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2018Water resources management in the Atacama DesertScheihing, Konstantin W.-
zhou_dan.pdf.jpg2018Development of numerical methods and approaches to simulate colloid transport and stream-aquifer interaction in heterogeneous natural soilsZhou, Dan-
yang_shengyu.pdf.jpg2017Roles of organic-inorganic interactions in the generation of petroleum as exemplified by Lower Palaeozoic petroleum systems, EuropeYang, Shengyu-
kutzschbach_martin.pdf.jpg2017The effect of tetrahedral boron in tourmaline on the boron isotope fractionation between tourmaline and fluidKutzschbach, Martin-
noah_mareike.pdf.jpg2017Biogeochemical process studies on oil sand tailings used for land reclamation in Alberta, CanadaNoah, Mareike-
mu_nana.pdf.jpg2017Organic-inorganic interactions in siliciclastic oil reservoirs, North SeaMu, Nana-
han_yuanjia.pdf.jpg2017Oil retention and migration in the Barnett, Posidonia, and Niobrara shalesHan, Yuanjia-
schiperski_ferry.pdf.jpg2017Transport and attenuation of particulate matter together with organic micropollutants within karst aquifersSchiperski, Ferry-
alibrahim_mohammad.pdf.jpg2016Geological mapping of Eastern Syria by using remote sensing and GISAlibrahim, Mohammad Ali-
berryman_eleanor.pdf.jpg2016Tourmaline as a petrogenetic indicator mineralBerryman, Eleanor-
becker_katharina.pdf.jpg2016The crustal structure and evolution of the South AtlanticBecker, Katharina-
ronczka_mathias.pdf.jpg2016Saltwater detection and monitoring using metal cased boreholes as long electrodesRonczka, Mathias-
Hadidi_Ahmed.pdf.jpg2016Wadi Bili catchment in the Eastern DesertHadidi, Ahmed-
shereih_kenanah.pdf.jpg2016Economics modeling for petroleum exploration and production projects considering risk and imprecise dataShereih, Kenanah-
karmakar_shreya.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2015Evolution of lower crustal rocksKarmakar, Shreya-
berbesi_luiyin.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2015Methane emissions from petroleum bearing basinsBerbesi, Luiyin Alejandro-
Agaoglu_Berken.pdf.jpg26-May-2015Interphase mass transfer in porous mediaAgaoglu, Berken-
ostanin_ilya.pdf.jpg26-May-2015Hydrocarbon plumbing systems and leakage phenomenon in the Hammerfest Basin, southwest Barents SeaOstanin, Ilya-
hamed_hamed basher osman.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2015Pleistocene reefs of the Red Sea coast, SudanHamed, Hamed Basher Osman-
rodrigues_duran-enmanuel.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2015Dynamics of petroleum generation, migration, accumulation and leakageRodrigues Duran, Enmanuel Alexis-
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