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koegler_felix.pdf.jpg2020Opportunities and challenges for in situ, fermentation-based microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) in a high-salinity oilfieldKögler, Felix-
10.1017.jpa.2017.134.pdf.jpg4-Dec-2017Malongitubus: a possible pterobranch hemichordate from the early Cambrian of South ChinaHu, Shixue; Erdtmann, Bernd-Dietrich; Steiner, Michael; Zhang, Yuandong; Zhao, Fangchen; Zhang, Zhiliang; Han, Jian-
driba_dejene_legesse.pdf.jpg2019Experimental characterization and simulation of lead surface reactions for application at geothermal conditionsDriba, Dejene Legesse-
zhu_yaling.pdf.jpg2019On factors controlling the mobility of organic compounds in water-rock interactionsZhu, Yaling-
Wadas et al. 2017.pdf.jpg2017Structural analysis of S-wave seismics around an urban sinkhole: evidence of enhanced dissolution in a strike-slip fault zoneTanner, David C.; Wadas, Sonja Halina; Polom, Ulrich; Krawczyk, Charlotte M.-
Wadas et al. 2016.pdf.jpg2016High-resolution shear-wave seismic reflection as a tool to image near-surface subrosion structures – a case study in Bad Frankenhausen, GermanyWadas, Sonja Halina; Polom, Ulrich; Krawczyk, Charlotte M.-
mueller_daniel_richard.pdf.jpg2018The impact of temperature and oxygen on water-rock interactions in siliciclastic rocks and implications for aquifer thermal energy storage systemsMüller, Daniel Richard-
calzada_mendoza_jacqueline.pdf.jpg2018The characterization of water-soluble organic compounds released from organic-rich sedimentsCalzada Mendoza, Jacqueline Mireya-
Wadas_Sonja.pdf.jpg2018High-resolution shear wave reflection seismics and borehole seismics as tools for the imaging and the characterization of near-surface subrosion structuresWadas, Sonja Halina-
stapel_janina.pdf.jpg2018Microbial signatures and quality assessment of Siberian permafrost organic matter for future biogenic greenhouse gas productionStapel, Janina Gabriele-
s40517-017-0069-9.pdf.jpg2017Copper precipitation as consequence of steel corrosion in a flow-through experiment mimicking a geothermal production wellRegenspurg, Simona; Geigenmüller, Ives; Milsch, Harald; Kühn, Michael-
hosseini_baghsangani_seyed_hossein.pdf.jpg2018Composition, properties, origin and evolutionary pathways of solid bitumens from SE TurkeyHosseini Baghsangani, Seyed Hossein-
sehnert_christian.pdf.jpg20183D‐Seismikinterpretation, Struktur‐ und Attributanalyse sowie Visualisierung submariner Canyons, Mud Volcanoes und Pockmarks am Kontinentalhang des Nigerdelta‐BeckensSehnert, Christian-
scheihing_konstantin.pdf.jpg2018Water resources management in the Atacama DesertScheihing, Konstantin W.-
zhou_dan.pdf.jpg2018Development of numerical methods and approaches to simulate colloid transport and stream-aquifer interaction in heterogeneous natural soilsZhou, Dan-
yang_shengyu.pdf.jpg2017Roles of organic-inorganic interactions in the generation of petroleum as exemplified by Lower Palaeozoic petroleum systems, EuropeYang, Shengyu-
kutzschbach_martin.pdf.jpg2017The effect of tetrahedral boron in tourmaline on the boron isotope fractionation between tourmaline and fluidKutzschbach, Martin-
noah_mareike.pdf.jpg2017Biogeochemical process studies on oil sand tailings used for land reclamation in Alberta, CanadaNoah, Mareike-
mu_nana.pdf.jpg2017Organic-inorganic interactions in siliciclastic oil reservoirs, North SeaMu, Nana-
han_yuanjia.pdf.jpg2017Oil retention and migration in the Barnett, Posidonia, and Niobrara shalesHan, Yuanjia-
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