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pohl_angela.pdf.jpg2020Efficient utilization of vector extensions in microprocessorsPohl, Angela-
oeztuerk_efe.pdf.jpg202060- and 122-GHz SiGe BiCMOS transceivers for FMCW radar applicationsÖztürk, Efe-
herholz_philipp.pdf.jpg2020Locally solving linear systems for geometry processingHerholz, Philipp-
fatemi_adel.pdf.jpg2019A highly efficient 40-Gbps modulator driver circuit for Silicon photonic optical communicationFatemi, Adel-
berg_nils.pdf.jpg2019Formal verification of low-level code in a model-based refinement processBerg, Nils Erik-
lucas_jan.pdf.jpg2019GPU power modeling and architectural enhancements for GPU energy efficiencyLucas, Jan-
rausch_marko.pdf.jpg2019Neuer Optimierungsansatz für die Entwicklung hochkomplexer monolithisch integrierter Indiumphosphid Mach-Zehnder Terabit TransmitterchipsRausch, Marko-
Du_et_al_2008.pdf.jpg2008Modelling and control of a small-scale unmanned helicopterDu, J. F.; Kondak, K.; Zhang, Y. O.; Lu, T. S.-
saeed_adnan.pdf.jpg2018Precise 3-D localization and simulation of topographic objects in synthetic aperture radar imagesSaeed, Adnan-
du_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Model Predictive Control for a Small Scale Unmanned HelicopterDu, Jianfu; Kondak, Konstantin; Bernard, Markus; Zhang, Yaou; Lü, Tiansheng; Hommel, Günter-
rajput_muhammad.pdf.jpg2018A regularized fusion based 3D reconstruction frameworkRajput, Muhammad Asif Ali-
lindlbauer_david.pdf.jpg2018Bridging the virtual world and the physical world with optically dynamic interfacesLindlbauer, David-
dallou_tamer.pdf.jpg2017Enhancing the scalability of many-core systems towards utilizing fine-grain parallelism in task-based programming modelsDallou, Tamer-
sharma_harshita.pdf.jpg2017Medical image analysis of gastric cancer in digital histopathology: methods, applications and challengesSharma, Harshita-
hamouda_assia.pdf.jpg2017Ultrasonic flow metering with highly accurate jitter and offset compensationHamouda, Assia-
jonschkowski_etal.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Probabilistic multi-class segmentation for the Amazon picking challengeJonschkowski, Rico; Eppner, Clemens; Höfer, Sebastian; Martín-Martín, Roberto; Brock, Oliver-
eppner_clemens.pdf.jpgFeb-2012A compliance-centric view of graspingEppner, Clemens; Bartels, Georg; Brock, Oliver-
bohlke_schneider_michael.pdf.jpg2016Leveraging novel information sources for protein structure predictionBohlke-Schneider, Michael-
thomas_gervin.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2014A generic implementation of a quantified predictor applied to a DRAM power-saving policyThomas, Gervin-
hildebrand_kristian.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2014Digital fabrication of shapeHildebrand, Kristian-
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