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027_wienen_johann.pdf.jpg2013Results from field trial with gas heat pump zeotherm by vaillantWienen, Johann; Neubert, Marcel; Lang, Rainer; Tiemeier, Hendrik-
14_young_cities_research_briefs.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2013The Local (Public) Transport Plan as an Approach to optimize Urban Public Transport Planning in IranDöge, Norman; Arndt, Wulf-Holger-
127_albers.pdf.jpg2013New absorption chiller and control strategy for the solar assisted cooling system at the german federal enviroment agencyAlbers, Jan-
161_vanderpal_deboer_wemmers_smeding_veldhuis_lycklamaanijeholt.pdf.jpg2013Experimental results and model calculations of a hybrid adsorption-compression heat pump based on a roots compressor and silica gel-water sorptionvan der Pal, Michel; de Boer, Robert; Wemmers, Anton; Smeding, Simon; Veldhuis, Jakobert; Lycklama a Nijeholt, Jan-Aiso-
057_nordtvedt_horntvedt_eikefjord_johansen.pdf.jpg2013Hybrid heat pump for waste heat recovery in norwegian food industryNordtvedt, Stein Rune; Horntvedt, Bjarne R.; Eikefjord, Jan; Johansen, John-
Dokument_38.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2013Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply-Schäfer, Martina; Kebir, Noara; Philipp, Daniel
005_kuehn_ziegler.pdf.jpg2013Cycle basics of thermally driven heat pumpsKühn, Annett; Ziegler, Felix-
151_gluesenkamp_radermacher_hwang.pdf.jpg2013Micro combined cooling and powerGluesenkamp, Kyle; Radermacher, Reinhard; Hwang, Yunho-
073_radspieler_zachmeier_schweigler.pdf.jpg2013Application of customized absorption heat pumps with heating capacities above 500 kWRadspieler, Michael; Zachmeier, Peter; Schweigler, Christian-
215_kuehn_seiler_radspieler_kotenko_moser_rieberer.pdf.jpg2013Ionic liquids as new absorbents for absorption chillers and heat pumpsKühn, Annett; Seiler, Matthias; Radspieler, Michael; Kotenko, Oleksandr; Moser, Harald; Rieberer, René-