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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
2016Innovationsprojekte schneller zum Erfolg führenStreit, Bettina Marianne von-
2016Water oxidation catalystsZachäus, Carolin-
2016Mesoporous oxides as efficient catalysts for the electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction (OER)Bernicke, Michael-
2011Asymmetric reduction of ketones with recombinant E. coli whole cells in neat substratesJakoblinnert, Andre; Mladenov, Radoslav; Paul, Albert; Sibilla, Fabrizio; Schwaneberg, Ulrich; Ansorge-Schumacher, Marion B.; de María, Pablo Domínguez-
2012Iron-based pre-catalyst supported on polyformamidine for C-C bond formationEnthaler, Stephan; Krackl, Sebastian; Epping, Jan Dirk; Eckhardt, Björn; Weidner, Steffen M.; Fischer, Anna-
2012Nitrogen-doped coatings on carbon nanotubes and their stabilizing effect on Pt nanoparticlesTuaev, Xenia; Paraknowitsch, Jens Peter; Illgen, René; Thomas, Arne; Strasser, Peter-
2012Bifunctional anode catalysts for direct methanol fuel cellsRossmeisl, Jan; Ferrin, Peter; Tritsaris, Georgios A.; Nilekar, Anand Udaykumar; Koh, Shirlaine; Bae, Sang Eun; Brankovic, Stanko R.; Strasser, Peter; Mavrikakis, Manos-
2013The preparation, characterisation and electronic structures of 2,4-pentadiynylnitrile (cyanobutadiynyl) complexesBock, Sören; Eaves, Samantha G.; Parthey, Matthias; Kaupp, Martin; Le Guennic, Boris; Halet, Jean-François; Yufit, Dmitry S.; Howard, Judith A. K.; Low, Paul J.-
2013Phosphorus-doped porous carbons as efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reductionWu, Jiao; Yang, Zhenrong; Li, Xiaowei; Sun, Qijun; Jin, Chao; Strasser, Peter; Yang, Ruizhi-
2013Electrochemical water splitting by layered and 3D cross-linked manganese oxides: correlating structural motifs and catalytic activityBergmann, Arno; Zaharieva, Ivelina; Dau, Holger; Strasser, Peter-
2014On the faradaic selectivity and the role of surface inhomogeneity during the chlorine evolution reaction on ternary Ti-Ru-Ir mixed metal oxide electrocatalystsZeradjanin, Aleksandar R.; Menzel, Nadine; Schuhmann, Wolfgang; Strasser, Peter-
2014Quantum-chemical insights into mixed-valence systems: within and beyond the Robin-Day schemeParthey, M.; Kaupp, M.-
2014IrOx core-shell nanocatalysts for cost- and energy-efficient electrochemical water splittingNong, Hong Nhan; Gan, Lin; Willinger, Elena; Teschner, Detre; Strasser, Peter-
2014Efficient C-C bond splitting on Pt monolayer and sub-monolayer catalysts during ethanol electro-oxidation: Pt layer strain and morphology effectsLoukrakpam, Rameshwori; Yuan, Qiuyi; Petkov, Valeri; Gan, Lin; Rudi, Stefan; Yang, Ruizhi; Huang, Yunhui; Brankovic, Stanko R.; Strasser, Peter-
2013Shape-selected bimetallic nanoparticle electrocatalysts: evolution of their atomic-scale structure, chemical composition, and electrochemical reactivity under various chemical environmentsCui, Chunhua; Ahmadi, Mahdi; Behafarid, Farzad; Gan, Lin; Neumann, Maximilian; Heggen, Marc; Cuenya, Beatriz Roldan; Strasser, Peter-
2014Combined heterogeneous bio- and chemo-catalysis for dynamic kinetic resolution of (rac)-benzoinNieguth, R.; ten Dam, J.; Petrenz, A.; Ramanathan, A.; Hanefeld, U.; Ansorge-Schumacher, M. B.-
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16