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Processing of emotional words in bilinguals: Testing the effects of word concreteness, task type and language status

Ferré, Pilar ; Anglada-Tort, Manuel ; Guasch, Marc (2017-12-19)

The present study investigates whether the emotional content of words has the same effect in the different languages of bilinguals by testing the effects of word concreteness, the type of task used, and language status. Highly proficient bilinguals of Catalan and Spanish who learned Catalan and Spanish in early childhood in a bilingual immersion context, and who still live in such a context, pe...

Kontrastive Analyse der emotionsbezeichnenden und emotionsausdrückenden Metaphern im Deutschen und im Chinesischen

Jin, Yanan (2019)

Metaphor as non-literal use of a linguistic expression in a particular communication situation serves as the ubiquitous method of expressing of emotions and feelings (s. Skirl/Schwarz-Friesel 2013). The study of emotion metaphors can be seen as a tool to the conceptual systems of emotions (s. Kövecses 2000, Yu 2002, Stefanowitsch 2006 etc.). Based on Critical Cognitive Linguistic (s. Schwarz 2...

Muertes ejemplares. La construcción de los mártires nazis en la República de Weimar

Casquete, Jesus (2019)

Comprender el experimento totalitario en la Europa de entreguerras pasa por abordar el estudio de sus rituales de pertenencia y de exclusión. Un motivo de la propaganda nacionalsocialista fue la exaltación del sacrificio supremo, el de la vida, por el proyecto de una nueva Alemania articulada en una comunidad nacional regida por categorías raciales. Para toda religión política, la sangre derram...

Sustainability Assessment of Out-of-Home Meals: Potentials and Challenges of Applying the Indicator sets NAHGAST Meal-Basic and NAHGAST Meal-Pro

Engelmann, Tobias ; Speck, Melanie ; Rohn, Holger ; Bienge, Katrin ; Langen, Nina ; Howell, Eva ; Göbel, Christine ; Friedrich, Silke ; Teitscheid, Petra ; Bowry, Jaya ; Liedtke, Christa ; Monetti, Silvia (2018-02-23)

Nutrition is responsible for about 30% of global natural resource use. In order to limit the negative impact the nutritional sector has on the environment and on society, the consumption and processing of foodstuffs with assumed low negative impact is an important topic in the effort of sustainable development. In professional kitchens, clearly defined indicators assessing the impact of busines...

Room Acoustical Parameters as Predictors of Room Acoustical Impression: What Do We Know and What Would We Like to Know?

Weinzierl, Stefan ; Vorländer, Michael (2015-02-26)

Room acoustical parameters are audio features, usually extracted from monaural or binaural measurements of room acoustical environments, and used to predict different aspects of the ‘room acoustical impression’. The paper takes a closer look at the nature of this perceptional construct and at different approaches to develop a psychological measuring instrument for the multidimensional perceptio...

Generation and analysis of an acoustic radiation pattern database for forty-one musical instruments

Shabtai, Noam R. ; Behler, Gottfried ; Vorländer, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2017-02-28)

A database of acoustic radiation patterns was recorded, modeled, and analyzed for 41 modern or authentic orchestral musical instruments. The generation of this database included recordings of each instrument over the entire chromatic tone range in an anechoic chamber using a surrounding spherical microphone array. Acoustic source centering was applied in order to align the acoustic center of th...

Instruments for Spatial Sound Control in Real Time Music Performances. A Review

Pysiewicz, Andreas ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2016-12-10)

The systematic arrangement of sound in space is widely considered as one important compositional design category of Western art music and acoustic media art in the 20th century. A lot of attention has been paid to the artistic concepts of sound in space and its reproduction through loudspeaker systems. Much less attention has been attracted by live-interactive practices and tools for spatialisa...

Mixed Analytical-Numerical Filter Design for Optimized Electronic Control of Line Source Arrays

Straube, Florian ; Schultz, Frank ; Makarski, Michael ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-09-16)

Line source arrays (LSAs) are used for large-scale sound reinforcement that synthesizes homogeneous sound fields over the full audio bandwidth. The deployed loudspeaker cabinets are rigged with different tilt angles and are electronically controlled to provide the intended coverage of the audience zones and to avoid radiation toward the ceiling, reflective walls, or residential areas. In this a...

Prediction of speech intelligibility using pseudo-binaural room impulse responses

Kokabi, Omid ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2019-04-29)

Head orientation (HO) affects better-ear-listening and spatial-release-from-masking, which are two key aspects in binaural speech intelligibility. To incorporate HO in speech intelligibility prediction, binaural room impulse responses (BRIRs) for every HO of interest could be used. Due to the limited spectral bandwidth of speech, however, approximate representations might be sufficient, which c...

Segmentation of binaural room impulse responses for speech intelligibility prediction

Kokabi, Omid ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2018-11-16)

The two most important aspects in binaural speech perception—better-ear-listening and spatial-release-from-masking—can be predicted well with current binaural modeling frameworks operating on head-related impulse responses, i.e., anechoic binaural signals. To incorporate effects of reverberation, a model extension was proposed, splitting binaural room impulse responses into an early, useful, an...

Audibility and Interpolation of Head-Above-Torso Orientation in Binaural Technology

Brinkmann, Fabian ; Roden, Reinhild ; Lindau, Alexander ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015-03-20)

Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) incorporate fundamental cues required for human spatial hearing and are often applied to auralize results obtained from room acoustic simulations. HRTFs are typically available for various directions of sound incidence and a fixed head-above-torso orientation (HATO). If-in interactive auralizations-HRTFs are exchanged according to the head rotations of a ...

The name of things

Gil, Thomas (2019-09)

Things have names because people refer to them using words to name them. Otherwise, they would exist, but they wouldn´t have names. When human beings speak, they interact with other human beings, expressing their own intentions and plans, understanding the intentions and desires of other people, and referring to relevant aspects of a collectively shared world.

Mindfulness Training at School: A Way to Engage Adolescents with Sustainable Consumption?

Böhme, Tina ; Stanszus, Laura S. ; Geiger, Sonja M. ; Fischer, Daniel ; Schrader, Ulf (2018-10-04)

A central challenge in research on education for sustainable consumption (ESC) is to develop new approaches to engage adolescents with sustainable consumption (SC) in a way that addresses not only the cognitive but also the socio-emotional and behavioral levels. Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) that foster awareness, (self-)reflection, and ethical values could potentially leverage learnin...

Respectful treatment of persons

Fasoro, Sunday Adeniyi (2019)

How can we justifiably promote respectful treatment of persons on the basis of humanity? In this dissertation, I argue for a good will answer: the humanity we ‘owe’ respectful treatment is the commitment to moral principle which is only possessed by someone with a good will. If we are to lay claim to respectful treatment on the basis of our humanity, we can justifiably construct ‘humanity’ as a...

A Virtual-Reality Reconstruction of Poème Électronique Based on Philological Research

Lombardo, Vincenzo ; Valle, Andrea ; Fitch, John ; Tazelaar, Kees ; Weinzierl, Stefan ; Borczyk, Wojciech (2009-05-20)


Binaural processing for the evaluation of acoustical environments

Brinkmann, Fabian (2019)

The main concern of this work is binaural processing for acoustical environments, and the evaluation of room acoustical simulations against the corresponding real sound fields. For this purpose the real sound fields and the simulations were virtualized by means of binaural synthesis - a method that aims at reproducing the sound pressure signals at the listener's ear drums. Before the compariso...

Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel

Spangenberger, Pia ; Draeger, Iken ; Kapp, Felix ; Matthes, Nadine ; Kruse, Linda ; Hartmann, Martin ; Narciss, Susanne (2019-08)

Im Kartenset zum digitalen Spiel "Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene Flügel" finden sich allgemeine Informationen zum Spiel und zur Anwendung im Unterricht. Das Kartenset umfasst Vertiefungsvorschläge für den Unterricht, Berufsbilder und Experimente.

Transforming Consumer Behavior: Introducing Self-Inquiry-Based and Self-Experience-Based Learning for Building Personal Competencies for Sustainable Consumption

Frank, Pascal ; Stanszus, Laura Sophie (2019-05-02)

Despite growing educational efforts in various areas of society and albeit expanding knowledge on the background and consequences of consumption, little has changed about individual consumer behavior and its detrimental impact. Against this backdrop, some scholars called for a stronger focus on personal competencies, especially affective–motivational ones to foster more sustainable consumption....

Russian cities in motion: the Marshrutka as a multifaceted issue of Post-Soviet urban life

Weicker, Tonio (2019)

One of the key research questions of this study is to explain how commercial marshrutka transport services persist in both my case studies - Volgograd and Rostov on Don, although they are challenged, questioned and attacked from most parts of the society including local and federal politicians, competing transport enterprises and workers as well as citizen initiatives and the majority of opinio...

Museum Photo Archives and the History of the Art Market: A Digital Approach

Fuchsgruber, Lukas (2019-07-18)

Digital images with metadata contain unique potential for research into the history of the art market. The embedding of digital images in a database allows for the possibility of an association with their historical context due to the presence of metadata, which includes economic data, such as the provenance chain, as well as information about collecting practices. The database becomes a histor...