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c2cp43773b.pdf.jpg2013Infrared spectrum of the disilane cation (Si2H6+) from Ar-tagging spectroscopySavoca, Marco; George, Martin Andreas Robert; Langer, Judith; Dopfer, Otto-
c4cp01524j.pdf.jpg2014IRMPD spectroscopy of metalated flavins: structure and bonding of Mq+-lumichrome complexes (Mq+ = Li+-Cs+, Ag+, Mg2+)Günther, Alan; Nieto, Pablo; Berden, Giel; Oomens, Jos; Dopfer, Otto-
c4fd00037d.pdf.jpg2014Imaging molecular structure through femtosecond photoelectron diffraction on aligned and oriented gas-phase moleculesBoll, Rebecca; Rouzée, Arnaud; Adolph, Marcus; Anielski, Denis; Aquila, Andrew, et al-
c4cp03414g.pdf.jpg2014Vibrational spectra and structures of neutral Si6X clusters (X = Be, B, C, N, O)Nguyen Xuan Truong; Savoca, Marco; Harding, Dan J.; Fielicke, Andre; Dopfer, Otto-
c4cp00401a.pdf.jpg2014Microsolvation of the acetanilide cation (AA(+)) in a nonpolar solvent: IR spectra of AA(+)-L-n clusters (L = He, Ar, N-2; n <= 10)Schmies, Matthias; Patzer, Alexander; Schütz, Markus; Miyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Fujii, Masaaki, et al-
c3cp00109a.pdf.jpg2013Size-dependent Auger spectra and two-hole Coulomb interaction of small supported Cu-clustersPeters, S.; Peredkov, S.; Neeb, M.; Eberhardt, W.; Al-Hada, M.-
c3cp53533a.pdf.jpg2014Ionization-induced pi -> H site-switching in phenol-CH4 complexes studied using IR dip spectroscopyMiyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Takeda, Akihiro; Schmies, Matthias; Sakai, Makoto; Misawa, Kentaro, et al-
c3cp54127d.pdf.jpg2014Weak hydrogen bonding motifs of ethylamino neurotransmitter radical cations in a hydrophobic environment: infrared spectra of tryptamine(+)-(N-2)(n) clusters (n <= 6)Sakota, Kenji; Schütz, Markus; Schmies, Matthias; Moritz, Raphael; Bouchet, Aude, et al-
c0cp01926g.pdf.jpg2011Ionization-induced pi -> H site switching dynamics in phenol-Ar-3Ishiuchi, Shun-ichi; Miyazaki, Mitsuhiko; Sakai, Makoto; Fujii, Masaaki; Schmies, Matthias, et al-
c3cp54570a.pdf.jpg2014Size and shape dependent photoluminescence and excited state decay rates of diamondoidsRichter, Robert; Wolter, David; Zimmermann, Tobias; Landt, Lasse; Knecht, Andre, et al-