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10.1140_epje_i2016-16080-y.pdf.jpg2016Active Brownian motion of emulsion droplets: coarsening dynamics at the interface and rotational diffusionSchmitt, Max; Stark, Holger-
10.1140_epje_i2016-16088-3.pdf.jpg2016Shear banding in nematogenic fluids with oscillating orientational dynamicsLugo-Frias, Rodrigo; Reinken, Henning; Klapp, Sabine H. L.-
10.1140_epje_i2017-11510-0.pdf.jpg2017Active Brownian particles moving in a random Lorentz gasZeitz, Maria; Wolff, Katrin; Stark, Holger-
engelhardt_georg.pdf.jpg2017Topology in weakly and strongly nonlinear bosonic systemsEngelhardt, Georg-
dimitrov_tanja.pdf.jpg2017Exact maps in density-functional theoryDimitrov, Tanja-
ferri_nicola.pdf.jpg2017The role of van der Waals interactions on the electronic properties of molecules and materialsFerri, Nicola-
yener_arzu_bahar.pdf.jpg2017Self-assembly and self-organization of magnetic Janus-like colloids in three dimensionsYener, Arzu Bahar-
schmitt_maximilian.pdf.jpg2017Active emulsion droplets driven by Marangoni flowSchmitt, Maximilian-
kanehl_philipp.pdf.jpg2017Dense colloidal suspensions in microchannel flowKanehl, Philipp-
hayn_mathias.pdf.jpg2017On superradiant phase transitions in generalised Dicke modelsHayn, Mathias-
kaushal_jivesh.pdf.jpg2016Attosecond ionisation dynamics in long range potentialsKaushal, Jivesh-
hofmann_michael.pdf.jpg2016Einfluss dynamischer Resonanzen auf die Wechselwirkung optischer Femtosekunden-Pulse mit transparenten DielektrikaHofmann, Michael-
sorokin_aleksandr.pdf.jpg2016Phase transitions in networks of quantum critical systemsSorokin, Aleksandr-
jaurigue_lina.pdf.jpg2016Dynamics and stochastic properties of passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers subject to optical feedbackJaurigue, Lina-
lugofrias_rodrigo.pdf.jpg2016Binary mixtures of rod-like colloidsLugo-Frías, Rodrigo-
gobre_vivekanand.pdf.jpg2016Efficient modelling of linear electronic polarization in materials using atomic response functionsGobre, Vivekanand V.-
ruiz-lopez_victor.pdf.jpg2016Adsorption of atoms and molecules on surfacesRuiz Lopez, Victor Gonzalo-
tavarone_raffaele.pdf.jpg2016Liquid-crystal ordering of photo-switchable molecules on a surfaceTavarone, Raffaele-
pohl_oliver.pdf.jpg2016Chemotaxis of self-phoretic active particles and bacteriaPohl, Oliver-
c1sm05343d.pdf.jpg2011Pattern formation of dipolar colloids in rotating fields: layering and synchronizationJäger, Sebastian; Klapp, Sabine H. L.-
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