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s41598-018-24718-z.pdf.jpg8-May-2018A small-angle neutron scattering environment for in-situ observation of chemical processesHayward, Dominic W.; Chiappisi, Leonardo; Prévost, Sylvain; Schweins, Ralf; Gradzielski, Michael-
24-May-2018Investigating the trimethylaluminium/water ALD process on mesoporous silica by in situ gravimetric monitoringStrempel, Verena E.; Knemeyer, Kristian; Naumann d’Alnoncourt, Raoul; Rosowski, Frank-
28-Dec-2018Alternative Biochemistries for Alien Life: Basic Concepts and Requirements for the Design of a Robust Biocontainment System in Genetic IsolationDiwo, Christian; Budisa, Nediljko-
s41598-018-29585-2.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2017Surface plasmon resonance based sensor for the detection of glycopeptide antibiotics in milk using rationally designed nanoMIPsAltintas, Zeynep-
s41598-018-38433-2.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2019Chromophore binding to two cysteines increases quantum yield of near-infrared fluorescent proteinsBuhrke, David; Tavraz, Neslihan N.; Shcherbakova, Daria M.; Sauthof, Luisa; Moldenhauer, Marcus; Vélazquez Escobar, Francisco; Verkhusha, Vladislav V.; Hildebrandt, Peter; Friedrich, Thomas-
2017_lensen_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Novel wet micro-contact deprinting method for patterning gold nanoparticles on PEG-hydrogels and thereby controlling cell adhesionYesildag, Cigdem; Bartsch, Christoph; Vicente, Gonzalo de; Lensen, Marga C.-
2017_lensen_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Nano-contact transfer with gold nanoparticles on PEG hydrogels and using wrinkled PDMS-stampsYesildag, Cigdem; Tyushina, Arina; Lensen, Marga C.-
9-May-2019In-Cell Synthesis of Bioorthogonal Alkene Tag S-Allyl-Homocysteine and Its Coupling with Reprogrammed TranslationNojoumi, Saba; Ma, Ying; Schwagerus, Sergej; Hackenberger, Christian P. R.; Budisa, Nediljko-
11-May-2019Computational Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Library Design for Photocaged TyrosineBaumann, Tobias; Hauf, Matthias; Richter, Florian; Albers, Suki; Möglich, Andreas; Ignatova, Zoya; Budisa, Nediljko-
salewski_johannes.pdf.jpg2019Studying protein-cofactor complexes: a combined experimental and theoretical approachSalewski, Johannes-