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10_Seboek.pdf.jpg2016Coding policy influence with ATLAS.tiSebök, Miklós-
09_Gutierrez-Espinosa_etal.pdf.jpg2016The use of ATLAS.ti in investigating bullying in primary schools in the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, MéxicoGutiérrez Espinosa, Enrique; Aguilar Gamboa, Hedaly; Castellanos León, Verónica C.; Carrillo González, Ileana del C.-
08_Apelojg.pdf.jpg2016Teachers do not make mistakes?Apelojg, Benjamin-
07_Kalpokaite_Radivojevic.pdf.jpg2016Integrating ATLAS.ti into an undergraduate qualitative research courseKalpokaite, Neringa; Radivojevic, Ivana-
06_Zakaria_etal.pdf.jpg2016Transcribing with ATLAS.tiZakaria, Rohaiza; Musta'amal, Aede Hatib; Amin, Nor Fadilah Mohd; Saleh, Halmi Mashindra-
05_Lewis.pdf.jpg2016Using ATLAS.ti to facilitate data analysis for a systematic review of leadership competencies in the completion of a doctoral dissertationLewis, John Kennedy-
04_Friese.pdf.jpg2016Computer-assisted grounded theory analysis with ATLAS.tiFriese, Susanne-
03_Staehler_Taylor.pdf.jpg2016Documents and "their" actorsStähler, Tobias; Taylor, Trynitie-
02_Wright.pdf.jpg2016Exploring actor-network theory and CAQDASWright, Steven-
01_McKether_Friese.pdf.jpg2016Qualitative social network analysis with ATLAS.tiMcKether, Willie L.; Friese, Susanne-
ATLASti_proceedings_2015.pdf.jpg2016ATLAS.ti User Conference 2015-Friese, Susanne; Ringmayr, Thomas
cloudspeicher_hochschuleinsatz_2015.pdf.jpg2016Cloudspeicher im Hochschuleinsatz 2015-Kao, Odej; Hildmann, Thomas
Cloudspeicher im Hochschuleinsatz.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2014Cloudspeicher im Hochschuleinsatz-Kao, Odej; Hildmann, Thomas
Dokument_39.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2012Grundfragen multimedialen Lehrens und Lernens-Apostolopoulos, Nicolas; Mußmann, Ulrike; Rebensburg, Klaus; Wulschke, Franziska
Dokument_37.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2012Grundfragen Multimedialen Lehrens und Lernens-Rebensburg, Klaus; Apostolopoulos, Nicolas
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