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Überwachung hybrider Schrägkugellager in Luftfahrttriebwerken

Lück, Rudolf (2018)

A concept to monitor hybrid angular ball bearings is presented. Interactions of damaged balls with the steel raceways are shown. Week points in calculating ball spinning speeds are discussed and methods to improve this are proposed. Results based on sensors measuring structure borne noise are compared to results of vibration sensors and metal particle sensors. It is shown that a detection of be...

Echtzeitsimulation leistungselektronischer Schaltungen für die Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulation

Kiffe, Axel (2018)

Das Interesse an Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulatoren von leistungselektronischen Schaltungen hat in der Automobilindustrie, wie auch in der Energietechnik, in den letzten Jahrzehnten zugenommen. Im Bereich der Automobilindustrie, in der HIL-Simulationen weit verbreitet sind und die Nachfrage durch den aktuellen Wandel vom klassisch angetriebenen Kraftfahrzeug zu Elektro- und Hybrid- Fahrzeug...

Synchronous data acquisition with wireless sensor networks

Funck, Jürgen Helmut (2018)

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are predicted to play a key role in future technological developments like the internet of things. Already they are beginning to be used in many applications not only in the scientific and industrial domains. One of the biggest challenges, when using WSN, is to fuse and evaluate data from different sensor nodes. Synchronizing the data acquisition of the nodes is a...

Entwicklung eines virtuellen Getriebeprüfstands

Röper, Jan (2017)

Um die korrekte Montage und Funktion von Automatgetrieben sicherzustellen, werden diese am Ende der Produktion geprüft. Diese Prüfung wird durch eine Prüfautomatisierung ausgeführt, die mit Hilfe von Prüfprogrammen die Qualität der Getriebe bewertet. Bei der Entwicklung von Prüfautomatisierung und Prüfprogrammen stellt die Verfügbarkeit von Prüfstand und Prüfling eine Einschränkung dar. Insbeso...

Model-based calibration of automated transmissions

Huang, Hua (2016)

With continuous restrictions on emission standards and demands for higher driving comfort, the calibration of shift quality is linked deeply and widely to automated transmission control algorithms. This calibration process is typically implemented with real vehicles on the road under poorly reproducible conditions, where the calibration engineer has no other choice but to try different control ...

Verfahren zur Identifikation nichtlinearer dynamischer Getriebemodelle

Nowoisky, Sebastian (2016)

Modern cars are increasingly complex when they reach their customers. The automation of the powertrain makes it possible to balance the main development targets dynamic, comfort and reduced consumption. With an average development cycle of approximately 3 years for a vehicle and a global division of labor, the model-based development is state of the art. The parameter of new gearbox models are ...

Control and optimization of a DC-DC converter for thermoelectric generators

Carstens, Jan Hendrik Hermann (2016)

The internal combustion engine is of fundamental importance for individual mobility. The demand for internal combustion engines increases in relation to population growth and fuel consumption. At present, alternative drive concepts using sustainable energies only play a secondary role in mobility. Consequently, the governments enact laws to determine more restrictive emission limit values, ther...

Maximum power point controller for thermoelectric generators to support a vehicle power supply

Carstens, Jan Hendrik ; Gühmann, Clemens (2015-06-11)

The growing mobility increases the world-wide fuel consumption. Yet the amount of fossil fuel is limited and the environmental burden is increasing dramatically as well. Many governments have enacted laws to regulate and reduce the fuel consumption as well as the CO2 emissions of combustion engines. An idea to save fuel and to reduce the environmental burden is to use thermoelectric generators ...

Adaptive control of a boost-buck converter for thermoelectric generators

Carstens, Jan Hendrik ; Gühmann, Clemens (2014)

Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) are used to recover waste heat of the exhaust gas and convert it into electric energy in automotive applications. The temperature of the waste heat influences the voltage and internal resistor of a TEG. For the electric linking of TEGs to the on-board power supply, a DC-DC converter may be used. The control of the DC-DC converter must be robust against dynamic c...