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A mobile app for citizen participation

Schröder, Carolin (2014)

Mobile apps for urban participation are a rather new development. The literature provides certain potentials of mobile apps in this context, as well of mobile participation (m-participation) in gen...

Open-Access-Anteil bei Zeitschriftenartikeln von Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern an Einrichtungen des Landes Berlin

Voigt, Michaela; Winterhalter, Christian (2016)

Die „Open-Access-Strategie für Berlin“ des Berliner Senats (Drucksache 17/2512 vom 21.10.2015) formuliert u. a. das Ziel, dass bis 2020 60 % aller Aufsätze von Wissenschaft-lerinnen und Wissenschaf...

Share of open access journal articles published by Berlin authors from 2013 to 2015: data

Voigt, Michaela; Winterhalter, Christian (2016)

The overall goal was to analyse the publication output from nine research institutions from Berlin (Germany) and determine the share of open access journal articles. Journal articles whose authors ...

Einrichtung eines Publikationsfonds für die Technische Universität Berlin und Aufbau dauerhafter und verlässlicher Strukturen zur Finanzierung von Open-Access-Publikationen

Schobert, Dagmar; Voigt, Michaela; Christof, Jürgen (2016)

Die TU Berlin etabliert einen Publikationsfonds, um Autorinnen und Autoren der Hochschule bei der Bereitstellung ihrer Forschungsergebnisse im Open Access zu unterstützen. Aus dem Fonds können Gebü...

Residents’ democratic engagement in public housing and urban areas – structures, formalities and technologies

Bertelsen, Olav W.; Korsgaard, Henrik; Kuhn, Ingrid; Schröder, Carolin; Sundblad, Yngve; Tollmar, Kondrad (2015)

The workshop gathers people from various sectors inside and outside academia to discuss the current state of, and the prospects for IT in the support of residents’ democratic engagement in, and aro...

Jahresbericht 2015 / Technische Universität Berlin und Universität der Künste, Universitätsbibliotheken


Zwei Institutionen präsentieren sich mit dem Berichtsjahr 2015 künftig in einem gemeinsamen Jahresbericht: die Bibliothek der Technischen Universität und die Bibliothek der Universität der Künste. ...

Linked Data - wo bleiben die Anwendungen?

Becker, Pascal-Nicolas (2016-04)

Linked Data ist als Stichwort inzwischen seit einigen Jahren auch im Bibliotheksumfeld virulent. Trotzdem gibt es noch keine große bekannte Linked Data Anwendung. Woran liegt es und wann kommt endl...

Coding policy influence with ATLAS.ti

Sebök, Miklós (2016)

The paper provides a cursory analysis of the methodological problems of coding policy influence in ATLAS.ti. In a series of notes on a research project on Hungarian banking, the measuring problems ...

The use of ATLAS.ti in investigating bullying in primary schools in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, México

Gutiérrez Espinosa, Enrique; Aguilar Gamboa, Hedaly; Castellanos León, Verónica C.; Carrillo González, Ileana del C. (2016)

Based on an apparent increase of bullying cases among primary school students in the city of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, México, research was conducted to identify the characteristics of the various...

Teachers do not make mistakes?

Apelojg, Benjamin (2016)

This article provides some insights into the complex relationships between thinking and behavioral patterns, biographical aspects and teaching style. The data was analyzed in the Grounded Theory tr...

Integrating ATLAS.ti into an undergraduate qualitative research course

Kalpokaite, Neringa; Radivojevic, Ivana (2016)

This paper describes an evaluation of a qualitative research course for undergraduate psychology students at IE University (Instituto de Empresa, Segovia, Spain) by analyzing students' perceptions ...

Transcribing with ATLAS.ti

Zakaria, Rohaiza; Musta'amal, Aede Hatib; Amin, Nor Fadilah Mohd; Saleh, Halmi Mashindra (2016)

Most qualitative studies engage interviews and/or observations in their data collection phase, which comprise of audio and/or video data. These data are usually transcribed into a written form for ...

Using ATLAS.ti to facilitate data analysis for a systematic review of leadership competencies in the completion of a doctoral dissertation

Lewis, John Kennedy (2016)

The author used ATLAS.ti to conduct a systematic review of the literature on leadership competencies in fields undergoing rapid change to complete his dissertation. Studies were imported to ATLAS.t...

Computer-assisted grounded theory analysis with ATLAS.ti

Friese, Susanne (2016)

In this paper I show how the various steps of a Grounded Theory analysis can be conducted in a computer-assisted environment. As the Grounded Theory approach was developed before the event of CAQDA...

Documents and "their" actors

Stähler, Tobias; Taylor, Trynitie (2016)

Framing has been termed a "fractured paradigm" by Robert Entman. Frames as media-text features are prime examples of coding complexity since frames may be regarded as factual media content or a loo...

Exploring actor-network theory and CAQDAS

Wright, Steven (2016)

This paper explores how ideas from actor-network theory (ANT) can be drawn on to inform ways of using computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) in an ANT-oriented project. Throu...

Qualitative social network analysis with ATLAS.ti

McKether, Willie L.; Friese, Susanne (2016)

Anthropologists have a rich tradition of using a networked approach in data analysis. The purpose of this article is to continue that tradition by demonstrating how social network analysis can be u...

Rechenschaftsbericht 1993–1996 / Technische Universität Berlin, Universitätsbibliothek


Rechenschaftsbericht 1990–1992 / Technische Universität Berlin, Universitätsbibliothek


Rechenschaftsbericht 1987–1989 / Technische Universität Berlin, Universitätsbibliothek