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Bimberg_etal_2017.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2017Relative intensity noise of temperature-stable, energy-efficient 980 nm VCSELsLi, Hui; Wolf, Philip; Lott, James A.; Bimberg, Dieter-
bluschke_martin.pdf.jpg2020Resonant X-ray scattering studies of collective electronic states in cuprates and nickelates controlled by isovalent chemical substitution and epitaxial integrationBluschke, Martin Maxmilian Passer-
applsci-10-00232-v2.pdf.jpg27-Dec-2019Calibration of Polarization Fields and Electro-Optical Response of Group-III Nitride Based c-Plane Quantum-Well Heterostructures by Application of Electro-Modulation TechniquesPapadimitriou, Dimitra N.-
Pierret_et_al-2019-physica_status_solidi_b.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2019Anti‐Stokes Photoluminescence of Monolayer WS2Pierret, Aurélie; Tornatzky, Hans; Maultzsch, Janina-
greif_ludwig_albrecht.pdf.jpg2019Quantum dots and quantum wires and their usage in future optoelectronic devices in the framework of 8-band kp-theoryGreif, Ludwig Albrecht Thorsten-
seidlitz_daniel.pdf.jpg2019Growth and characterization of InN and In-rich InGaN alloys by migration-enhanced plasma-assisted MOCVDSeidlitz, Daniel-
applsci-09-00370-v2.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2019Spin-ARPES EUV Beamline for Ultrafast Materials Research and DevelopmentNie, Zhonghui; Turcu, Ion Cristian Edmond; Li, Yao; Zhang, Xiaoqian; He, Liang; Tu, Jian; Ni, Zhiqiang; Xu, Huangfeng; Chen, Yequan; Ruan, Xuezhong; Frassetto, Fabio; Miotti, Paolo; Fabris, Nicola; Poletto, Luca; Wu, Jing; Lu, Qiangsheng; Liu, Chang; Kampen, Thorsten; Zhai, Ya; Liu, Wenqing; Cacho, Cephise; Wang, Xuefeng; Wang, Fengqiu; Shi, Yi; Zhang, Rong; Xu, Yongbing-
prohl_christopher.pdf.jpg2019Structural characteristics of InGaAs/GaP quantum dots and related materials on the atomic scaleProhl, Christopher-
kratz_christoph_andreas.pdf.jpg2019SEIRA optofluidics of sub-monolayers of biomolecules in nL-volumesKratz, Christoph Andreas-
hitzemann_ole.pdf.jpg2019Phononen-assistierte Anregungsprozesse und Hochanregungseffekte in positionierten einzelnen QuantenpunktenHitzemann, Ole-
alame_sabine.pdf.jpg2019Eigenschaften ultradünner Galliumnitrid- und -Oxidschichten über InGaN-Quantenfilmen für sensorische AnwendungenAlamé, Sabine Hildegard Vera-
appelfeller_stephan.pdf.jpg2018Atomic structure and electronic properties of Tb silicide nanowiresAppelfeller, Stephan-
quandt_david.pdf.jpg2018Influence of a TESb flush on InAs/GaAs submonolayer stacksQuandt, Paul David Maximilian-
davis_earl.pdf.jpg2018Well-ordered iron oxide and sulfide thin filmsDavis, Earl Matthew-
biermann_amelie.pdf.jpg2018Phonons and excitons in colloidal CdSe/CdS quantum dots with wurtzite and zincblende crystal structureBiermann, Amelie Laura-
schlehahn_alexander.pdf.jpg2018Entwicklung einer autark operierenden Plug-and-Play-EinzelphotonenemittereinheitSchlehahn, Alexander-
baier_moritz.pdf.jpg2018Polarization multiplexed photonic integrated circuits for 100 Gbit/s and beyondBaier, Moritz Friedrich-
jeschke_joerg.pdf.jpg2018Entwicklung von optisch pumpbaren UVC-Lasern auf AlGaN-BasisJeschke, Jörg-
zhang_ke.pdf.jpg2018Scanning tunneling microscopy study of strong metal-support interaction in iron oxide based model catalystsZhang, Ke-
schlichting_sarah_kristina.pdf.jpg2018Internal electric field manipulation in nanostructuresSchlichting, Sarah Kristina-
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