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c3nr33374d.pdf.jpg2013Polyoxometalate-stabilized, water dispersible Fe2Pt magnetic nanoparticlesSeemann, K. M.; Bauer, A.; Kindervater, J.; Meyer, M.; Besson, C.; Luysberg, M.; Durkin, P.; Pyckhout-Hintzen, W.; Budisa, Nediljko; Georgii, R.; Schneider, C. M.; Kögerler, P.-
c3cy20712a.pdf.jpg2013Non-canonical amino acids as a useful synthetic biological tool for lipase-catalysed reactions in hostile environmentsAcevedo-Rocha, Carlos G.; Hoesl, Michael G.; Nehring, Sebastian; Royter, Marina; Wolschner, Christina; Wiltschi, Birgit; Antranikian, Garabed; Budisa, Nediljko-
c2ob06922a.pdf.jpg2012Organic fluorine as a polypeptide building element: in vivo expression of fluorinated peptides, proteins and proteomesMerkel, L.; Budisa, Nediljko-
c1cc16039g.pdf.jpg2012Site-selective modification of proteins for the synthesis of structurally defined multivalent scaffoldsArtner, Lukas M.; Merkel, Lars; Bohlke, Nina; Beceren-Braun, Figen; Weise, Christoph; Dernedde, Jens; Budisa, Nediljko; Hackenberger, Christian P. R.-
c2ob25556a.pdf.jpg2012Evaluation of bicinchoninic acid as a ligand for copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne bioconjugationsChristen, Erik H.; Gübeli, Raphael J.; Kaufmann, Beate; Merkel, Lars; Schoenmakers, Ronald; Budisa, Nediljko; Fussenegger, Martin; Weber, Wilfried; Wiltschi, Birgit-
1-s2.0-S0960894X15300895-main.pdf.jpg2015Dendronylation: Residue-specific chemoselective attachment of oligoglycerol dendrimers on proteins with noncanonical amino acidsMa, Ying; Thota, Bala N. S.; Haag, Rainer; Budisa, Nediljko-
2016Construction of a polyproline structure with hydrophobic exterior using octahydroindole-2-carboxylic acidKubyshkin, Vladimir; Budisa, Nediljko-
c5nj03611a.pdf.jpg2016Energetic contribution to both acidity and conformational stability in peptide modelsKubyshkin, Vladimir; Durkin, Patrick; Budisa, Nediljko-
10.1002.elsc.201300049.pdf.jpg2014Evolution of fluorinated enzymes: an emerging trend for biocatalyst stabilizationBiava, Hernan; Budisa, Nediljko-
c5ob00505a.pdf.jpg2015Site-specific conjugation of 8-ethynyl-BODIPY to a protein by [2+3] cycloadditionAlbrecht, Marcel; Lippach, Andreas; Exner, Matthias P.; Jerbi, Jihene; Springborg, Michael; Budisa, Nediljko; Wenz, Gerhard-