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Held_etal_Challengess_2021.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2021Challenges to the validity of topic reconstructionHeld, Matthias; Laudel, Grit; Gläser, Jochen-
Masoumi_etal_Relation_2021.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2021The relation between residential self-selection and urban mobility in Middle Eastern cities: the case of Alexandria, EgyptMasoumi, Houshmand; Ibrahim, Mohamed R.; Aslam, Atif Bilal-
sustainability-13-01321-v2.pdf.jpg27-Jan-2021Exploring Domestic Precycling Behavior: A Social Identity PerspectiveWenzel, Klara; Süßbauer, Elisabeth-
ijerph-17-09149-v2.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2020Children’s Independent Mobility to School in Seven European Countries: A Multinomial Logit ModelMasoumi, Houshmand; Rooijen, Martin van; Sierpiński, Grzegorz-
sustainability-12-09620-v3.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2020Urban Sprawl, Socioeconomic Features, and Travel Patterns in Middle East Countries: A Case Study in IranMehriar, Melika; Masoumi, Houshmand; Mohino, Inmaculada-
urbansci-04-00039-v2.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2020Urban Commute Travel Distances in Tehran, Istanbul, and Cairo: Weighted Least Square ModelsMasoumi, Houshmand-
ullrich_2018.pdf.jpg12-Nov-2018Videoüberwachung von Demonstrationen und die Definitionsmacht der Polizei. Zwischen Objektivitätsfiktion und selektiver SanktionierungUllrich, Peter-
sustainability-12-00781-v2.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2020Multimodal Accessibility to Primary Health Services for the Elderly: A Case Study of Naples, ItalyCarpentieri, Gerardo; Guida, Carmen; Masoumi, Houshmand E.-
ullrich_2019.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2019“Normal citizens” versus “Rowdies”: police categorisations of protesters in GermanyUllrich, Peter-
ullrich_2019.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2019Organisierung und Mobilisierung im akademischen KapitalismusUllrich, Peter-
sustainability-11-04973-v2.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2019Effectiveness of Ring Roads in Reducing Traffic Congestion in Cities for Long Run: Big Almaty Ring Road Case StudyNugmanova, Assel; Arndt, Wulf-Holger; Hossain, Mohammad Aslam; Kim, Jong Ryeol-
s7.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Employee roles in sustainability transformation processes: A move away from expertise and towards experience-driven sustainability managementSüßbauer, Elisabeth; Maas-Deipenbrock, Rina Marie; Friedrich, Silke; Kreß-Ludwig, Michael; Langen, Nina; Muster, Viola-
sustainability-09-01926.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2017The Adoption and Implementation of Transdisciplinary Research in the Field of Land-Use Science—A Comparative Case StudyZscheischler, Jana; Rogga, Sebastian; Busse, Maria-
sustainability-10-01047.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2018Facilitating Low-Carbon Living? A Comparison of Intervention Measures in Different Community-Based InitiativesSchäfer, Martina; Hielscher, Sabine; Haas, Willi; Hausknost, Daniel; Leitner, Michaela; Kunze, Iris; Mandl, Sylvia-
ullrich_peter_2019.pdf.jpg2019In Itself But Not Yet For Itself – Organising The New Academic PrecariatUllrich, Peter-
suessßbauer_schaefer_2019.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2019Corporate strategies for greening the workplace: findings from sustainability-oriented companies in GermanySüßbauer, Elisabeth; Schäfer, Martina-
ullrich_peter_2019.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2019Protestforschung zwischen allen StühlenUllrich, Peter-
muster_etal_2016.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2016Integration von Mitarbeitern als Konsumenten in NachhaltigkeitsinnovationsprozesseMuster, Viola; Blazejewski, Susanne; Schäfer, Martina; Buhl, Anke; Harrach, Christoph; Schmidt-Keilich, Marc; Süßbauer, Elisabeth-
Süßbauer_Schäfer_2018.pdf.jpg26-Apr-2018Greening the workplace: conceptualising workplaces as settings for enabling sustainable consumptionSüßbauer, Elisabeth; Schäfer, Martina-
Abraham_etal_2017.pdf.jpgJan-2017Smart City: Zur Bedeutung des aktuellen Diskurses für die Arbeit am Zentrum Technik und GesellschaftAbraham, Michael; Arndt, Wulf-Holger; Campos, Ronaldo; Fathejalali, Arman; Jamerson, Gordon; Keppler, Dorothee; Rohde, Friederike; Schröder, Carolin; Süßbauer, Elisabeth; Wendorf, Gabriele-
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