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bauer_sven.pdf.jpg2017Application of one-way laser ranging data to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) for time transfer, clock characterization and orbit determinationBauer, Sven-
burmeister_steffi.pdf.jpg2017Determining rotational elements of planetary bodiesBurmeister, Steffi-
gaertner_philipp.pdf.jpg2017Monitoring dynamics of semi-arid forests with multi-sensor time seriesGärtner, Philipp-
beckheinrich_jamila.pdf.jpg2016GPS reflectometryBeckheinrich, Jamila-
lu_cuixian.pdf.jpg2016Real-time sensing of atmospheric water vapor from multi-GNSS constellationsLu, Cuixian-
tian_yumiao.pdf.jpg2016Online estimation of inter-frequency/system phase biases in precise positioningTian, Yumiao-
xu_yan.pdf.jpg2016GNSS precise point positioning with application of the equivalence principleXu, Yan-
wujanz_daniel.pdf.jpg2016Terrestrial laser scanning for geodetic deformation monitoringWujanz, Daniel-
stark_alexander.pdf.jpg2015Observations of Mercury's rotational state from combined MESSENGER laser altimeter and image dataStark, Alexander-
john_steffen.pdf.jpg2016Deriving incline for street networks from voluntarily collected GPS tracesJohn, Steffen-
matalqah_mohammed.pdf.jpg2015Development and experiments with the Ionospektroskop and a comparison with selected ionospheric parametersMatalqah, Mohammed-
li_xingxing.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Real-time high rate GNSS techniques for earthquake monitoring and early warningLi, Xingxing-
he_kaifei.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2015GNSS kinematic position and velocity determination for airborne gravimetryHe, Kaifei-
tang_hui.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2015Measurements and data analysis in relation to the "Ionospektroskop©"Tang, Hui-
manthe_christian.pdf.jpg11-Feb-2015Fortführung von 3D-Bestandsdaten aus topologischer und geometrischer SichtManthe, Christian-
glaeser_philipp.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2014Evaluation of topography, slopes, illumination and surface roughness of landing sites near the lunar south pole using laser altimetry from the lunar reconnaissance orbiterGläser, Philipp Andreas-
nagel_claus.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2014Spatio-semantic modelling of indoor environments for indoor navigationNagel, Claus-
Dokument_19.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2011Numerische Integration von Satellitenbahnen mittels Liereihen-EntwicklungMai, Enrico-
Dokument_4.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2011Generation of a 3D city model of Baalbek/Lebanon based on historical photosAlamouri, Ahmed-
Dokument_53.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2010Active deformation in the southern Andes from GPS and FEM modelsMoreno, Marcos-
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