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Model-based calibration of automated transmissions

Huang, Hua (2016)

With continuous restrictions on emission standards and demands for higher driving comfort, the calibration of shift quality is linked deeply and widely to automated transmission control algorithms....

Verfahren zur Identifikation nichtlinearer dynamischer Getriebemodelle

Nowoisky, Sebastian (2016)

Modern cars are increasingly complex when they reach their customers. The automation of the powertrain makes it possible to balance the main development targets dynamic, comfort and reduced consump...

Control and optimization of a DC-DC converter for thermoelectric generators

Carstens, Jan Hendrik Hermann (2016)

The internal combustion engine is of fundamental importance for individual mobility. The demand for internal combustion engines increases in relation to population growth and fuel consumption. At p...

Maximum power point controller for thermoelectric generators to support a vehicle power supply

Carstens, Jan Hendrik; Gühmann, Clemens (2015-06-11)

The growing mobility increases the world-wide fuel consumption. Yet the amount of fossil fuel is limited and the environmental burden is increasing dramatically as well. Many governments have enact...

Adaptive control of a boost-buck converter for thermoelectric generators

Carstens, Jan Hendrik; Gühmann, Clemens (2014)

Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) are used to recover waste heat of the exhaust gas and convert it into electric energy in automotive applications. The temperature of the waste heat influences the v...