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Sustainability Assessment of Out-of-Home Meals: Potentials and Challenges of Applying the Indicator sets NAHGAST Meal-Basic and NAHGAST Meal-Pro

Engelmann, Tobias ; Speck, Melanie ; Rohn, Holger ; Bienge, Katrin ; Langen, Nina ; Howell, Eva ; Göbel, Christine ; Friedrich, Silke ; Teitscheid, Petra ; Bowry, Jaya ; Liedtke, Christa ; Monetti, Silvia (2018-02-23)

Nutrition is responsible for about 30% of global natural resource use. In order to limit the negative impact the nutritional sector has on the environment and on society, the consumption and processing of foodstuffs with assumed low negative impact is an important topic in the effort of sustainable development. In professional kitchens, clearly defined indicators assessing the impact of busines...

Mindfulness Training at School: A Way to Engage Adolescents with Sustainable Consumption?

Böhme, Tina ; Stanszus, Laura S. ; Geiger, Sonja M. ; Fischer, Daniel ; Schrader, Ulf (2018-10-04)

A central challenge in research on education for sustainable consumption (ESC) is to develop new approaches to engage adolescents with sustainable consumption (SC) in a way that addresses not only the cognitive but also the socio-emotional and behavioral levels. Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) that foster awareness, (self-)reflection, and ethical values could potentially leverage learnin...

Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel

Spangenberger, Pia ; Draeger, Iken ; Kapp, Felix ; Matthes, Nadine ; Kruse, Linda ; Hartmann, Martin ; Narciss, Susanne (2019-08)

Im Kartenset zum digitalen Spiel "Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel" finden sich allgemeine Informationen zum Spiel und zur Anwendung im Unterricht. Das Kartenset umfasst Vertiefungsvorschläge für den Unterricht, Berufsbilder und Experimente.

Transforming Consumer Behavior: Introducing Self-Inquiry-Based and Self-Experience-Based Learning for Building Personal Competencies for Sustainable Consumption

Frank, Pascal ; Stanszus, Laura Sophie (2019-05-02)

Despite growing educational efforts in various areas of society and albeit expanding knowledge on the background and consequences of consumption, little has changed about individual consumer behavior and its detrimental impact. Against this backdrop, some scholars called for a stronger focus on personal competencies, especially affective–motivational ones to foster more sustainable consumption....

Russian cities in motion: the Marshrutka as a multifaceted issue of Post-Soviet urban life

Weicker, Tonio (2019)

One of the key research questions of this study is to explain how commercial marshrutka transport services persist in both my case studies - Volgograd and Rostov on Don, although they are challenged, questioned and attacked from most parts of the society including local and federal politicians, competing transport enterprises and workers as well as citizen initiatives and the majority of opinio...

"Irgendwann möchte ich nach Deutschland gehen"

Schaaf, Julia Christine (2019)

Deutschlernende an japanischen Universitäten haben keine Zukunftsvorstellung von sich zur Anwendung von Fremdsprachen, obwohl sie die Nützlichkeit von Fremdsprachen, zum Beispiel auf Reisen, generell hoch einschätzen. Dem Deutschunterricht wird eine grundlegend positive Einstellung entgegengebracht. Fachspezifische Unterschiede in dieser Sichtweise werden vor allem bei Pharmaziestudierenden de...

Das Lehr-Lern-Labor Elektrotechnik der TU Berlin

Stoll, Christian ; Schroeder, Frederick (2019)

Das Modul "Fachdidaktisch-Fachwissenschaftliches Projekt Elektrotechnik" (FFP-ET) beschäftigt sich mit der Durchführung eines sogenannten Lehr-Lern-Labors (LLL) an der Technischen Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). Dieses Modul ist ein Pflichtmodul im Lehramtsstudiengang Elektrotechnik. Innerhalb des Moduls behandeln die Studierenden elektrotechnische, fachdidaktische und mediendidaktische Fragest...

Comparative Study of the Use of Insect Meal from Spodoptera littoralis and Bactrocera zonata for Feeding Japanese Quail Chicks

Sayed, Waheed A.A. ; Ibrahim, Nashaat S. ; Hatab, Mahmoud H. ; Zhu, Fen ; Rumpold, Birgit A. (2019-03-31)

A transformation of current livestock production towards a more sustainable operation is crucial to face nutritional and environmental challenges. There is an urgent demand for more sustainable high-quality feed sources to reduce environmental costs. Insects pose a potential alternative since they can be reared sustainably on food and feed residues. Know-how in mass rearing already exists for i...

Local Economic Development: a European-wide movement towards more economic democracy and social justice

Birkhölzer, Karl (1999)

Learning from European experiences is not only about adopting "best practice" models, but also about drawing lessons from the failures. In the case of the GLC we learnt that we need to develop criteria for the evaluation of local economic strategies, which became the starting point of a four-year research programme (1988—1992) on "Exploration and evaluation of local strategies in crisis areas" ...

From Unidisciplinary to Multidisciplinary Rebound Research: Lessons Learned for Comprehensive Climate and Energy Policies

Santarius, Tilman ; Walnum, Hans Jakob ; Aall, Carlo (2018-11-09)

This article presents how the rebound phenomenon has evolved from only being considered from a neoclassical economic perspective to include several other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, and industrial ecology. The intention is to show how different theoretical perspectives contribute to the scientific discourse about rebound effects. We summarize key findings from the various discipl...

Collaborative fashion consumption

Iran, Samira (2018)

Clothing consumption has shifted beyond meeting a basic human need. Overconsumption of clothing is among the main issues of the fashion industry. Alternative or collaborative fashion consumption, as an innovative concept could help to reduce material overconsumption in the current fashion industry. This cumulative dissertation is dedicated to shedding some light on this topic of research. In th...

Das virtuelle Digitalgebäude

Mahrin, Bernd ; Meyser, Johannes ; Appenrodt, Jan ; Marpe, Petra ; Schopbach, Holger ; Franz, Volkhard ; Meyer, Ralph ; Bramlage, Patrick ; Kybart, Markus ; Lange, Axel ; Ottermann, Christian (2017)

Die Publikation bezieht sich auf ein digitales Lernsystem zur Gebäudekonstruktion und zur Gebäudetechnik. Es bietet Erläuterungen zum didaktischen Konzept, technische Unterlagen, Hintergrundinformationen und eine umfangreiche Sammlung beispielhafter Aufgaben für verschiedene Zielgruppen und Themengebiete. Das digitale 3D-Modell eines Zweifamilienhauses stellt im Verbundprojekt DaviD ("Das virtu...

Why designing is not experimenting: design methods, epistemic praxis and strategies of knowledge acquisition in architecture

Ammon, Sabine (2017)

Using the example of architecture, this article defends the thesis that designing should not be regarded as a kind of experimenting. This is in contrast to a widespread methodological claim that design processes are equivalent to experimentation processes. The contrary thesis can be proven by focusing on actual practices, techniques and design strategies. Closely connected with the thesis is an...

Architektur im Gebrauch


Der Tagungsband versammelt Beiträge des 2. Forums Architekturwissenschaft zum Thema „Architektur im Gebrauch". Vertreten sind Positionen aus Soziologie, Architektur und Landschaftsarchitektur, Geschichte und Kunstgeschichte, Philosophie sowie Theater-, Film- und Kulturwissenschaften. Die Autorinnen und Autoren nähern sich dem Thema in zwei Perspektiven. Zum einen interessiert die lebensweltlich...

Determinants of plate leftovers in one German catering company

Lorenz, Bettina A. ; Hartmann, Monika ; Hirsch, Stefan ; Kanz, Olga ; Langen, Nina (2017)

Since the majority of food waste in high-income countries occurs at the consumption stage and given the clear trend towards out-of-home food consumption, it is important to understand the factors that lead to food waste in the hospitality sector. The present study uses a behavioral structural equation model to test the drivers of consumers’ leftover behavior in an out-of-home setting. Based on ...

A new model for participation and sustainability in fashion design

Al-Falou, Katam (2017)

This study looks at the possibilities of different approaches to designing sustainable fashion. Its focus is on business attire, arguing that clothes should not be seen as one entity but looked at as di erentiated from each other. The thesis follows a social constructionist approach as an overarching research strategy on an epistemological level, using symbolic interactionism, as well as herme...

Am Anfang war - die Produktionsschule …

Greinert, Wolf-Dietrich (2016)


Dos Ciudades - una Colección

Barbe, Josephine (2016)


Das Projekt Auroville

Baabe-Meijer, Sabine (2016)


Entstehungsgeschichtliche Entwicklung von Gewerbeschulen im Iran

Haghani, Nader (2016)