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Prinzipien der Architekturdarstellung : die Verwendung der Orthogonalprojektion in Palladios »I quattro libri dell' architettura« (1570).

Valdivia Steel, Lorena Cristina (2018)

The term »orthogonal projection« refers to the representation format which marks the source of the present study of the principles of the architectural representation in Andrea Palladio’s printed works »I quattro libri dell’ architettura« published in 1570. Palladio’s special position in architectural history is not only due to his many built works but at least equally to his numerous orthogona...

An ALE method for penetration into sand utilizing optimization-based mesh motion

Aubram, Daniel ; Rackwitz, Frank ; Wriggers, Peter ; Savidis, Stavros A. (2015)

The numerical simulation of penetration into sand is one of the most challenging problems in computational geomechanics. The paper presents an arbitrary Lagrangian–Eulerian (ALE) finite element method for plane and axisymmetric quasi-static penetration into sand which overcomes the problems associated with the classical approaches. An operator-split is applied which breaks up solution of the go...

The Development of the German Railroad System

Heinze, G. Wolfgang ; Kill, Heinrich H. (1988)


A comparison of different seismological and geotechnical parameters for site characterization

Boxberger, Tobias (2018)

The geometry of the subsoil structure, the soil types involved and the variation in their properties with depth, lateral discontinuities and surface topography are causes of lateral variation in earthquake-induced ground motion, over relatively small scales, referred to as "site effects" The modification of ground motion can manifest itself through amplification at particular frequencies (the ...

3 Essays on art ecommerce in the light of western commercial art markets

Bayer, Katharina (2018)

The past few years have seen a quantum jump in the increase of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - related innovations and e-businesses primarily embracing in consumer-oriented, web-based electronic commerce (EC) dedicated to selling visual art and collectible items in the western commercial art markets. The Internet medium functions as a novel retail patronage mode, wherein art ob...

Nursing skill mix in European hospitals: cross-sectional study of the association with mortality, patient ratings, and quality of care

Aiken, Linda H. ; Sloane, Douglas ; Griffiths, Peter ; Rafferty, Anne Marie ; Bruyneel, Luk ; McHugh, Matthew ; Maier, Claudia B. ; Moreno-Casbas, Teresa ; Ball, Jane E. ; Ausserhofer, Dietmar ; Sermeus, Walter (2016)

Objectives: To determine the association of hospital nursing skill mix with patient mortality, patient ratings of their care and indicators of quality of care. Design: Cross-sectional patient discharge data, hospital characteristics and nurse and patient survey data were merged and analysed using generalised estimating equations (GEE) and logistic regression models. Setting: Adult acute care ...

Investigation of hybrid organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites by modulated surface photovoltage spectroscopy

Omondi, Celline Awino (2018)

Hybrid organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites (called here perovskites) have emerged as a new group of materials for highly efficient solar cells (SCs) based on earth abundant elements which can be processed from solutions at low temperature. CH3NH3Pb(I1-xBrx)3 perovskite films were studied in the thesis since it belongs to the materials which are of great interest for top SCs in tandem SCs...

Large-scale approximate EM-style learning and inference in generative graphical models for sparse coding

Shelton, Jacquelyn Ann (2018)

We propose a nonparametric procedure to achieve fast inference in generative graphical models when the number of latent states is very large. The approach is based on iterative latent variable preselection, where we alternate between learning a `selection function' to reveal the relevant latent variables, and using this to obtain a compact approximation of the posterior distribution for EM; thi...

Data processing on heterogeneous hardware

Heimel, Max (2018)

The primary objective of data processing research on modern hardware is to understand how to utilize emerging technology to process data efficiently. Over the last decades, Software Engineers and Computer Scientists have made significant progress towards this goal, providing highly-tuned algorithms, systems & mechanisms for a wide variety of different device types. However, while we mostly unde...

Speciation of molybdenum- and vanadium-based polyoxometalate species in aqueous medium and gas-phase and its consequences for M1 structured MoV oxide synthesis

Jung, Sabrina (2018)

Polyoxomolybdate and –vanadate speciation has been examined in aqueous solution and in the gas-phase depending on the concentration and pH value. Raman and UV-vis spectroscopy showed the compact and highly charged hepta- and octamolybdate, and decavanadate species to be present, respectively, while mass spectrometric measurements led to a multitude of different species. The structure of these g...

Strategische Lösungen für einen Stadtverkehr in der Zukunft. Perspektiven für den öffentlichen und den Individual-Verkehr

Heinze, G. Wolfgang ; Kill, Heinrich H. (1987)


Prototyping nfv-based multi-access edge computing in 5G ready networks with open baton

Carella, Giuseppe Antonio ; Pauls, Michael ; Magedanz, Thomas ; Cilloni, Marco ; Bellavista, Paolo ; Foschini, Luca (2017)

With the increasing acceptance of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, a radical transformation is currently occurring inside network providers infrastructures. The trend of Software-based networks foreseen with the 5th Generation of Mobile Network (5G) is drastically changing requirements in terms of how networks are deployed and managed. On...

Homogeneous equilibrium model for geomechanical multi-material flow with compressible constituents

Aubram, Daniel (2016-04-09)

Multi-material flow generally describes a situation where several distinct materials separated by sharp material interfaces undergo large deformations. In order to model such flow situations in the context of geomechanics and geotechnical engineering, a theoretical framework is presented which introduces a possible two-phase coupled saturated granular material behavior among the different mater...

Bridging the virtual world and the physical world with optically dynamic interfaces

Lindlbauer, David (2018)

In the virtual world, changing properties of objects such as their color, size or shape is one of the main means of communication. Objects are hidden or revealed when needed, or undergo changes in color or size to communicate importance. Users are in full control over how the virtual world looks and behaves. With augmented reality, virtual content is overlaid over the physical world to display ...

The economics of financing and integrating renewable energies

May, Nils Günter (2018)

This dissertation comprises three chapters on the economics of financing and integrating renewable energies and on designing associated support policies. The transition toward carbon-neutral economies requires large-scale investments into renewable energy. The integration of these intermittent renewable energies poses new challenges to power systems designed around dispatchable thermal power pl...

Computational chemistry studies on metallo-enzymes for the splitting of hydrogen and the interconversion between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide

Tombolelli, Daria (2018)

Carbon monoxide dehydrogenases (CODH) are metallo-enzymes which perform the interconversion between CO and CO2. In particular, in the present work, nickel iron containing CODH from Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans, is studied. Its catalytic mechanism is still unclear, because of the difficulties at the experimental level to trap substrate-bound intermediates and pure redox states. For this rea...

High-resolution shear wave reflection seismics and borehole seismics as tools for the imaging and the characterization of near-surface subrosion structures

Wadas, Sonja Halina (2018)

Subrosion and the resulting structures, such as sinkholes and depressions, pose a great hazard risk. They can cause damage to buildings and infrastructure, and lead to life-threatening situations. But compared to other natural hazards, like earthquakes and tsunamis, very little is known about the generation processes or the possibilities of forecasting. Germany suffers from a widespread sinkhol...

Guidelines for the implementation of Lean and MTM techniques in remanufacturing factory planning

Guidat, Thomas (2018)

Der zunehmende globale Verbrauch begrenzter, nicht erneuerbarer Ressourcen erfordert dringend den Wandel der Produktionsparadigmen [Dob-11, Leo-11, Sel-10]. Eine mögliche Vorgehensweise zur Bedienung der wachsenden Nachfrage ohne proportionale Zunahme des Ressourcenverbrauchs ist ein Management von Altprodukten entsprechend ihrer jeweiligen Nutzungsphase [EMF-14, Sel-05,]. Die Refabrikation/Rem...

Theoretische Untersuchung des Wärme- und Stoffübergangs am laminaren Fallfilm

Mittermaier, Martin (2018)

In this thesis a model is presented describing a laminar film flow over a vertical isothermal plate while heat and mass transfer is occurring. Most common assumptions, such as constant property data and constant film thickness, have been cancelled. The hydrodynamic model results in longitudinal and transversal velocity components and their evolution in the entrance region. Heat and mass transfe...

Shaping the selection of fields of study in Afghanistan through educational data mining approaches

Sherzad, Abdul Rahman (2018)

Every year around 250000 high school graduates participate in ‘Kankor’, the Afghan national university entrance exam, while the seating capacity of the country’s 36 public universities is one-fourth of that number. Currently, public and private sectors lack advisory systems to guide the increasing number of participants to choose their fields of study. This is further exacerbated by the fact th...