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Evaluating embodied conversational agents in multimodal interfaces

Weiss, Benjamin; Wechsung, Ina; Kühnel, Christine; Möller, Sebastian (2015)

Based on cross-disciplinary approaches to Embodied Conversational Agents, evaluation methods for such human-computer interfaces are structured and presented. An introductory systematisation of eval...

Gesture-based user authentication on mobile devices using accelerometer and gyroscope

Guse, Dennis (2017)

Mobile devices offer their users lots of possibilities and a feeling of freedom. However, this freedom comes along with new security threats. Sensitive data might be stolen and abused, if an unauth...

The sum of two models: how a composite model explains unexpected user behavior in a dual-task scenario

Halbrügge, Marc; Russwinkel, Nele (2016)

Maintaining cognitive control while pursuing several tasks at the same time is hard, especially when the current problem states of these tasks need to be represented in memory. We are investigating...

Towards the evaluation of cognitive models using anytime intelligence tests

Halbrügge, Marc (2016)

Cognitive models are usually evaluated based on their fit to empirical data. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems on the other hand are mainly evaluated based on their performance. Within the field...

ACT-R Model for Predicting Performance in the DSF Task

Halbrügge, Marc (2009-07-25)

Dynamic Stock Flow (DSF) problems are a well-established paradigm for research on human decision making under uncertainty. This cognitive model implements a theoretic account on how humans solve DS...

Simulation des Interaktionsverhaltens von Senioren bei der Benutzung von mobilen Endgeräten

Schulz, Matthias (2016)

Das Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, eine bestehende Software zur Automatischen Usability Evaluierung (AUE) dahingehend zu erweitern, dass demografische Verteilungen über Einschränkungen in der älteren B...