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Russian cities in motion: the Marshrutka as a multifaceted issue of Post-Soviet urban life

Weicker, Tonio (2019)

One of the key research questions of this study is to explain how commercial marshrutka transport services persist in both my case studies - Volgograd and Rostov on Don, although they are challenged, questioned and attacked from most parts of the society including local and federal politicians, competing transport enterprises and workers as well as citizen initiatives and the majority of opinio...

Museum Photo Archives and the History of the Art Market: A Digital Approach

Fuchsgruber, Lukas (2019-07-18)

Digital images with metadata contain unique potential for research into the history of the art market. The embedding of digital images in a database allows for the possibility of an association with their historical context due to the presence of metadata, which includes economic data, such as the provenance chain, as well as information about collecting practices. The database becomes a histor...

Discovering and interpreting audio media generation units: A typological-praxeological approach to the mediatization of everyday music listening

Lepa, Steffen ; Hoklas, Anne-Kathrin ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2014-11)

To deal with methodological challenges, which confront current mediatization research due to the ongoing digitalization of media, we suggest a mixed methods approach that is an adopted form of media repertoire analysis based on the generation unit concept of Karl Mannheim. Essentially, we propose that discovery and life cycle analysis of culturally meaningful media generation units may be achie...

A High Resolution and Full-Spherical Head-Related Transfer Function Database for Different Head-Above-Torso Orientations

Brinkmann, Fabian ; Lindau, Alexander ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; van de Par, Steven ; Müller-Trapet, Markus ; Opdam, Rob ; Vorländer, Michael (2017-10)

Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) capture the free-field sound transmission from a sound source to the listeners ears, incorporating all the cues for sound localization, such as interaural time and level differences as well as the spectral cues that originate from scattering, diffraction, and reflection on the human pinnae, head, and body. In this study, HRTFs were acoustically measured a...

Tonhöhenverteilungen im klassischen Orchesterrepertoire

Quiring, Roman ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


A Mobile App for Geolocalized, Dynamic Binaural Synthesis

Hädrich, Markus ; Lindau, Alexander ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)

Today, technical evolution and dissemination of smartphones have reached a point where powerful mobile computing has become virtually ubiquitous. Additionally, devices are equipped with a multitude of sensors and interfaces allowing for a – potentially continuous – acquisition of optical and acoustical data, the continued determination of bearing and position, and mobile network connectivity. T...

Virtuelle Konzerträume als Versuchsumgebung für Musiker

Böhm, Christoph ; Schärer Kalkandjiev, Zora ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Ein psychologisches Messinstrument für die akustische Wahrnehmung von Räumen für Musik und Sprache: Stimulus-Erzeugung

Grigoriev, Dmitry ; Ackermann, David ; Pelzer, Sönke ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Untersuchung elektrokortikaler Reaktionen auf die Exposition mit Ultraschall

Lindau, Alexander ; Weisskircher, Stephan ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Gramann, Klaus (2016)


Perzeptive Evaluation transauraler Binauralsynthese unter Berücksichtigung des Wiedergaberaums

Schlenstedt, Gunar ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Pelzer, Sönke ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Räumliche Schallfeldsynthese für eine musikethnologische Ausstellung: Erfahrungen aus Produktion und Rezeption

Lindau, Alexander ; Kopal, Ricarda ; Wiedmann, Albrecht ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Rhythm Description for Music and Speech Using the Beat Histogram with Multiple Novelty Functions: First Results

Lykartsis, Athanasios ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Optimized Driving Functions for Curved Line Source Arrays Using Modeled and Measured Loudspeaker Data

Straube, Florian ; Schultz, Frank ; Makarski, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Konzeption eines MOOC der TU9 zum Thema Communication Acoustics

Möller, Sebastian ; Ahrens, Jens ; Altinsoy, Ercan ; Fels, Janina ; Müller, Gerhard ; Reimers, Gabriel ; Seeber, Bernhard ; Vorländer, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016)


Ein vollsphärisches Multikanalmesssystem zur schnellen Erfassung räumlich hochaufgelöster, individueller kopfbezogener Übertragungsfunktionen

Fuß, Alexander ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Jürgensohn, Thomas ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015)


Cross-validation of measured and modeled head-related transfer functions

Brinkmann, Fabian ; Lindau, Alexander ; Müller-Trapet, Markus ; Vorländer, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015)

In the current study, we present full-spherical high resolution head-related transfer function (HRTF) datasets of the head and torso simulator FABIAN including data for multiple head-above-torso orientations within a typical horizontal rotation range of ± 50 degrees. While the first dataset was measured acoustically using sequential swept sines, the second one was modeled numerically using the ...

On sound source localization of speech signals using deep neural networks

Roden, Reinhild ; Moritz, Niko ; Gerlach, Stephan ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Goetze, Stefan (2015)

In recent years artificial neural networks are successfully applied especially in the context of automatic speech recognition. As information processing systems, neural networks are trained by, e.g., backpropagation or restricted Boltzmann machines to classify patterns at the input of the system. The current work presents the implementation of a deep neural network (DNN) architecture for acoust...

Analysis of Speech Rhythm for Language Identification Based on Beat Histograms

Lykartsis, Athanasios ; Lerch, Alexander ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015)


Simulation and analysis of measurement techniques for the fast acquisition of head-related transfer functions

Fallahi, Mina ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015)


Spielbewegungen von Musikinstrumenten und deren Bedeutung für das Klangergebnis - Ein experimenteller Zugang durch Motion Tracking klassischer Orchesterinstrumente und Auralisation der Bewegungsdaten

Steger, Dominik ; Egermann, Hauke ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015)