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kratz_christoph_andreas.pdf.jpg2019SEIRA optofluidics of sub-monolayers of biomolecules in nL-volumesKratz, Christoph Andreas-
hitzemann_ole.pdf.jpg2019Phononen-assistierte Anregungsprozesse und Hochanregungseffekte in positionierten einzelnen QuantenpunktenHitzemann, Ole-
alame_sabine.pdf.jpg2019Eigenschaften ultradünner Galliumnitrid- und -Oxidschichten über InGaN-Quantenfilmen für sensorische AnwendungenAlamé, Sabine Hildegard Vera-
2018Atomic structure and electronic properties of Tb silicide nanowiresAppelfeller, Stephan-
2018Influence of a TESb flush on InAs/GaAs submonolayer stacksQuandt, Paul David Maximilian-
davis_earl.pdf.jpg2018Well-ordered iron oxide and sulfide thin filmsDavis, Earl Matthew-
biermann_amelie.pdf.jpg2018Phonons and excitons in colloidal CdSe/CdS quantum dots with wurtzite and zincblende crystal structureBiermann, Amelie Laura-
schlehahn_alexander.pdf.jpg2018Entwicklung einer autark operierenden Plug-and-Play-EinzelphotonenemittereinheitSchlehahn, Alexander-
baier_moritz.pdf.jpg2018Polarization multiplexed photonic integrated circuits for 100 Gbit/s and beyondBaier, Moritz Friedrich-
jeschke_joerg.pdf.jpg2018Entwicklung von optisch pumpbaren UVC-Lasern auf AlGaN-BasisJeschke, Jörg-
zhang_ke.pdf.jpg2018Scanning tunneling microscopy study of strong metal-support interaction in iron oxide based model catalystsZhang, Ke-
schlichting_sarah_kristina.pdf.jpg2018Internal electric field manipulation in nanostructuresSchlichting, Sarah Kristina-
2018Towards simultaneous improvements of storage and erase times in quantum dot-based memoriesArikan, Ismail Firat-
2016Multimode optical feedback dynamics of InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers emitting on different lasing statesHuang, H.; Arsenijević, D.; Schires, K.; Sadeev, T.; Bimberg, D.; Grillot, F.-
1.4971271.pdf.jpg2016Efficiency of four-wave mixing in injection-locked InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasersHuang, H.; Arsenijević, D.; Schires, K.; Sadeev, T.; Erasme, D.; Bimberg, D.; Grillot, F.-
bellmann_konrad.pdf.jpg2018Epitaxial growth of GaN quantum dots on smooth AlNBellmann, Konrad-
hopfmann_caspar.pdf.jpg2018Coherently-driven exciton polaritons and directional cQED effects in the quantum dot-micropillar systemHopfmann, Caspar-
miah_md_jarez.pdf.jpg2018Novel high-power and high-brightness semiconductor lasers with ultra-narrow vertical beam divergenceMiah, Md. Jarez-
kroning_annika.pdf.jpg2017Infrared ellipsometry on mixed functional polymer brushes designed to control surface characteristicsKroning, Annika-
braun_dorothee.pdf.jpg2017Strain-phase relations in lead-free ferroelectric KxNa1-xNbO3 epitaxial films for domain engineeringBraun, Dorothee-
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