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2-Feb-2018The Impact of Insulation and HVAC Degradation on Overall Building Energy Performance: A Case StudyEleftheriadis, Georgios; Hamdy, Mohamed-
jado_ahmed_hamdy_kamel_abdelsalam.pdf.jpg2019Evaluation and improvement of energy management in industrial baking ovensJado, Ahmed Hamdy Kamel Abdelsalam-
tesch_stefanie_janine.pdf.jpg2019Exergy-based methods applied to the processes of LNG regasification integrated into air separation unitsTesch, Stefanie Janine-
1-s2.0-S1876610216305938-main.pdf.jpgAug-2016The PSS quality framework for solar home systemsKebir, Noara Zohra; Philipp, Daniel-
klemm_hagen.pdf.jpg2018Formation and properties of ultrathin silicon dioxide films on Ru(0001)Klemm, Hagen William-
realpe_carrillo_natalia.pdf.jpg2017Assessment of household energy access: the Progress out of Energy Poverty Index (PEPI) toolkit for the microfinance sectorRealpe Carrillo, Natalia-
soenmez_hatice_guelsah.pdf.jpg2017Techno-economic evaluation of a liquid redox process employing amino acid salts for sour natural gas treatmentSönmez, Hatice Gülsah-
rezaie_navaie_ali.pdf.jpg2017Thermal design and optimization of heat recovery steam generators and waste heat boilersRezaie Navaie, Ali-
john_john_pius.pdf.jpg2017An investigation for energy sustainability in cement industries in TanzaniaJohn, John Pius-
bin_omar_mohd_nazri.pdf.jpg2016Thermodynamic and economic evaluation of existing and prospective processes for liquefaction of natural gas in MalaysiaBin Omar, Mohd Nazri-
boche_lea.pdf.jpg2016Methoden und Maßnahmen zur Wirkungsgradverbesserung bei existierenden EnergieumwandlungsanlagenBoche, Lea-
trinh_quoc_dung.pdf.jpg2016Operational behaviour and heat transfer in a thermosiphon desorber at sub-atmospheric pressureTrinh, Quoc Dung-
klahm_thorsten.pdf.jpg2016Partielle Rücklaufkondensation von Reinstoffen und Gemischen in engen, geneigten Kanälen mit rundem und rechteckigem QuerschnittKlahm, Thorsten-
wang_ligang.pdf.jpg2016Thermo-economic evaluation, optimization and synthesis of large-scale coal-fired power plantsWang, Ligang-
meyer_thomas.pdf.jpg2016Analytische Lösung des gekoppelten Wärme- und Stofftransportproblems bei der Absorption im laminaren RieselfilmMeyer, Thomas-
andres_kuettel_diego.pdf.jpg2016CO2 absorption rate improvement of an amino acid salt solvent with an inorganic promoterAndrés Kuettel, Diego-
sorgenfrei_max.pdf.jpg2016Analysis of IGCC-based plants with carbon capture for an efficient and flexible electric power generationSorgenfrei, Max-
sagheby_hossein.pdf.jpg2016Density effects of gaseous contaminants in low velocity indoor environmentsSagheby, Seyed Hossein-
moertel_matina.pdf.jpg2015Modell zur Bestimmung der Ansaugtemperaturen dezentraler FassadenlüftungsgeräteMörtel, Matina-
al_abboud_nidal.pdf.jpg2015Spatially and temporally highly resolved optimization of the Syrian energy supply systemAl Abboud, Nidal-
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