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c2nr32122j.pdf.jpg2013Particle shape optimization by changing from an isotropic to an anisotropic nanostructure: preparation of highly active and stable supported Pt catalysts in microemulsionsParapat, Riny Y.; Wijaya, Muliany; Schwarze, Michael; Selve, Sören; Willinger, Marc, et al-
c1ra00397f.pdf.jpg2011Rhodium catalyzed hydrogenation reactions in aqueous micellar systems as green solventsSchwarze, Michael; Milano-Brusco, J. S.; Strempel, V.; Hamerla, Tobias; Wille, S., et al-
c4ra10736e.pdf.jpg2014Support effect in the preparation of supported metal catalysts via microemulsionParapat, Riny Y.; Saputra, Oey H. I.; Ang, Anton P.; Schwarze, Michael; Schomäcker, Reinhard-
c3cp50168j.pdf.jpg2013Quantification of photocatalytic hydrogen evolutionSchwarze, Michael; Stellmach, Diana; Schröder, Marc; Kailasam, Kamalakannan; Reske, Rulle, et al-
c2cy00541g.pdf.jpg2012Topology of silica supported vanadium-titanium oxide catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation of propaneHamilton, Neil; Wolfram, Till; Müller, Genka Tzolova; Hävecker, Michael; Kröhnert, Jutta, et al-
c2cy20629c.pdf.jpg2013Comparison of phase transfer agents in the aqueous biphasic hydroformylation of higher alkenesNowothnick, Henriette; Rost, Anke; Hamerla, Tobias; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Müller, Christian, et al-
c3dt50611h.pdf.jpg2013Anomalous reactivity of supported V2O5 nanoparticles for propane oxidative dehydrogenation: influence of the vanadium oxide precursorCarrero, Carlos A.; Keturakis, Christopher J.; Orrego, Andres; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Wachs, Israel E.-
c2jm15468d.pdf.jpg2012A new method to synthesize very active and stable supported metal Pt catalysts: thermo-destabilization of microemulsionsParapat, Riny Y.; Parwoto, Veronica; Schwarze, Michael; Zhang, Bingsen; Su, Dang Sheng, et al-
c3cy00625e.pdf.jpg2014High performance (VOx)(n)-( TiOx)(m)/SBA-15 catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propaneCarrero, Carlos; Kauer, Markus; Dinse, Arne; Wolfram, Till; Hamilton, Neil, et al-
c1ee01040a.pdf.jpg2011Facile one-pot synthesis of Pt nanoparticles/SBA-15: an active and stable material for catalytic applicationsZhu, Junjiang; Xie, Xiao; Carabineiro, Sónia A. C.; Tavares, Pedro B.; Figueiredo, José L., et al-