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c5cp00289c.pdf.jpg2015The impact of steam on the electronic structure of the selective propane oxidation catalyst MoVTeNb oxide (orthorhombic M1 phase)Heine, Christian; Hävecker, Michael; Trunschke, Annette; Schlögl, Robert; Eichelbaum, Maik-
deinert_jan-christoph.pdf.jpg2016Zinc oxide surfaces and interfaces: electronic structure and dynamics of excited statesDeinert, Jan-Christoph-
augustin_sven.pdf.jpg2015Advancing THz-security imager by using digital image processing-methods at the hardware levelAugustin, Sven-
furchner_andreas.pdf.jpg23-May-2014Spectroscopic infrared ellipsometry on functional polymer filmsFurchner, Andreas-
kueller_viola.pdf.jpg6-Jun-2014Versetzungsreduzierte AlN- und AlGaN-Schichten als Basis für UV LEDsKüller, Viola-
jelzow_alexander.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2013In vivo quantification of absorption changes in the human brain by time-domain diffuse near-infrared spectroscopyJelzow, Alexander-
amakawa_kazuhiko.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2013Active Site for Propene Metathesis in Silica-Supported Molybdenum Oxide CatalystsAmakawa, Kazuhiko-
Dokument_28.pdf.jpg27-May-2013Traceable determination of the size of nanoparticles using Small-Angle X-ray ScatteringGleber, Gudrun-
Dokument_5.pdf.jpg8-May-2013Entwicklung und Optimierung von radiographischen und tomographischen Verfahren zur Charakterisierung von Wassertransportprozessen in PEM-BrennstoffzellenmaterialienMarkötter, Henning-
Dokument_9.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2012Ultrafast processes in molecules visualized with femtosecond pump-probe photoelectron spectroscopyLeitner, Torsten-
Dokument_44.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2012Elastic Network Models of Proteins - Uncovering the Internal Mechanics of Actin and MyosinDüttmann, Markus-
Dokument_10.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2012Magnetism of 3d Frustrated Magnetic Insulators: α-CaCr2O4, β-CaCr2O4 and Sr2VO4Tóth, Sándor-
Dokument_37.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2012Action Spectroscopy of Strongly Bound Clusters in the Gas PhaseHärtelt, Marko-
Dokument_6.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2012Structural and Functional Investigations on the Photosystem II core subunit PsbO and the antenna pigment-protein complex CP29Slowik, Daria Marta-
Dokument_34.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2012Crossed beam scattering with a Stark-decelerated molecular beamScharfenberg, Ludwig-
Dokument_5.pdf.jpg18-Jan-2012Biophysikalische Charakterisierung des Cl‐/H+‐Austauschers ClC‐7Leisle, Lilia-
Dokument_21.pdf.jpg4-May-2011Vector correlations in rotationally inelastic molecular collisionsLemeshko, Mikhail-
Dokument_37.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2010The Role of Cd and Ga in the Cu(In,Ga)S2/CdS Heterojunction Studied with X-Ray Spectroscopic MethodsJohnson, Benjamin-
Dokument_27.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2010Ellipsometric characterisation of anisotropic thin organic filmsRosu, Dana-Maria-
Dokument_41.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2010Defect Analysis of Aluminum NitrideSchulz, Tobias-
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