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WHWP - Walter Höllerer bei WikiPedia

Bronner, Friedrich Georg (2018)

The dissertation thesis "WHWP - Walter Höllerer bei WikiPedia" documents research about the german WikiPedia-Artikel on Walter Höllerer. The article „Walter Höllerer“ was created in 2003 and the article was researched throughout 2015: the thesis shows the development of WHWP over the time of twelve years. There were 113 changes made to the article by 89 very diverse authors. This specific artic...

Unschätzbare Meisterwerke : der Preis der Kunst im Musée Napoléon

Savoy, Bénédicte (2013)


A new collection by French silversmith Olivier Gaube du Gers

Stefanski, Karolina (2014)


Ornament on French Empire silver

Stefanski, Karolina (2012)


A silver toiletry set by Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot in Havana, Cuba

Stefanski, Karolina (2014)


On the epistemic potential of virtual realities for the historical sciences. A methodological framework

Weinzierl, Stefan ; Lepa, Steffen (2017)

Virtual or augmented audio-visual environments can be employed not only for the impartment of knowledge to a wider audience, but also for the generation of knowledge within the historical sciences. In this context, the transformation of numerical models of historical circumstances into an immediate sensual experience may be used both in an exploratory manner as well as for testing specific hypo...

In pursuit of a science of agriculture: the role of statistics in field experiments

Parolini, Giuditta (2015)

Since the beginning of the twentieth century statistics has reshaped the experimental cultures of agricultural research taking part in the subtle dialectic between the epistemic and the material that is proper to experimental systems. This transformation has become especially relevant in field trials and the paper will examine the British agricultural institution, Rothamsted Experimental Statio...

Charting the history of agricultural experiments

Parolini, Giuditta (2015)

Agricultural experimentation is a world in constant evolution, spanning multiple scientific domains and affecting society at large. Even though the questions underpinning agricultural experiments remain largely the same, the instruments and practices for answering them have changed constantly during the twentieth century with the advent of new disciplines like molecular biology, genomics, stati...

TU-Note Violin Sample Library

Coler, Henrik von ; Margraf, Jonas ; Schuladen, Paul (2018)

The presented sample library of violin sounds is designed as a tool for the research, development and testing of sound analysis / synthesis algorithms. The library features single sounds which cover the entire frequency range of the instrument in four dynamic levels, two-note sequences for the study of note transitions, and solo pieces and scales. All parts come with hand-labeled segmentation g...

The emergence of modern statistics in agricultural science

Parolini, Giuditta (2015)

During the twentieth century statistical methods have transformed research in the experimental and social sciences. Qualitative evidence has largely been replaced by quantitative results and the tools of statistical inference have helped foster a new ideal of objectivity in scientific knowledge. The paper will investigate this transformation by considering the genesis of analysis of variance an...

A Multi-channel Anechoic Orchestra Recording of Beethoven's Symphony No. 8 op. 93

Böhm, Christoph ; Ackermann, David ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018)

This data set contains an excerpt of the anechoic recording of the Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93 by Ludwig van Beethoven, performed by the "Orchester Wiener Akademie" conducted by Martin Haselböck. It was recorded in the anechoic chamber of the TU Berlin.

Security matters

Gil, Thomas (2018-03-21)

Originally, international security was conceived of in a restrictive sense as national, state, or military security. Different circumstances, events, and the theorizing about them, however, have led us to broaden and to deepen the conception of it.

GRAS - Ground Truth for Room Acoustical Simulation

Aspöck, Lukas ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Ackermann, David ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Vorländer, Michael (2018-03-14)

The Ground truth for Room Acoustical Simulation (GRAS) database contains eleven acoustical scenes that are intended for the evaluation of room acoustical simulation software. This comprises simple scenes that isolate certain acoustic phenomena, as well as complex environments of different shape and size. Each scene consists of (a) a scene description giving the room geometry, and the positions ...

Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responses

Kokabi, Omid ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-03-14)

This document is supplement to "Assessment of speech perception based on binaural room impulse responses", a master thesis realized at the audio communication group at Technische Universität Berlin. In this thesis, the prediction accuracy with a binaural intelligibility model with an extension to model the influence of reverberation was tested for four different virtual rooms. Therefore, speech...

Extending the closed-form image source model for source directivity (Digital appendix)

Erbes, Vera ; Brinkmann, Fabian (2018-03-12)

The image source model (ISM) is a widespread tool in geometrical room acoustic simulation for the generation of early reflections, which can take into account the source and receiver directivity, as well as the absorption properties of the acoustic environment. A downside of the ISM is the increase in computational effort with increasing image source order caused by costly visibility checks tha...

Le défi de l’ethique rationelle dans la dynamique du développement à l’heure de la mondialisation

Ngapmen, Jean Pierre (2018)

Le développement et la globalisation apparaissent comme des réalités incontournables et irréversibles. Parce qu’ils mettent en action la plupart des pays du globe, les polémiques qu’ils engendrent ont mis à nu un véritable défi à relever. Celui d’une éthique rationnelle pouvant fournir les bases de référence, d’évaluation des actions humaines. Ce défi se présente soit comme présence négative ou...

Building human and industrial capacity in European biotechnology: the Yeast Genome Sequencing Project (1989–1996)

Parolini, Giuditta (2018-02-22)

During the years 1989-1996 the European Commission took a leading role in sequencing the yeast genome. The project was completed in April 1996 and celebrated as the success of a European research strategy based on a distributed model of scientific collaboration. Almost one hundred laboratories and private companies dispersed all over Europe took part in the sequencing work sponsored by the Euro...

Politik und Religion im spätrepublikanischen Rom

Bergemann, Claudia (1989)

Erscheinungsbild und Ursachen der spätrepublikanischen Krise gelten gerade nach den fruchtbaren Bemühungen der Forschung in den letzten Jahrzehnten als hinreichend reflektiert; in den seltensten Fällen jedoch ist das Sakralwesen in die Betrachtungen einbezogen worden. Die Kultgepflogenheiten der Römer zu dokumentieren, blieb weitgehend Domäne der Religionshistoriker, die sich der Aufgabe in all...

Wutreden – Konstruktion einer Gattung in den digitalen Medien

Meier, Simon (2016)

This paper proposes a reception-oriented and discursive concept of genre by using the example of „Wutreden“, i. e. public and medially distributed rants and their coverage in (online) media and Web 2.0. On the basis of a corpus of video recordings and transcriptions of Wutreden as well as comments made by journalists and users, it is shown that neither their linguistic features nor their situat...

Angemessenheit. Pragmatische Perspektiven auf ein linguistisches Bewertungskriterium

Meier, Simon (2015)