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Wiedemann_etal_2017.pdf.jpg2017Diffusion pathways and activation energies in crystalline lithium-ion conductorsWiedemann, Dennis; Islam, Mazharul M.; Bredow, Thomas; Lerch, Martin-
Frenzel_Irran_Lerch_Buchsteiner_2011.pdf.jpg2011Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Nb0.84NFrenzel, Nancy; Irran, Elisabeth; Lerch, Martin; Buchsteiner, Alexandra-
10.1515zkri-2016-1960.pdf.jpg2016A density-functional theory approach to the existence and stability of molybdenum and tungsten sesquioxide polymorphsBecker, Nils; Reimann, Christoph; Weber, Dominik; Lüdtke, Tobias Clemens; Lerch, Martin, et al-
10.1515znb-2017-0014.pdf.jpg2017Bixbyite-type phases in the system Ta-Zr-O-NLüdtke, Tobias Clemens; Orthmann, Steven; Lerch, Martin-
2016_luedtke_et-al.pdf.jpg2016Synthesis and characterization of metastable transition metal oxides and oxide nitridesLüdtke, Tobias Clemens; Weber, Dominik; Schmidt, Alexander; Müller, Alexander; Reimann, Christoph, et al-
c4cp05442c.pdf.jpg2015Novel anion conductors - conductivity, thermodynamic stability and hydration of anion-substituted mayenite-type cage compounds C(12)A(7):X (X = O, OH, Cl, F, CN, S, N)Eufinger, Jens-Peter; Schmidt, Alexander; Lerch, Martin; Janek, Jürgen-
1520-510X_20141013.pdf.jpg2014Synthesis and crystal structure of δ-TaON, a metastable polymorph of tantalum oxide nitrideLüdtke, Tobias Clemens; Schmidt, Alexander; Göbel, Caren; Fischer, Anna; Becker, Nils, et al-
1520-510X_20170209.pdf.jpg2017HP-MoO2: A High-Pressure Polymorph of Molybdenum DioxideLüdtke, Tobias Clemens; Wiedemann, Dennis; Efthimiopoulos, Ilias; Becker, Nils; Seidel, Stefan, et al-
Wiedemann_et_al-2019-ChemistryOpen.pdf.jpg4-Apr-2019Commensurate Nb2Zr5O15: Accessible Within the Field Nb2ZrxO2x+5 After AllWiedemann, Dennis; Orthmann, Steven; Mühlbauer, Martin J.; Lerch, Martin-
c9ra05690d.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2019Structural complexities and sodium-ion diffusion in the intercalates NaxTiS2: move it, change it, re-diffract itWiedemann, Dennis; Suard, Emmanuelle; Lerch, Martin-