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Gefäßsteifigkeitsmessung als Screening-Verfahren zur verbesserten Beurteilung des kardiovaskulären Risikos

Karczewski, Tina (2017)

In 2003 the ESH/ESC recommended the arterial stiffness measurement for arterial hypertension management in their guidelines for the first time. In addition to the conventional blood pressure measurement, the clinicians are advised to measure following parameters: pulse wave velocity (PWV), augmentation pressure (AugP) and central blood pressure (zBD). A change in shape of the blood pressure wav...

Standardised documentation of instrument use during laparoscopic surgery

Zickerow, Matthias ; Holmer, Christoph ; Kraft, Marc (2013)

To date, usability problems for laparoscopic instruments have mainly been investigated using questionnaires or laboratory studies. However, this methodology prevents the duration and frequency of instrument use from being documented objectively. Therefore, a tablet was used to create a graphic user interface which enables instrument use by operating and assisting surgeons to be documented with ...

A mobile gait analysis system for optimization of prosthetic alignments

Westebbe, Bettina ; Thiele, Julius ; Kraft, Marc (2013)

The prosthesis alignment is of central importance for a harmonic gait, especially for upper limb amputees. Today alignment optimization is based on static measuring and the experience of the orthopaedic technician. To objectify the alignment process a mobile gait analysis system based on 10 inertial sensors and a 6 DOF force and moment sensor was developed at the TU Berlin. The dedicated softwa...

Ergonomic problems originating in the use of high-frequency and ultrasonic medical devices

von Saucken, Anna-Maria ; Donner, Sylvia ; Kraft, Marc (2012)

High-frequency and ultrasonic medical devices are widely used in laparoscopic surgical procedures. Using these devices can result in ergonomic problems. Two studies were performed: in a questionnaire surgeons were asked to evaluate laparoscopic surgical instruments. Based on the resulting 74 data sets it was possible to define various improvements to the design of instruments. In a subsequent f...

Technically assisted rehabilitation

Stieglitz, Thomas ; Niemann, Hildegard ; Kraft, Marc (2012)


The loading, shape and motion of the lumbar spine

Dreischarf, Marcel (2017)

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most challenging health-economic problems of modern societies that are subjected to demographic change. Due to its multifactorial causes and a lack of scientific knowledge, currently employed therapy concepts for LBP, for pain in the lumbar spine in particular, are insufficiently successful. However, recent clinical-biomechanical research has emphasized that a ...

Construction and initialization of a temperature dependent magnetorelaxometry measurement system for the quantitative detection of magnetic nanoparticles in biological samples

Knopke, Christian (2017)

The unique physical properties of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) have attracted increasing interest from researchers around the world. In particular, biomedical applications of MNPs are currently a growing research topic in medical science. However, all biomedical applications of MNPs crucially depend on reliable quantification methods that determine the concentration of MNPs in biological tissue...

Adaptations in the muscle-tendon unit with rehabilitative training following unilateral Achilles tendon injury

Agres, Alison Nicole (2016)

The Achilles tendon (AT) is connected in series to the triceps surae muscles to form a muscle-tendon unit (MTU), which is the primary actuator of foot plantarflexion during forward movement. The capability of humans to control and perform this movement is a significant indicator of independent mobility, due to its integral role during the stance phase of the gait cycle. The unique mechanical pr...

Understanding rotational joint laxity in the human knee

Moewis, Philippe (2016)

Als Arthrose wird eine degenerative Erkrankung der Gelenke bezeichnet, die sich durch einen Gelenkverschleiß auszeichnet. Sie ist eine der häufigsten Ursachen für Behinderungen weltweit und kann verschiedenste Gelenke betreffen. Vermehrt tritt die Erkrankung im Kniegelenk auf und wird dort als Gonarthorse bezeichnet. Obwohl als Krankheit multifaktoriellen Ursprungs bekannt, besteht ein deutlic...

Partikelfreisetzung von Stents and PTCA-Ballons

Thieme, Lucas (2016)

Die Freisetzung von Partikeln in die Koronargefäße oder die Karotisarterien stellt eine Ursache für Komplikationen bei PTCA-Interventionen dar. Die Folgen für den Patienten sind abhängig von Partikelart -zahl und -herkunft. Mikroembolien, Entzündungsreaktionen des Myokards sowie ein Zusammenhang mit dem Auftreten des No-Reflow-Phänomens sind in der Literatur belegt. Partikel können sich sowohl ...