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ferreira_jorges.pdf.jpg2020Differential electrochemical mass spectrometry – design, set up and application for kinetic isotope labeling studies of the electrocatalytic CO2 electroreductionFerreira de Araújo, Jorge Vicente-
hoffmann_etal_2019.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2019Structure, Dynamics, and Composition of Large Clusters in Polyelectrolyte–Surfactant SystemsHoffmann, Ingo; Simon, Miriam; Bleuel, Markus; Falus, Peter; Gradzielski, Michael-
orecchia_patrizio.pdf.jpg2020Boron Lewis acid-catalyzed transfer reactions towards alkenesOrecchia, Patrizio-
song_angang.pdf.jpg2020Synthesis and characterization of Cu-based multinary metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splittingSong, Angang-
spoeri_etal_2019.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2019Experimental Activity Descriptors for Iridium-based Catalysts for the Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER)Spöri, Camillo Wolfgang; Briois, Pascal; Nong, Hong Nhan; Reier, Tobias; Billard, Alain, et al-
loganathan_etal_2019.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2019Progress, challenges, and opportunities in enhancing NOM flocculation using chemically modified chitosan: a review towards future developmentLoganathan, Paripurnanda; Gradzielski, Michael; Bustamante, Heriberto; Vigneswaran, Saravanamuthu-
Menezes_et_al-2019-Angewandte_Chemie_IE.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2019Boosting water oxidation through in situ electroconversion of manganese gallide: an intermetallic precursor approachMenezes, Prashanth W.; Walter, Carsten; Hausmann, Jan Niklas; Beltrán-Suito, Rodrigo; Schlesiger, Christopher, et al-
Hadlington_et_al-2020.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2020Cycloaddition Chemistry of a Silylene‐Nickel Complex toward Organic π‐Systems: From Reversibility to C−H ActivationHadlington, Terrance J.; Kostenko, Arseni; Drieß, Matthias-
c9cc08680c.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2019Homocoupling of CO and isocyanide mediated by a C,C′-bis(silylenyl)-substituted ortho-carboraneXiong, Yun; Yao, Shenglai; Szilvási, Tibor; Ruzicka, Ales; Drieß, Matthias-
Hausmann_et_al-2020.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2020Stannites – a new promising class of durable electrocatalysts for efficient water oxidationHausmann, Jan Niklas; Heppke, Eva Maria; Beltrán-Suito, Rodrigo; Schmidt, Johannes; Mühlbauer, Martin, et al-