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Acoustics of Kabuki Theaters - Input Data for Room Acoustics Simulation

Büttner, Clemens ; Yabushita, Mitsuru ; Sanchez-Parejo, Antonio ; Morishita, Yu ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-07-04)

This data set contains CAD-Models (.skp) of the eight following Kabuki theaters: Hoo-za, Kanamaru-za, Murakuni-za, Hakuun-za, Meiji-za, Yachiyo-za, Uchiko-za, Kaho Gekijo.

Determinants of music-selection behavior: development of a model

Greb, Fabian (2018)

Für viele Menschen ist Musikhören heutzutage ein integraler Bestandteil ihres Alltags. Die Digitalisierung und technische Entwicklungen, wie Smartphones und Musik-Streaming-Dienste, bieten den Menschen fast uneingeschränkte Freiheit in jeder Situation jede Art von Musik zu hören. Im Gegensatz zur weitverbreiteten Nutzung dieser Technologien ist wenig über die Prozesse bekannt, welche der Musika...

Körperkultur, Körperkult und Leistungswahn

Greve, Kord (2018)

Die Geschichte des Menschen ist eine Geschichte des Umganges mit Technik. Gegen die meisten widrigen Umwelteinflüsse hoffnungslos unterausgestattet ist der Mensch existenziell darauf angewiesen, seine Mängel zu kompensieren und sich mit Artefakten zu umgeben. Doch nicht nur seine Umwelt, sondern auch er selbst ist Teil der Technisierung. Er kann nicht nur ihr Subjekt, sondern auch ihr Objekt se...

Einleitung [zu: Leben und Kunst in Paris seit Napoleon I.]

Savoy, Bénédicte (2009)


Vorwort [zu: Leben und Kunst in Paris seit Napoleon I.]

Savoy, Bénédicte (2009)


Wie national sind Nationalgalerien?

Meyer, Andrea ; Savoy, Bénédicte (2013)


Einleitung [zu: Franz Theodor Kugler. Deutscher Kunsthistoriker und Berliner Dichter]

Savoy, Bénédicte ; Espagne, Michel ; Trautmann-Waller, Céline (2010)


Visuelle Kontaktzonen in der Bildenden Kunst, Europa – Afrika

Küster, Bärbel (2011)


Transnationale Museumswissenschaften

Meyer, Andrea ; Savoy, Bénédicte (2014)


Faure, (Jean-Victor) Louis

Fuchsgruber, Lukas (2013)


Narrative identity and normative frameworks

Fricke, Lutz (2018)

In both the deontological and the teleological schools of thought the notion of responsibility has been construed in terms of transparency. Narrative ethical accounting demands that the agent has to make herself, her motives and her decisions transparent and to perform a coherent and unified identity. In this thesis, this ethical imperative of the transparent "I" is reconstructed as a case of e...

Strategies for fostering academic entrepreneurship

Sinell, Anna (2018)

An effective knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) process is essential for the competitiveness and sustainability of national innovation systems. On both a national and European level, ever more is being done by various stakeholders for the benefit of transfer—and in particular academic entrepreneurship as a specific dimension thereof—as a research institution’s third mission alongside resea...

Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference 2018

Popov, Artem ; Westerfeld, Stefan ; Subia Valdez, José Rafael ; Herzke, Tobias ; Kayser, Hendrik ; Seifert, Christopher ; Maanen, Paul ; Obbard, Christopher ; Payá-Vayá, Guillermo ; Blume, Holger ; Hohmann, Volker ; McCurry, Mark ; Guillot, Pierre ; Goltz, Florian ; Kuhr, Christoph ; Carôt, Alexander ; Adriaensen, Fons ; Weaver, Paul ; Honour, David (2018)

These proceedings contain all papers presented at the Linux Audio Conference 2018. The conference took place at c-base, Berlin, from June 7th - 10th, 2018 and was organized in cooperation with the Electronic Music Studio at TU Berlin.

Identities in transit

Merrill, Samuel (2015)

This article analyses urban railway infrastructures as landscapes in order to reveal their role as constructions and constructors of collective and individual identities. It does this by introducing the notion of 'identities in transit', a rhetorical category that problematises the tendency to consider the nexus of urban infrastructure and identity formation only during discrete moments and in ...

A Ground Truth on Room Acoustical Analysis and Perception (GRAP)

Ackermann, David ; Ilse, Maximilan ; Grigoriev, Dmitry ; Lepa, Steffen ; Pelzer, Sönke ; Vorländer, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-05)

A database of 35 virtual room models was created that can serve as a ground truth for the future development of room acoustical parameters beyond ISO 3382-1. Some of the room models are based on existing performance venues, however without yielding a perfect match of measured and simulated acoustical parameters. Others are artificial designs which were made to systematically cover a wide variet...

Tempo data from 50 performances of Beethovens Appassionata (Op. 57)

Brinkmann, Fabian ; von Loesch, Heinz (2018-05-24)

This database holds tempo data from 50 performances of Beethoven’s famous piano sonata Op. 57, also known as the Appassionata. Different versions of the score are for example freely available from the Petrucci Music Library (http://imslp.org). For further study, we recommend to either use the edition from Heinrich Schenker including bar numbers, or the edition from Arthur Schnabel including his...

The Hôtel Drouot as the stock exchange for art. Financialization of art auctions in the nineteenth century

Fuchsgruber, Lukas (2017)

Throughout historic developments, the publicly ascertained and published price of an artwork repeatedly served as a reference point for art theoretical discussion. Particular importance was attached to the auction sale price, since this financial evaluation of art was of such a public nature. While there is a long history of these ideas about the pricing of art, there are notable times of trans...

Barbarei und Kunstkritik. Zur Rezeption der "art nègre" in der französischen Kunstkritik 1900-1920

Küster, Bärbel (1999)


WHWP - Walter Höllerer bei WikiPedia

Bronner, Friedrich Georg (2018)

The dissertation thesis "WHWP - Walter Höllerer bei WikiPedia" documents research about the german WikiPedia-Artikel on Walter Höllerer. The article „Walter Höllerer“ was created in 2003 and the article was researched throughout 2015: the thesis shows the development of WHWP over the time of twelve years. There were 113 changes made to the article by 89 very diverse authors. This specific artic...

Unschätzbare Meisterwerke : der Preis der Kunst im Musée Napoléon

Savoy, Bénédicte (2013)