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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
2017Investigations of nonlinear surface-wave phenomena and anisotropic photoluminescence of nano-film structures via two-dimensional k-space spectroscopyHeckmann, Jan-
2017Entwicklung eines neuartigen kryogenen 22-Pol Ionenfallenspektrometers (BerlinTrap) und spektroskopische Analyse von isolierten FlavinionenkomplexenGünther, Alan-
2017Relativistic laser plasma dynamics with ultrathin foilsBränzel, Julia-
2017Development and analysis of all diode laser ns-MOPA systems for high peak power applicationsVu, Thi Nghiem-
2017Excitation and acceleration of atoms in tailored strong laser fieldsEilzer, Sebastian-
2017Untersuchung der THz-Strahlcharakteristik an der Synchrotronstrahlquelle MLSPohl, Andreas-
2016Dynamik von Nichtgleichgewichtsladungsträgern in n- und p-GermaniumDeßmann, Nils-
2016Real-time tracking of atomic electron dynamicsBaggash, Mursal-
2016Transmissions-Röntgenmikroskopie mit Laborquellen im harten RöntgenbereichBaumbach, Stefan-
2011Weak interactions in ion-ligand complexes of C3H3+ isomers: competition between H-bound and C-bound structures in c-C3H3+center dot L and H2CCCH+center dot L (L = Ne, Ar, N-2, CO2, and O-2)Botschwina, Peter; Oswald, Rainer; Dopfer, Otto-
2011Infrared spectra of the protonated neurotransmitter histamine: competition between imidazolium and ammonium isomers in the gas phaseLagutschenkov, Anita; Langer, Judith; Berden, Giel; Oomens, Jos; Dopfer, Otto-
2011Structures and IR/UV spectra of neutral and ionic phenol-Ar-n cluster isomers (n <= 4): competition between hydrogen bonding and stackingSchmies, Matthias; Patzer, Alexander; Fujii, Masaaki; Dopfer, Otto-
2011Mass analyzed threshold ionization spectra of phenol⋯Ar2: ionization energy and cation intermolecular vibrational frequenciesArmentano, Antonio; Tong, Xin; Riese, Mikko; Pimblott, Simon M.; Müller-Dethlefs, K.; Fujii, Masaaki; Dopfer, Otto-
2011Infrared spectra of protonated neurotransmitters: dopamineLagutschenkov, Anita; Langer, Judith; Berden, Giel; Oomens, Jos; Dopfer, Otto-
2011Ionization-induced pi -> H site switching dynamics in phenol-Ar-3Ishiuchi, Shun-ichi; Miyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Sakai, Makoto; Fujii, Masaaki; Schmies, Matthias; Dopfer, Otto-
2011Photoionization-induced large-amplitude pendular motion in phenol(+)-KrMiyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Takeda, Akihiro; Ishiuchi, Shun-ichi; Sakai, Makoto; Dopfer, Otto; Fujii, Masaaki-
2013Infrared spectrum of the disilane cation (Si2H6+) from Ar-tagging spectroscopySavoca, Marco; George, Martin Andreas Robert; Langer, Judith; Dopfer, Otto-
2013Size-dependent Auger spectra and two-hole Coulomb interaction of small supported Cu-clustersPeters, S.; Peredkov, S.; Neeb, M.; Eberhardt, W.; Al-Hada, M.-
2014Ionization-induced pi -> H site-switching in phenol-CH4 complexes studied using IR dip spectroscopyMiyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Takeda, Akihiro; Schmies, Matthias; Sakai, Makoto; Misawa, Kentaro; Ishiuchi, Shun-ichi; Michels, Francois; Müller-Dethlefs, Klaus; Dopfer, Otto; Fujii, Masaaki-
2014Size and shape dependent photoluminescence and excited state decay rates of diamondoidsRichter, Robert; Wolter, David; Zimmermann, Tobias; Landt, Lasse; Knecht, Andre; Heidrich, Christoph; Merli, Andrea; Dopfer, Otto; Reiss, Philipp; Ehresmann, Arno; Petersen, Jens; Dahl, Jeremy E.; Carlson, Robert M. K.; Bostedt, Christoph; Möller, Thomas; Mitric, Roland; Rander, Torbjörn-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 118
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