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Synthesis and characterization of novel composite photoelectrodes based on chalcopyrite and silicon for the visible light-driven hydrogen and oxygen evolution

Azarpira, Anahita (2016)

In dieser Arbeit werden effiziente und stabile Mehrschicht-Halbleiter-Elektroden beschrieben, die für die beiden Halbzellenreaktionen der lichtgestützten Wasserspaltung, d.h. die Entwicklung von Wasserstoff (HER) bzw. Sauerstoff (OER), entwickelt wurden. Für die effiziente und stabile Entwicklung von Wasserstoff in sauren Elektrolyten wurden neuartige Photokathoden entwickelt, die hochqualita...

Stated preferences based estimation of power interruption costs in private households

Praktiknjo, Aaron J. (2014-04-18)

Concerns regarding supply security are increasingly raised in reaction to the transition of the German energy system toward a renewable and nuclear-free system called “Energiewende”. The goal of this work is to contribute to a measurability of supply security by quantifying the consequences of power interruptions monetarily. The focus lies within the investigation of power interruption costs in...