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lepa_etal_2014.pdf.jpgNov-2014Discovering and interpreting audio media generation units: A typological-praxeological approach to the mediatization of everyday music listeningLepa, Steffen; Hoklas, Anne-Kathrin; Weinzierl, Stefan-
Oct-2017A High Resolution and Full-Spherical Head-Related Transfer Function Database for Different Head-Above-Torso OrientationsBrinkmann, Fabian; Lindau, Alexander; Weinzierl, Stefan; van de Par, Steven; Müller-Trapet, Markus, et al-
grigoriev_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016Ein psychologisches Messinstrument für die akustische Wahrnehmung von Räumen für Musik und Sprache: Stimulus-ErzeugungGrigoriev, Dmitry; Ackermann, David; Pelzer, Sönke; Weinzierl, Stefan-
weicker_tonio.pdf.jpg2019Russian cities in motion: the Marshrutka as a multifaceted issue of Post-Soviet urban lifeWeicker, Tonio-
2-May-2019Transforming Consumer Behavior: Introducing Self-Inquiry-Based and Self-Experience-Based Learning for Building Personal Competencies for Sustainable ConsumptionFrank, Pascal; Stanszus, Laura Sophie-
Aug-2019Serena Supergreen und der abgebrochene FlügelSpangenberger, Pia; Draeger, Iken; Kapp, Felix; Matthes, Nadine; Kruse, Linda, et al-
lombardo_etal_2009.pdf.jpg20-May-2009A Virtual-Reality Reconstruction of Poème Électronique Based on Philological ResearchLombardo, Vincenzo; Valle, Andrea; Fitch, John; Tazelaar, Kees; Weinzierl, Stefan, et al-
fasaro_sunday_adeniyi.pdf.jpg2019Respectful treatment of personsFasoro, Sunday Adeniyi-
4-Oct-2018Mindfulness Training at School: A Way to Engage Adolescents with Sustainable Consumption?Böhme, Tina; Stanszus, Laura S.; Geiger, Sonja M.; Fischer, Daniel; Schrader, Ulf-
2019Binaural processing for the evaluation of acoustical environmentsBrinkmann, Fabian-