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22-Jan-2020Contacts With Negative Work of “Adhesion” and SuperlubricityPopov, Valentin L.-
2020Grundlagen und interdisziplinäre Anwendung von mechanischen StoßproblemenWillert, Emanuel-
20-Nov-2019Voltage-Induced Friction with Application to ElectrovibrationHeß, Markus; Popov, Valentin L.-
Jan-2020Stoßprobleme in Physik, Technik und MedizinWillert, Emanuel-
18-Mar-2018Wear Analysis of a Heterogeneous Annular CylinderLi, Qiang; Forsbach, Fabian; Schuster, Maximilian; Pielsticker, Daniel; Popov, Valentin L.-
19-Nov-2018Is Tribology Approaching Its Golden Age? Grand Challenges in Engineering Education and Tribological ResearchPopov, Valentin L.-
26-Mar-2019Investigation on Dynamic Response of Rubber in Frictional ContactNakano, Ken; Kawaguchi, Kai; Takeshima, Kazuho; Shiraishi, Yu; Forsbach, Fabian; Benad, Justus; Popov, Mikhail; Popov, Valentin L.-
2-Aug-2019Editorial: Friction and Wear: From Elementary Mechanisms to Macroscopic BehaviorPohrt, Roman; Popov, Valentin L.-
29-May-2019Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) as a Novel Modeling Technique in TribologyArgatov, Ivan-
s41598-019-44269-1.pdf.jpg24-May-2019Effect of elastic grading on fretting wearWillert, Emanuel; Dmitriev, Andrey I.; Psakhie, Sergey G.; Popov, Valentin L.-
HandbookOfContactMechanics.pdf.jpgApr-2019Handbook of contact mechanicsPopov, Valentin L.; Heß, Markus; Willert, Emanuel-
26-Mar-2019Adhesive Strength of Contacts of Rough SpheresLi, Qiang; Pohrt, Roman; Popov, Valentin L.-
s41598-018-32545-5.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2018Heterogeneity of material structure determines the stationary surface topography and frictionLi, Qiang; Voll, Lars; Starcevic, Jasminka; Popov, Valentin L.-
0309324716632417.pdf.jpg2016General procedure for solution of contact problems under dynamic normal and tangential loading based on the known solution of normal contact problemPopov, Valentin L.; Pohrt, Roman; Heß, Markus-
0954406215619450.pdf.jpg2016Limiting shape of profile due to dual-mode fretting wear in contact with an elastomerMao, Xinyu; Liu, Wei; Ni, Yuanzhi; Popov, Valentin L.-
10.1007_s40544-017-0146-x.pdf.jpg2017Reduction of friction by normal oscillations. II. In-plane system dynamicsMao, Xinyu; Popov, Valentin L.; Starcevic, Jasminka; Popov, Mikhail-
10.1007_s40544-016-0136-4.pdf.jpg2017Reduction of friction by normal oscillations. I. Influence of contact stiffnessPopov, Mikhail; Popov, Valentin L.; Popov, Nikita-
rengshausen_julia.pdf.jpg2017Adhesive normal contact between flat punch and a visco-elastic half-space in Dugdale approximationRengshausen, Julia-
kusche_stephan.pdf.jpg2016Simulation von Kontaktproblemen bei linearem viskoelastischem MaterialverhaltenKusche, Stephan-
graebner_nils.pdf.jpg2016Analyse und Verbesserung der Simulationsmethode des BremsenquietschensGräbner, Nils-
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