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2017_steffens_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Entwicklung eines Systems zur automatischen Musikempfehlung im Kontext des Audio BrandingsSteffens, Jochen; Lepa, Steffen; Egermann, Hauke; Schönrock, Andreas; Herzog, Martin-
2-Jun-2017Music Branding Expert TerminologyLepa, Steffen; Herzog, Martin; Schönrock, Andreas; Steffens, Jochen; Egermann, Hauke-
2-Jun-2017Pre-GMBI-v2Lepa, Steffen; Steffens, Jochen; Schönrock, Andreas; Herzog, Martin; Egermann, Hauke-
anglada-tort_etal_2018.pdf.jpgApr-2018Names and titles matter: The impact of linguistic fluency and the affect heuristic on aesthetic and value judgements of musicAnglada-Tort, Manuel; Steffens, Jochen; Müllensiefen, Daniel-
2017_herzog_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Predicting musical meaning in audio branding scenariosHerzog, Martin; Lepa, Steffen; Steffens, Jochen; Schoenrock, Andreas; Egermann, Hauke-
greb_etal_2018.pdf.jpg2018Understanding music-selection behavior via statistical learning: Using the percentile-Lasso to identify the most important factorsGreb, Fabian; Steffens, Jochen; Schlotz, Wolff-
fpsyg-08-02026-g0001.tif.jpg21-Nov-2017The Sound of Success: Investigating Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Motivational Music in SportsElvers, Paul; Steffens, Jochen-
fpsyg-10-00390.pdf.jpg19-Mar-2019Modeling Music-Selection Behavior in Everyday Life: A Multilevel Statistical Learning Approach and Mediation Analysis of Experience Sampling DataGreb, Fabian; Steffens, Jochen; Schlotz, Wolff-
10.1177_0305735618779443.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2018The influence of film music on moral judgments of movie scenes and felt emotionsSteffens, Jochen-
von-berg_etal_2020.pdf.jpg2020Gibt es raumakustische Hörexpertise?Berg, Markus von; Steffens, Jochen; Müllensiefen, Daniel; Weinzierl, Stefan-