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Unterraumbasierte Detektion von Strukturschäden an Jacket-Gründungen von Offshore-Windenergieanlagen

Hille, Falk (2018)

Die vorliegende Arbeit beschreibt die Adaption eines globalen, schwingungsbasierten Verfahrens zur frühzeitigen Erkennung von Strukturschäden an Gründungsstrukturen offshore installierter Windenergieanlagen (OWEA). Damit soll es Betreibern von Offshore-Windparks ermöglicht werden, im Rahmen periodisch durchgeführter messtechnischer Überwachungsmaßnahmen mit einem gegenüber wiederkehrender Inspe...

A comparison of different seismological and geotechnical parameters for site characterization

Boxberger, Tobias (2018)

The geometry of the subsoil structure, the soil types involved and the variation in their properties with depth, lateral discontinuities and surface topography are causes of lateral variation in earthquake-induced ground motion, over relatively small scales, referred to as "site effects" The modification of ground motion can manifest itself through amplification at particular frequencies (the ...

Quasistatic seismic damage indicators for RC structures from dissipating energies in tangential subspaces

Krätzig, Wilfried B. ; Petryna, Yuri S. (2014-01-12)

This paper applies recent research on structural damage description to earthquake-resistant design concepts. Based on the primary design aim of life safety, this work adopts the necessity of additional protection aims for property, installation, and equipment. This requires the definition of damage indicators, which are able to quantify the arising structural damage. As in present design, it ap...