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Main Title: Single-channel and binaural room impulse responses of a 64-channel loudspeaker array for different room configurations
Author(s): Erbes, Vera
Geier, Matthias
Weinzierl, Stefan
Spors, Sascha
Type: Generic Research Data
Language Code: en
Abstract: The database contains measured single-channel and binaural room impulse responses (RIRs and BRIRs) of a 64-channel loudspeaker array of square shape under varying room acoustical conditions. The measurements have been performed at the Audio Lab of the Institute of Communications Engineering, University of Rostock. The RIRs have been measured at three receiver positions for four different absorber configurations. Corresponding BRIRs for head-orientations in the range of ±80° in 2° steps with a KEMAR manikin have been captured for a subset of seven combinations of position and absorber configurations. The data is provided in the Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics (SOFA).
Issue Date: 21-Apr-2015
Date Available: 21-Apr-2015
Subject(s): Multichannel audio
BRIR measurement
RIR measurement
Room acoustics
Listening room
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