integraler Bestandteil ihres Alltags. Die Digitalisierung und technische Entwicklungen, wie Smartphones und Musik-Streaming-Dienste, bieten den Menschen fast uneingeschränkte Freiheit in jeder Situation jede Art von Musik zu hören. Im Gegensatz zur weitverbreiteten Nutzung dieser Technologien ist wenig über die Prozesse bekannt, welche der Musika...

Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference 2018

Popov, Artem ; Westerfeld, Stefan ; Subia Valdez, José Rafael ; Herzke, Tobias ; Kayser, Hendrik ; Seifert, Christopher ; Maanen, Paul ; Obbard, Christopher ; Payá-Vayá, Guillermo ; Blume, Holger ; Hohmann, Volker ; McCurry, Mark ; Guillot, Pierre ; Goltz, Florian ; Kuhr, Christoph ; Carôt, Alexander ; Adriaensen, Fons ; Weaver, Paul ; Honour, David (2018)

These proceedings contain all papers presented at the Linux Audio Conference 2018. The conference took place at c-base, Berlin, from June 7th - 10th, 2018 and was organized in cooperation with the Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin.

A Ground Truth on Room Acoustical Analysis and Perception (GRAP)

Ackermann, David ; Ilse, Maximilan ; Grigoriev, Dmitry ; Lepa, Steffen ; Pelzer, Sönke ; Vorländer, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-05)

A database of 35 virtual room models was created that can serve as a ground truth for the future development of room acoustical parameters beyond ISO 3382-1. Some of the room models are based on existing performance venues, however without yielding a perfect match of measured and simulated acoustical parameters. Others are artificial designs which were made to systematically cover a wide variet...

Tempo data from 50 performances of Beethovens Appassionata (Op. 57)

Brinkmann, Fabian ; von Loesch, Heinz (2018-05-24)

This database holds tempo data from 50 performances of Beethoven’s famous piano sonata Op. 57, also known as the Appassionata. Different versions of the score are for example freely available from the Petrucci Music Library ( For further study, we recommend to either use the edition from Heinrich Schenker including bar numbers, or the edition from Arthur Schnabel including his...