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kuehn_annett_handbook.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2013Thermally driven heat pumps for heating and cooling-Kühn, Annett
161_vanderpal_deboer_wemmers_smeding_veldhuis_lycklamaanijeholt.pdf.jpg2013Experimental results and model calculations of a hybrid adsorption-compression heat pump based on a roots compressor and silica gel-water sorptionPal, Michel van der; Boer, Robert de; Wemmers, Anton; Smeding, Simon; Veldhuis, Jakobert; Lycklama a Nijeholt, Jan-Aiso-
109_petersen_beil_hennrich_lanser_huels_natzer.pdf.jpg2013New adsorption chillers for CHCP or solar cooling system technologyPetersen, Stefan; Beil, Alexander; Hennrich, Christian; Lanser, Wolfgang; Hüls, Walther Guido; Stefan, Natzer-
063_moser_rieberer.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of a gas-driven absorption heat pumping system used for heating and domestic hot water preparationMoser, Harald; Rieberer, Rene-
095_bakker_deBoer_Smeding_Sijpheer_vanderPal.pdf.jpg2013Development of an innovative 2.5 kW water-silica gel adsorption chillerBakker, Ernst-Jan; Boer, Robert de; Smeding, Simon; Sijpheer, Niels; Pal, Michel van der-
081_zachmeier_radspieler_schweigler.pdf.jpg2013Application of customized absorption heat pumps with heating capacities above 500 kW: Project: VIVO, Warngau (near Munich)Zachmeier, Peter; Radspieler, Michael; Schweigler, Christian-
139_helm_hagel_hiebler_schweigler.pdf.jpg2013Solar heating and cooling with absorption chiller and latent heat storageHelm, Martin; Hagel, Kilian; Hiebler, Stefan; Schweigler, Christian-
197_schicktanz_mehling.pdf.jpg2013Operational experiences of a TDHP system for solar cooling and heating of a canteenSchicktanz, Matthias; Mehling, Florian-
203_schicktanz_witte_fueldner_henninger_frazzica_freni.pdf.jpg2013Recent development in adsorption materials and heat exchangers for thermally driven heat pumpsSchicktanz, Matthias; Witte, Kai Thomas; Füldner, Gerrit; Henninger, Stefan K.; Frazzica, Andrea; Freni, Angelo-
151_gluesenkamp_radermacher_hwang.pdf.jpg2013Micro combined cooling and powerGluesenkamp, Kyle; Radermacher, Reinhard; Hwang, Yunho-