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Wutreden – Konstruktion einer Gattung in den digitalen Medien

Meier, Simon (2016)

This paper proposes a reception-oriented and discursive concept of genre by using the example of „Wutreden“, i. e. public and medially distributed rants and their coverage in (online) media and Web 2.0. On the basis of a corpus of video recordings and transcriptions of Wutreden as well as comments made by journalists and users, it is shown that neither their linguistic features nor their situat...

Angemessenheit. Pragmatische Perspektiven auf ein linguistisches Bewertungskriterium

Meier, Simon (2015)


Post-modernism, post-structuralism, post-semiotics? Sign theory at the fin de siècle

Posner, Roland (2011)

The contribution describes the differences between modernism and postmodernism as historical periods of the twentieth century and establishes comparable differences between structuralism and post-structuralism as semiotic approaches. Like modernism, structuralism rejects traditional modes of thought, attempts to reconstruct academic disciplines on the basis of a few fundamental principles and s...

Power in society, economy, and mentality: Towards a semiotic theory of power

Siefkes, Martin (2010)

It is a well-known fact that power is closely connected with signs, but usually this connection is thought to be “after the fact”: signs representing a power whose origin could be understood in non-semiotic terms. In this paper, a different view is introduced: power is an inherently semiotic phenomenon, which can be analyzed with concepts of cultural semiotics. To reach this aim, the three area...

Curs, crabs, and cranky cows: Ethological and linguistic aspects of animal-based insults

Schmauks, Dagmar (2014)

Our attitude towards animals is highly inconsistent. Linguistic evidence of this is the many animal names that we use for characterizing other humans. Although terms like “beastly” draw a clear dividing line between mankind and the animal kingdom, we also see numerous similarities across species and coin expressions such as “eagle eyes” or “ostrich policy.” A treasure trove for such comparisons...

Hearing a shakkei: The semiotics of the audible in a Japanese stroll garden

Fowler, Michael (2013)

Though there has been some interest in the semiotics of Japanese gardens (Casalis 1983; van Tonder and Lyons 2005) as pure visual articulations of landscape elements, attention to what Schafer (1977) and Truax (2001) identify as a garden's soundscape has been lacking. This paper investigates the gardening technique of shakkei (borrowed scenery) in the Tokyo garden Kyu Furukawa Teien. Utilizing ...

Tagungsbericht zum Transdisziplinären Kolloquium 2016: „Information und Wissen“

Kraft, Andreas (2016)


Zur Rolle von Asymmetrien in interkultureller Projektkommunikation

Alnajjar, Justyna ; Pelikan, Kristina ; Wassermann, Marvin (2016)

Sowohl in der Wirtschaft als auch in der Wissenschaft spielen Projekte und Projektmanagement eine zunehmende Rolle. Projekte beeinflussen immer häufiger die Arbeitsstrukturen in Organisationen und wissenschaftlichen Instituten. Sie ermöglichen dynamisches, flexibles und vernetztes arbeiten, was in der heutigen Welt gefragt ist. Projektbasierte Arbeit bringt jedoch auch unterschiedliche Herausfo...

The expression of non-actual motion in Swedish, French and Thai

Blomberg, Johan (2015)

Dynamic descriptions of static spatial situations, such as the road goes through the forest have attracted a lot of attention across different semantic theories. Analyses in terms of fictive motion and subjective motion have proposed that such expressions are strongly motivated by universal cognitive and conceptual factors. I present theoretical arguments for the conflation of several different...

Music without musicians ... but with scientists, technicians and computer companies

Parolini, Giuditta (2017)

In the early days of music technologies the collaboration between musicians, scientists, technicians and equipment producers was very close. How did this collaboration develop? Why did scientific, business, and musical agendas converge towards a common goal? Was there a mutual exchange of skills and expertise? To answer these questions this article will consider a case study in early computer m...

Alvin Lucier's Music for Solo Performer: Experimental music beyond sonification

Straebel, Volker ; Thoben, Wilm (2014)

Alvin Lucier's Music for Solo Performer (1965), often referred to as the ‘brain wave piece’, has become a key work of experimental music. Its setup, in which the brain waves of a solo performer are made to excite percussion instruments, has given the work a central place in the discourse on artistic sonification. However, only a small number of the authors making reference to the work seem to h...

Diels (H.) Griechische Philosophie. Vorlesungsmitschrift aus dem Wintersemester 1897/98. Edited by Johannes Saltzwedel. Pp. xxii + 99, ills. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2010. Paper, €24. ISBN: 978-3-515-09609-6.

Heit, Helmut (2011)


Aktuelle Inszenierungen antiker Räume in musealen Kontexten

Plöger, Sabine (2017)

Schon die Raumkonzeptionen des Altertums waren von ihren Einbindungen in Kommunikationsprozesse, in politische, soziale, religiöse oder technische Kontexte beeinflusst, die sich im Erscheinungsbild der Bauwerke niederschlugen. Sie waren Ergebnisse ihrer Entstehungszeiten und ihrer geografischen Ursprungsräume. Im Lauf der Jahrhunderte und nicht zuletzt beim Eintritt der antiken Räume in die Mus...

Das virtuelle Digitalgebäude

Mahrin, Bernd ; Meyser, Johannes ; Appenrodt, Jan ; Marpe, Petra ; Schopbach, Holger ; Franz, Volkhard ; Meyer, Ralph ; Bramlage, Patrick ; Kybart, Markus ; Lange, Axel ; Ottermann, Christian (2017)

Die Publikation bezieht sich auf ein digitales Lernsystem zur Gebäudekonstruktion und zur Gebäudetechnik. Es bietet Erläuterungen zum didaktischen Konzept, technische Unterlagen, Hintergrundinformationen und eine umfangreiche Sammlung beispielhafter Aufgaben für verschiedene Zielgruppen und Themengebiete. Das digitale 3D-Modell eines Zweifamilienhauses stellt im Verbundprojekt DaviD ("Das virtu...

Sound, materiality and embodiment challenges for the concept of 'musical expertise' in the age of digital mediatization

Lepa, Steffen ; Hoklas, Anne-Kathrin ; Egermann, Hauke ; Weinzierl, Stefan (2015)

Within academic music research, 'musical expertise' is often employed as a 'moderator variable' when conducting empirical studies on music listening. Prevalent conceptualizations typically conceive of it as a bundle of cognitive skills acquired through formal musical education. By implicitly drawing on the paradigm of the Western classical live concert, this ignores that for most people nowaday...

Zwischen Antisemitismus und Apartheid

Plass, Hanno (2017)

Die überproportionale Beteiligung jüdischer Südafrikaner am Kampf gegen die Apartheid über fast fünf Jahrzehnte ist erklärungsbedürftig. Ihre Bereitschaft, das eigene Leben für die Befreiung vom rassistisch begründeten weißen Minderheitsregime zu riskieren, war keineswegs selbstverständlich. Die Begründungen und Biographien der Aktivisten lassen jedoch eindeutige Rückschlüsse und Erklärungen au...

The FABIAN head-related transfer function data base

Brinkmann, Fabian (2017-02-09)

This data base includes head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), headphone transfer functions (HpTFs), and 3D-meshes of the FABIAN head and torso simulator. More detailed information is provided in the documentation within the data base.

The Repeated Recording Illusion

Anglada-Tort, Manuel ; Müllensiefen, Daniel (2017-09)

The repeated recording illusion refers to the phenomenon in which listeners believe to hear different musical stimuli while they are in fact identical. The present paper aims to construct an experimental paradigm to enable the systematic measurement of this phenomenon, investigating potentially related extrinsic and individual difference factors. Participants were told to listen to ‘‘different’...

WhisPER. A MATLAB toolbox for performing quantitative and qualitative listening tests.

Ciba, Simon ; Brinkmann, Fabian ; Lindau, Alexander (2014-03-26)

WhisPER is a MATLAB based software package for performing experiments in the field of both perceptual audio evaluation and psychoacoustic measurement. It was developed by the audio communication group of the TU Berlin. WhisPER provides convenient means for both controlling the playback environment and for interacting with test subjects, e.g., featuring a GUI system easily accessible to experime...

Die mediale Funktion von statistischen Indizes

Badicke, Martin H. (2017)

The increasing number of indexes (composite indicators) in general and in media in particular seems to be a striking phenomenon concerning the communication of complex and multi-dimensional issues. Against the background of this communication activity the index generated by statistical methods is evidently a challenging object of research for media science and will be explored in this thesis. T...