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Why designing is not experimenting: design methods, epistemic praxis and strategies of knowledge acquisition in architecture

Ammon, Sabine (2017)

Using the example of architecture, this article defends the thesis that designing should not be regarded as a kind of experimenting. This is in contrast to a widespread methodological claim that design processes are equivalent to experimentation processes. The contrary thesis can be proven by focusing on actual practices, techniques and design strategies. Closely connected with the thesis is an...

Determinants of plate leftovers in one German catering company

Lorenz, Bettina A. ; Hartmann, Monika ; Hirsch, Stefan ; Kanz, Olga ; Langen, Nina (2017)

Since the majority of food waste in high-income countries occurs at the consumption stage and given the clear trend towards out-of-home food consumption, it is important to understand the factors that lead to food waste in the hospitality sector. The present study uses a behavioral structural equation model to test the drivers of consumers’ leftover behavior in an out-of-home setting. Based on ...

A new model for participation and sustainability in fashion design

Al-Falou, Katam (2017)

This study looks at the possibilities of different approaches to designing sustainable fashion. Its focus is on business attire, arguing that clothes should not be seen as one entity but looked at as di erentiated from each other. The thesis follows a social constructionist approach as an overarching research strategy on an epistemological level, using symbolic interactionism, as well as herme...

Am Anfang war - die Produktionsschule …

Greinert, Wolf-Dietrich (2016)


Dos Ciudades - una Colección

Barbe, Josephine (2016)


Das Projekt Auroville

Baabe-Meijer, Sabine (2016)


Entstehungsgeschichtliche Entwicklung von Gewerbeschulen im Iran

Haghani, Nader (2016)


Das Kompetenznetzwerk Bau und Energie

Falk, Roland ; Mahrin, Bernd (2016)


Entwicklung der beruflichen Bildung im Bereich der Lebensmittelverarbeitung in Zentralasien

Horlacher, Franz (2016)


Kooperation der Baugewerke

Mersch, Franz-Ferdinand ; Rullán Lemke, Christina (2016)


Digitalisierung, Berufsbildung und kooperative Arbeit

Mahrin, Bernd (2016)


Baukultur als Lerngegenstand handwerklicher Berufe

Schönbeck, Matthias A. (2016)


Beratungssituation von Lehrkräften berufsbildender Schulen im Land Berlin

Bröcher, Nina (2016)


Qualitätsmanagement in Organistationen der Aus- und Weiterbildung

Lindemann, Hans-Jürgen (2016)


Berufsschule und überbetriebliche Ausbildungsstätte

Lohse, Carolin ; Thielke, Stefan (2016)


Kooperationsmanagement als Lehrfach in der beruflichen Bildung

Dienel, Hans-Liudger (2016)


Das Forschungsprojekt "Plattenvereinigung"

Vogdt, Frank U. ; Huber, Robert K. ; Asam, Claus (2016)


Handelnd Lernen

Niethammer, Manuela ; Schweder, Marcel (2016)


Lehrkräftebildung und Professionalität

Schütte, Friedhelm (2016)


Erfahrungswissen und Durchlässigkeit des Bildungssystems

Syben, Gerhard (2016)